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[721] Is this how Whitney...
[719] I am too weak to be...
[718] The bark still bares...
[717] Dirty Laundry
[713]Pitbull vs. Boston...
[712]A not so surprising...
[711]Child Support
[710]Help Wanted
[709]I surrender
[707]Lucy's gone
[706]No show
[705]Shopping therapy
[703]Off to a bumpy start
[702]I'm no public speaker
[701]Who's the parent here?
[700]Brutice the Ball Python
[699]Bedroom liquidation
[698]Where's my paycheck?
[697]Ho ho ho
[696]First semester = over.
[695]If I give you 30% off,...
[694]Reasons I feel fucked
[693]There must be blond...
[692]Goodbye Rockie, hello...
[691]Rockie is a wild man
[690]Losing hope
[689]There's hope yet.
[688]We didn't get the house.
[687]Finally, my dream home!
[686]The hunt begins
[685]Rockie's poor tail
[684]Losing my marbles
[683]McDonalds ate my cell...
[682]What to do, what to do.
[681]Case closed
[680]Our little nest
[679]Horrible Wedding
[678]Someone give the...
[677]Missed my first day at...
[676]Heart attack
[675]First day of college
[674]College orientation.
[673]New doctor
[672]Not happy
[670]Desi to the rescue
[668]Day #1 of the fit event
[667]Grr @ PMS
[665]RIP Great Aunt Reckner
[664]Chef Randall
[663]These circles and cycles
[662]Certified bra fitter
[661]Color coordinate my ass
[660]Work...the highlight of...
[659]I know it was a waste of...
[658]Caught up in Harry...
[657]Toilet diving
[656]Driving through tornado...
[655]My first day
[654]Register Training
[653]Will work for food
[651]Brandport Sweepstakes
[650]Money is the root of all...
[649]No credit
[648]New windshield
[647]Errands out the ass
[646]I'm hired!
[645]The job search cramps my...
[644]My email must've done...
[643]Future Estee Lauder rep.
[642]I need a new wardrobe
[641]What am I, a taxi?
[640]Hello debt!
[639]Nikki's back from...
[638]I won't let go at any...
[637]Vote for my scholarship...
[636]Reckner family reunion
[635]Growing up too fast
[633]Psyched for college
[632]4th of July, Reckner...
[631]I cracked my bumper. =(
[630]The completion of my...
[628]Alcohol Poisoning rulez
[626]I hope this time's...
[627]Coyote Ugly
[625]Will the chivalrist
[624]Pizza Blows
[623]Party @ Mohr's
[621]40'z Friday
[620]Excuses, excuses
[618]There's beauty in the...
[617]So close to losing it all
[616]This is what makes my...
[615]I miss him
[614]The complaint department
[613]Through sickness and in...
[612]Don't let them scare you
[611]You're so fucking special
[610]Beware of the wood elf
[608]You are the smell before...
[607]Silly Mowrer
[606]Mmm .... cocaine burgers
[605]Dion fat, D-Dion fat.
[604]It's Christmas Eve Eve
[603]Distance strikes once...
[602]Everything you know is a...
[601]Guilty by association
[600]Shdunkin Shnonuts
[599]Smoke your marijuanica.
[598]Here's my 2 cents
[597]Desi Explains It All
[596]Close, but no champagne.
[595]I sure wouldn't mind...
[594]I PWN you.
[593]Who stole the cookies...
[592]Live Green or Die!
[591]Senior pics
[590]Cheese Wheel Epiphany
[589]Chipmunks getting shot...
[588]A Fuckload of Pictures
[587]Shonna, Tiffany and CJ...
[586]How Bizarre
[585]Attractive = Shit
[584]No details, just pictures
[583]Okay, forget what I said...
[582]Best friends means you...
[581]Say your goodbyes, I'll...
[580]Here's your fucking...
[579]Marla the Mannequin
[578]OMGxCREW Hotel Party #2
[577]AZN Boi
[576]I was happier then
[575]I love Kathy Gano and...
[574]Mike's Show
[573]Drunk people amaze me
[572]Calling Hours
[571]R.I.P. Terrance R. Shea
[570]Bastard set of dreams
[569]Shaved Carpet and the...
[568]Dead to Fall/Napalm...
[567]Love is a battlefield
[566]I'm so sorry
[565]Desi's Deer Den
[564]Plato's Closet Rules!
[563]This isn't how it's...
