New name

I need a name change.

RR was a respectable, honest and decent man. I am not.

I'll call myself jerkoff.

yep. That's more appropriate.

Anyways... I haven't written in this for a quite some time. I guess I can blame some of it on being busy lately -- but the real reason is self destruction.

Ive done so many terrible things as of late, I can't even think about myself, let alone write about it. The only way I get by is trying not to think about it. Im a coward. I run away from myself. Im too ashamed of who I have become.

52 card pickup

by Jerkoff

Like a deck of cards, my life has been shuffled.

I have made girls eyes sparkle like diamonds from the artificial happiness I create for them.

I need to be beaten down by a 3-iron club and pinned into submission so I can't continue.

I should be laid into the ground, defeated as wet dirt slides off the cold steel spade of her shovel.

I deserve to have my heart broken, just as I have mingled and destroyed others.

I want a chance to relieve my sins, so I can feel human again.

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