I'll attempt to explain it.

Try not to judge me.

Once again, for the sake of anyone getting in trouble, myself in particular, we'll change the names a bit.

Im in love with Isabella. She is my sweetheart. This has never been questioned for the 3 years we have been dating.

But there is this other girl, madi. How we met is irrelevant, but how I started to feel about her each time my eyes met hers, is irresistable. As of late, She has been melting my heart. And I honestly can't help it.

I am an honest man. I am not going to cheat on my beloved girlfriend. This I can promise myself.

With that said, I feel like I am being torn. Tested as never done before. And I feel like I'm failing myself. We flirt without even trying to hide it. Given she does truthfully respect what my girlfriend and I share, she has openly admitted to have feelings for me. And all I think about is how much I want to tell her that I feel the same way.

I shouldn't. But I do.

I feel guilty. I feel fucked up.

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coming from the other side of this dilemma, i know how hard this whole situation is...do whatever you think is best even if it means giving up something you thought was perfect. or maybe i am just biased...
That's a sad story. .. but you should give yourself some credit. Most guys would just leave a girl for the next best thing.
I really hope that you find some clarity for this issue, and that things work out for the best.

--- I wish I could have a dog, they don't like me much. =[
hello there :)
You're welcome. I know how it is to be your own worst critic.
We sometimes judge ourselves more than we think other people do. Just try to keep your chin up.
I'll leave you be now.
goodluck =]
i know what it is like to be madly in love and have your boyfriend choose the other girl. think wisely, and soon, because it hurts more when it is delayed. take it from someone who just enxperienced the other side of this situation. if you choose the other girl, be respectful of your current girlfriend, leave quickly and painlessly. it will be the best for you. but dont leave her for a fling, think about what you truly want. your a good guy.
thank you for that :)

good luck on your non girl hunt, if that is what you choose lol
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