[562]Canfield Fair
[560]Such are these muddy...
[559]I will not fall, I will...
[558]Fear does not exist in...
[557]Tickle me emo
[556]Infringement of Rights
[555]I love Nikki turkey.
[554]Sup hussie? This isn't...
[553]And the ants go marching...
[552]Goshen Jitsu
[550]Andrew James Rice
[549]Reverse Order Karma
[548]It sucks not being 21
[547]Envy is ignorance,...
[546]You are my sunshine
{545}Happiness is not having...
{544}Hey baldy
[543]If you read this, you'll...
[542]43% of West Virginians...
[541]Warped Tour 2005 is...
[540]Half Hearted Lullabye
[539]Hour of Power
[537]It's just another day...
[536]I want so badly to...
[534]Thanks, dawg!
[532]You should be where I am
[531]I'd like 6 hard tacos TO...
[530]New World Order
[529]Desi Sucks At Life
[528]D1g1tal Piksha Wh0re
[527]Land of the Dead
[526]Cuntwrap Surpreme
[525]Glass Half Empty
[524]Happy One Week
[523]The nose stud woes
[522]Cleaning Sucks!
[521]Shonna's Bonfire
[520]Tuff Luff
[519]Uno Drunko
[518]Sounds of the Underground
[517]4th of July
[516]Myrtle Beach 2005
[515]1 Month Anniversary
[514]Damn the Man!
[512]Zachary William Wells
[511]Everything's tentative
[508]Rachelle's Baby Shower
[507]Thank you, Ron!
[505]Way to be emo
[504]The 3 Stooges
[503]Sing me something soft,...
[502]Yep, it's summer
[501]A fiesta in the making
[500]I GOT SHARON...
[499]Skinnammarinky Dinky...
[498]Transcendental Brouhaha!
[497]The fonz of Indie
[495]Josh's Grad Party
[494]'Bowl' freakin' crap
[493]You enter in fullblown...
[492]Thrift shopping pretty...
[491]I'm the luckiest girl...
[490]7 Days
[489]PJ's wild off-road...
[488]All night cuddle...
{487}Smoke dat crack, niggaz.
[486]Diz Baby
{485}Mother Knows Best
{484}You had me at dicks fuck...
{483}I can't breathe
[481]Coffee and Nicotine
{480}It gets darkest just...
{479}The ruination
{478}Lettuce Is My Friend
{476}Myspace = Dirty...
{475}Happy Mother's Day
{474}It is only with the...
{473}Prom 2005
{472}Please Don't Take My...
{471}Tu Se Morta
{470}Coke just aint the way...
{469}Bert McCrackenXCore
{468}Eliminate the Negativity
{467}Free Salads Rule!
{466}My Face = Sun Ripened...
{465}I'm Only Happy When It...
[464]Non filter cigarettes...
{463}Desi Does Dad
{462}Big Andy Is Love
{461}Date with Steve
{460}The Anniversary of...
{459}B-A-N-A-N-A-S bring the...
{458}OMG I Have a Date!
{457}Broken String
{456}Pssh, I aint Scurred
{455}The Amityville Horror
{454}Smile Empty Soul {W/Pics}
{453}The World Hates Me
{452}I need a lullaby
{451}My Contact=MIA
[450]Fallen Eyes Benefit Show...
{449}Classy Whore-esque
{448}Fatty McFatterson
{447}The Future's So Bright I...
{446}The Four Freshman
{445}Momma Created Drama
{444}Waste of Makeup
{443}Nice Guys Finish Last
{442}Get Well Soon Balloons
{441}Pretend you care
{440}Don't turn around
{439}Sexually Confused Barbie...
{438}Tuxedo Shopping
{437}The worst luck everr
{436}I'm starting to scare...
{435}Spring Break is Overrated
{434}My Ovaries Hurt
{433}The juicy details
{432}Ring 2
{431}Spring Break
[430]Shh, Don't Tell Mom the...
{429}PJ and Mary Kay are my...
[428]All Skyrocketing Hopes...
{427}In Nature
{426}Welcome to pre-school,...
{425}Iced Out Pimp Belt
{425}80 Proof Vodka+Orange...
{424}Guilt will eat away at me
{423}Once Upon a Time
{422}Desi Chameleon
{420}You've Only Got One Life
{419}Make Yourself
{418}OMGxCREW Hotel Party...
