Lowest low

Naturally, Im posed with an extremely difficult situation, and I've been grantid only a few days to think about it.

Madi has handed me an invite to venture to new lands. Lets just say for this story, Australia. Now for me personally, Ive always been curious as to how those Ausies really do it down under. Meaning, I'd love to go regaurdless. Madi or no Madi. But with Madi does have a bit of a tempting ring to it.

This is so unfortunate. Because realistically, I'm probably going to have to turn her down. As much an opportunist as I am, some factors just can't be solved. School, money, my job, and probably the biggest reason, finding a way to tell Isabella that I'm going to Australia with Madi for a month and that she shouldn't be worried. I dont think I can do that, in the honest realm I live in.

Once again, I'm split down the middle. I know the right decision is to just say no, and have that be that. But I know I'm going to regret that. Perhaps for longer than just a couple years.

The summer I could have gone to Australia with Madi.

Is it possible to love two women?

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it is but its not good, to quite honest you need to choose to save yourself and them loads of heartach. Im sorry to be so forward but its true, you shouldnt be put in this place nor should they. for the sake of your and their hearts, choose.
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