Choose Your Battles More Wisely
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Are you dipshits fucking serious?



No, no, no, no.  Don't get me wrong.  I want you to proceed in trying to change metal. Because I know it's going to swipe back and knock you all on your ass. There is no genre in music more unapologetic for what it stands for than Metal.



So go ahead, shit stains.  Go after metal.  It will proudly destroy you.  You have no idea what you are going up against.  This is not some pussy, game dev you could push around. Metalheads will never cow tail to your unreasonable demands of changing everything they love to save your precious feels.

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Here comes the Wah-mbulance again.
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Everyone's favorite, media princess, Anita Sarkeesian got her "Preach to the choir about how men are the salt of the Earth" session interrupted by a death threat.  This seems pretty par for the course for her as she claims to get these daily, but low and behold only actually produce them when it's extremely convenient to her, such as when she's raising money to do a project or when said project is losing it's grasp on common folk and she needs to ripple the water to get back into the main stream.  No death threat should be taken lightly.  It seems though that when people want to kill public figures... they just do it and not make it known to the world that it's going to happen.  I'm sure Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't at his favorite diner before shooting JFK, bragging about how he had plans to kill the president that day.  The Columbine shooters weren't talking about it before doing it that I recall.  That Sandy Hook shooter didn't leave a blog post up before shooting kids.  The threat involved was similar in nature to that guy from CA that went off and killed a bunch of people.  Who makes manifestos anymore?  This guy saw what the shooter in LA did.  Copied his favorite bits to make it seem threatening enough, and sent it in to keep Anita from showing up.  I doubt he had murderous intent. But here comes Anti-Gamers using this to further the idea that all gamers are sad, virgin, neckbeard, sociopaths.  No.  NO! Bad internets! BAD!  You do not go making assumptions based on singular people, who, might I add, never even mentions Gamergate in his little poem. Because when WE try to pull that on Feminists.  They sure as hell smack down immediately and make it well known that not all people who label themselves as feminists speak for feminism.


So we male, gamers would appreciate it greatly if you stop it with your hypocricy for thirty seconds and make it well known that this dude doesn't speak for all men/gamers in accordance to your own social justice rules.  Because if "Big Red", one of the most popular tropes of your ilk, "Doesn't speak for all feminists". Then how could you sit there and claim this person who wrote out the threat speaks for all of us?


Get the fuck out of our hobby and then maybe we gamers could get back to playing games with anyone who enjoys them. Male, Female, Black, White, whoever. We could do that again without you turning it into another social justice warrior weapon for your back asswards cause.


You douchebags fucking killed comedy.  One of my great escapes from your bullshit.  Only a matter of time before you kill gaming too judging by the way you work.


I'm going to go play super smash bros. for 3DS now.  Is that okay, feminists?  Should I check my privledge first before playing my game that has no god damned connection with misogyny what-so-ever, or do you wanna look at it for three seconds and make one up before I start?

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Gamergate, and what it means for gaming.
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The gamer is a dying breed, but it isn't our fault.  I love playing games and being a gamer.  If you do one you are the other.  Your mom, who plays nothing, but free to play, facebook, farm or restaurant simulators, is a gamer.  Your little brother who has two games on his phone, the 10 minute game demo of tetris he never touched and candy crush is also a gamer.  Here's something else.  Your mom, your little brother, and you are all misogynistic, bigoted, racists now because gaming media and a few popular people on youtube say that you are.  And SJWs are all standing behind their claims with as much vitrial and spite towards you as they could harbor. Now I know what you are saying...  "But I'm not any of those things.  I'm Actually way into social justice... and may even be part of what they say are the victims of this."  Nope... you too.  You are part of this crusade against gaming and they could care less who you are.  Unless of course you join their band wagon and claim that ou too are a victim and help their cause to destroy "Gamers"  Once and for all.  You see, Gamers aren't dying.  They want to commit Genocide on Gamers and make it a bunch of SJWs just like them.  We aren't good enough for The group of rouge SJWs and Feminists who have hijacked the media and are now using it as their pedestal and spring board to enhancing their lives.  They can't fix what they think are problems when we aren't willing to give up everything and sign the business to them without any say.  So instead they are fully intent in getting rid of us, the roadbumps to their Social Justice agendas, and replace us with similar thinking drones or people who just won't care... I.E your mom who plays free to play facebook games, and your little brother who plays Candy Crush on his iPhone. Those who would never be effected if console gaming were to be fundamentally dismantled.