{417}Whirlpool Suite
{416}Here's to the nights we...
{415}Rotary 4 Way Speech Test
{414]Betty Crocker aint got...
{413}He's not my boyfriend,...
{412}I suck at life
{411}My no means NO...ok?!
{410}Good luck exploring the...
{409}I'm Gonna Die
{408}They Never Told Us What...
{407}My 1st Nicotine Fix
{406}Love Rhymes With Hideous...
{405}Eternal Sunshine of the...
{404}Currently Unimpressed...
{403}Too Much Love Will Kill...
{402}I am too weak to be your...
{401}No Regrets, Just Breathe
{400}Valentines Day
{399}Death Metal & a Pepsi
{398}I hibernate to stay...
{397}You were the blood in my...
{396}Dick & Cunt fit together...
{395}That first love taints...
{394}This'll be easier than I...
{393}I'll sing all the...
{392}As he slips away
{391}Picking up the pieces
{390}My life, on standby
{389}Note To Self
{388}I Heart Dr. Phil
{387}Close your eyes, I want...
{386}Money's Tight
{385}Why So Emotional?
{384}Spongebob is the...
{383}You're As Welcome As...
{382}You Fucking Dramatic Cunt
{381}SitD Anniversary
[380]Moonlight Bowling
[379]*Mary Kay January Jump...
[378]He is all kinds of...
[377]I'm Gonna Be Okay
[376]All I Ever Wanted Was To...
[375]For All Who Care
[374]Cops Suck
[373]Say You Will
[372]It's a Beautiful World...
[371]Last Day of Exams
[370]Semester Exams
[369]Stuck Between a Rock and...
[368]All Is Well That Ends...
[367]Bad Memories and Good...
[366]I'm Barely Able To Keep...
[365]Shop Is Rad!!!
[364]Pardon Me While I burst...
[363]The Woman In Heels
[362]Running On 4 Hours Sleep
[361]The Greatest Feeling In...
[360]My Mother Is A Snoop
[359]Happy New Year!
[358]This Is the New Shit
[357]I don't care where, just...
[356]Thanks, love you too
[355]Here's Your Update
[354]Merry Christmas, If...
[353]Thanks...more than you...
[352]Excuse me, experienced...
[351]Christmas Break
[350]One Day Till Break
[349]Yay, There Is A God!!
[348]Pieces of Me
[347]5 Reasons Why Christmas...
[346]Damn Audio Visual Machine
[345]Snowball Fight
[344]Vintage Adidas Shirt
[343]Opa's Calling Hours
[342]Happy One Month...
[341]Christmas Choir Concert
[340]Our Freedom Is Slipping...
[339]Red Red Wine
[338]A New Face
[337]Deleted Friends
[336]White Chicks
[335]Badder Santer
[334]I Love You
[333]Friday It's God Thank
[332]Yearbook Mix-Up
[331]All I Want For Christmas...
[330]We're On Our Way To...
[329]Get Down With the...
[328]Ebay Is Addicting
[327]No Cash, No puppies
[326]Biggest Shopping Day Of...
[324]Parents Suck Hardcore
[323]Off-Roading On Egypt
[322]Bacardi Silver
[321]Scared Shitless
[320]Skipped School
[319]Chilli and Pepper
[318]Ewww, fags!
[316]Wrong Number
[315]Strip Padiddle Times...
[313]A Break From the Drama
[312]It didn't happen
[311]Perfection In the Midst...
[310]Sadies 2004
[309]Buck Naked On A Big Wheel
[308]More shots than a heroin...
[307]Kerry Concedes
[306]Election Day
[305]Smells Like Reefer
[304]AbelweenFest 04'
[303]Let the Rain Fall
[302]Emo Faggot
[301]You seem to move on easy
[300]Aint love grand?
[299]Corey got his license
[298]These boots are made for...
[297]Mary Kay Presentation
[296]Go and Come Back
[295]The unexamined life is...
[293]Picked up my dress
[292]Crazy Hair Day
[291]Dust In the Wind
[290]Raise Your Voice
[289]Highlights and Lowlights
[288]You gotta be shittin' me
[286]What dreams are made of
[285]I picked out my dress!
[284]My Feet Are Killing Me
[283]Led Zeppelin Vinyl
[282]Junior Pics
[281]Madison Taylor and the...
[280]Kristen's Sweet 16
[279]Bring it on down to...
