I've seen your sadness grow
Feeling: illuminated

You were not awake, I swear

Its all been in your dreams

There's nothing tangeable

This girl, this house, this highway

your mind made it real

Just remember always move fast

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the last time we had fun


Your face is a minor detail

Elephants as big as whales



And we've both got better things to do.....

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look at this! sitdiary is back? I don't know when it was resurected, but i'm glad to see it back. I had a random urge to check it on this cold monday night. It was quite lovely reading my old posts. I'm also sad. I felt as though I would have been a lot furthur along in life by now. I am a little disapointed with myself.

I'm almost 3 years older. a little chubbier. Had a salary job and didn't want to keep it. my priorities are still not in line. Oh, what am I going to do with myself?


I wonder if anyone still uses this? All this facebook and twitter bullshit running the interwebs. In all honesty, I dont even know if I want to write in this? A welcome back post just seemed neccisary to me.

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I'll point you to the mirror

I keep checking to see if you have posted. Your last post was August. I went through and read all your entries from the past 2 1/2 years of your life without me. I want to read more. You censor things too well. I can't tell if you are hinting things about me or not. I like to hope they are. Have you moved on? Do you still think about me? I still think about you. I still dream about you. I haven't moved on.



Enough creepy.


I graduated in June and nothing to show for it. Im making about $2,500/month but I'm not proud of it. I want to make that much in a week. Or better, a day. I'm in the right industry to do that... but I need to get my ass out there and make it happen...captain.


I got a new car. Lets just say people want to race me now. Bad idea. I already got 3 tickets in a couple months. ha... vroom vroom mother fucker.


Ive never tried smoking weed. Anyone have a genuine, unbiased opinion on if I should try it or stay away from it?


Christmas is coming up. Im going to be turning 23. Yikes, I'm getting old. When is the crisp cold air going to hit my face? I'm sick of this "perfect" weather. Give me a nice refreshing rainstorm anyday (:


I moved into a house with Madi. A house house. 2 dogs. woof.


I'm telling you these things so maybe you'll figure out that this is me. If you still keep up with what I'm doing, you might stumble upon this and realize that this was my escape. But I've been here all along.






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He strokes his beard, his fingertips carefully flirting with his five o clock shadow.


I've missed you so much. I've been dying to tell you but it would ruin me. I can't hold it back much longer. Back into my self-destructive patterns I go.



The longer I sit here, the heavier this thought grows.

Am I in control, or living the path that my God chose?

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