So yes... you too.  All that stuff you loved growing up is under attack because it isn't good enough for a very opinionated feminist and the gaming media who loves plastering her face on things and making it out that We are the problem with gaming.  If they win, we lose.  What killed comedy, The film industry, and pop culture in general is at Gaming's doorstep.  So "gamer"... what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to let it in and offer it a drink, or tell it to go screw itself?  I've made my choice and I'm going to be heard.  It's time these SJWs get to know what it's like that they have abused us enough with their hate speech and yellow journalism. 


"It's no longer Social Justice when you become the bullies."  - JonTron

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There is a bit of my story involving a girl named Carrie from my high school years I often never get to saying.  In essence this is the most important part of the entire story.  It is how we chose to end our saga together.  As people know I was pretty much always a needy kid who lived on the attention of others.  I already covered my flaws, so no need to restate them.  They are down below if you must get a point of reference. 


Carrie was the first girl who ever showed me kindness.  I suppose that's why the end was so important to me.  It probably meant little to her, but it meant a lot to a boy who had nothing left to give.  It was graduation day, and this meant more then likely I'd never see 99% of these people ever again in my lifetime.  I had made myself a promise that day.  I was going to find my courage and at least try to attone for my problems that I had caused her in my sophmore and junior years.  Before the event of us walking I said nothing, afterwards I said nothing, during pictures I could say nothing.  It wasn't until the very last moment when a friend told me she was leaving that I forced myself to do it before I left in regret.  I crossed the street as she was leaving and moved to her side.  In front of her family, her friends, and some teachers I stammered nerviously, but managed to tell her congratulations, wished her the best of luck in college, and offered my hand in a last ditch effort of peace.


Carrie could have spat at my hand, turned her back, and left me there with my shame, but she did not do that.  She smiled at me, wished me luck back, and took my hand.  She allowed me to move forward as equals. 


That day I had my vindication, this day I have none.  I have this giant albatross around my neck.  It's wrapped around there by a steel chain.  Every time I think about trying to break away from my routein I gran and tug at this thing and choke myself before I let myself free.  I will never find vindication from it, but it's not because I stopped trying.  This albatross has a name, but only because I named it.  It runs tight around my neck, but only because I choose to keep it there.  It chokes the voice out of my mouth around others, but only because I'm pulling on the chain.  I keep and honor this thing, but only because I've learned that it's my punishment.  It has a latch that only I can reach.


No one asked anybody to apologise.  My wife did it on her own and I followed.  We have hands that we need to wash clean.  They will never get clean unless we see them that way.


Enough is enough.  It is time to wash my hands of this.  With this new revelation I now have no reason to hold this off any longer.  Because the only person keeping me from my sweet vindication now is me.  A mistake I won't make in this albatross's name any longer.  The only person who's apology will set me free is my own.  Not accepting it for all these years is the truth I never wanted set free.  I may have things to be sorry for, but they won't be heard, so I give up on that.  I'm not good enough for attoning to those sins.  Time to make it right with people who actually care about them, starting with myself.

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What happens when apologies are no longer sufficient?


What happens when in essence all you are doing is apologizing for just being yourself?


It makes the act of apologizing obsolete and that's the road block that ended me.


I am











I have some redeeming qualities as well, but it wasn't those that got us where we found ourselves Five years later.


I remember that moment in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World where Scott apologizes to Kim for "being me".  It maybe was what she needed to hear, but did it mean that he was going to change?  We never know.


I'm also sorry for all of those things that are me that led to the blowing up of our bridges.


Everyday, however I am reminded that in the darkness of me I am still all of those things.  My coworkers have felt in some way my faults as a human being and looking back I could say that...


I am downright villianous.


If given the power I would be like Gideon, like Light Yagami, like Ozymandias, and like Jigsaw.


I failed you at my weakest.


That is my regret, and it is the ghost that will haunt me until I pass from this world.


No one to blame, but myself... I'm sorry you had to see who I really am and that I infected you so much.  It's for the best I'm out of your lives. 


This sounds like some pathetic attempt at some grasp for pity.  It's not, it's just how I rationalized the fall out.  By all means, just take it for what it is and forget about it.  I'm sorry too, but when you are the problem like Scott was maybe it too is worth a short smile and never knowing any further past the end credits.



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