I walk down the crusty rocks until I finally hit the sandy beach. Im dressed in jeans, a sweater, and my favorite pair of slip on vans. Im clearly not here for the typical purposes. I have my sunglasses on so noone can see my weary eyes. I sit down on one of the rocks and begin to daze into a state of nothingness. I'm pensive.

I see the deep ocean out in front of me. The sun is beginning to set and the light reflects off of it in a fashion that cant be duplicated. It's so big. And I'm so fucking small. It puts me into perspective. For reasons I can explain, It inspires me to travel. "Whats on the other side of that horizon?" Theres a world out there that I don't know anything about. Im confined, and I feel trapped.

But the ocean brings out many emotions. Its a magical sight. I have a lingering hatred for it, but I marvel at its beauty. It's unmatched. Graceful waves crash along the tide providing the water for the mote that has been constructed by the two little boys over there.

They remind me of innocence. Innocence that has been long lost in my life. Not a care in the world, but to craft the perfect sand castle. It's not a sunday to them. It's a beach day.

Just then, I see a young couple coming down the rocks. They are dressed more appropriately for the beach than I am, but they dont take off their overlayers upon arrival. They just lay their towels down and follow suit.

They are two good looking people. The guy is a model, perhaps. No one looks that natural without trying. We'll call him Greg. Then I glance at the girl. We'll call her Veronica, and she is radiant. To my happiness, she resembles Madi. I actually double take to make sure it's not. Shes gorgeous, and she knows it. This guy must have something good to offer.

She takes out a camera and begins snapping photographs of them. First serious, then goofy, then sexual. I sit and watch them.

I have a few revolations. I miss photography. I start to ponder. "what if I were braver, I would go over there and ask them if I could have them be in a photo shoot." The camera loves them. They just need an artistic perspective. That thought clears as fast as it enters. I begin to think of how Isabella and I used to do that. We used to be fun like that. It seems as though my innocence is not the only thing that has gone missing. Isabella aren't as spontaneous as we used to be. It saddens me.

Veronica then takes off her oversized sunglasses. She looks so much like Madi. On second thought, she behaves like Madi. Calm, sexy and patient. It fills me with some sort of happiness, that I have Madi in my life. I imagine myself as Greg. Im very content. I'm taking it all in. Veronica's stunning looks in front of the ocean glow. I'm comfortable, and I'm feeling lucky.

And then my phone rings. It's reality calling. I have to leave such an amazing mind escape.

Perhaps I'll have to go back very soon.

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hi dear...i'm trying to not be so emo either lol. life is pretty ok right now so we will see :]

got any big v-day plans?
hey so maybe you should write an entry?? lol
Hey. Wow, life sounds kinda hard right now. My advice is just see it through for a little while. But just don't wait around too long. Don't forget, either of these girls can walk away at any point in time. Just, be careful. I added you as a friend, is that ok?? Good luck. -bx
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