[278]Okay kids, here's your...
[277]Ganked Lunch
[276]I'm dizzy and...
[275]Everything's So Routine
[274]Silent Screams
[273]Waste Of Time?
[272]Unspoken Words
[270]5 Things I Hate About...
[271]Boosted Popularity
[269]Zithromax saves the day
[268]Just another manic...
[267]Ich benötige Drogen
[265]Spin the Bottle
[266]30 Things You May Not...
[264]Catching a cold
[263]Emily's Sweet 16
[262]Lack of Updates
[261]Monogamously challenged
[260]Jesse kissed me
[259]In my memory
[258]Goodbye to you
[257]Nobody's Perfect
[256]My Detroit boys
[254]First home game
[253]Canfield Fair
[252]Current event my ass
[250]I'm a clutz
[249]Taking Lives
[248]The Exorcist: The...
[247]Shopping Therapy
[246]Give em' hell
[245]First Day
[244]Farewell Summer 2004
[243]I hate being a woman
[242]Cuddle without the kiss
[241]Shonna's party
[240]B Double E Double...
[239]Meet the parents
[238]R-E-S-P-E-C-T *Rolls...
[237]Alltel sucks my asss
[236]Can't screw this up...
[235]Giddy as a motha fuckin...
[234]Break from the mold
[233]Bad Uncle
[232]Pegging of the pants
[231]The Difference
[230] I miss yoou
[229]The Lost Poet
[228]Shrink wrappin it up!
[227]The death of 243 and...
[226]Distance, the killer of...
[225]He wants her
[224]Make me "better"
[223]Feel like Shit
[222]Beauty Barn
[221]To Protect and Serve
[220]2wo 4our 3hree
[218]Phone Call
[217]MK Party
[215]He Loves me...He loves...
[214]Money makes the world go...
[213]Benefit Show
[210]Good time with the girls!
[211]R.I.P. Sarah
[209]Happy camper
[208]Semmy's grad party
[205]In my pants
[203]Mean Girls
[202]The way I am
[200]Speed Boating in...
[199]Family Reunion/Local...
[197]Just a Phase
[194]No Internet
[192]Walmart Run
[193]Cold Creek Manor
[191]Least Expected
[190]Mary Kay Quarterly Awards
[187]New Journal
[185]So uh, yeah...I'm 17
[186] AnGeR mAnAgEmEnT
[183]I hate being an insomniac
[181]Fall to pieces...
[180]I'm a lazy mofo
[179]Every Time I try
[178]Bad Day For Wal*Mart
[177]Back From Vacation
[176]Bye, Bye!
[175]Leaving tomorrow
[174]Back To Blonde
[173]Early Morning Phone Call
[171]Quite Possibly The...
[172]Swimmin in clothes:D
[170]Our Lives
[169]Tiffany's Graduation...
[168]Dan's Graduation Party
[167}School's Out
[165]Ear Infection
[164]Carson Daley Head of...
[163]Missed Graduation
[162]Local Flow
[161]Goodbye Seniors
[158]Hey Beautiful
[156]Lynsi's Sweet 16
[155]Pretty for nothing, too...
[154]Over the Edge
[153]Not going there
[152]Fat Bitch
[151]I'm a dumbass
[150]Dan made me cry
[148]This new feeling of...
[147]Start something!
[144]Countin down the days
[143]Heat can bite my ass
[141]If thoughts could kill
[142]The Fragile
[139]Momma's Day
[140] The beauty of the...
[138]Good cry
[136]TGIF babay
[137]Just Another One
[134]On my mind
[132]Ruet Caloooom
[131]Better than expected
[130] Wake Up Call
[129]Drop The Crucifix Fest
[128]The best entry yet
[127] GID
[126] I dyed
[125] Essays suck
[121] Play Fast or Die Fest
[120]Goin again
[118]Trouble in 421!
[117]Take it away I never had...
[115] To Emily
[116]I can't skate...
[114]I wish...
[110]Green Day
[108] Cleveland!
[105]Missed today
[104]Left early
[102]The Passion
[99]Last Day for this week...
[97]I wish I could sleep
[96]Some stuff to think...
[95]No Sleep
[94]Stolen Quiz
[91]Another Dumb Quiz
[90]Doc Appointment
[88]Running out of titles
[86]Monday's suck too
[85]Sundays suck
[83]Starting over
[80]Sleep Deprivation
[78]Hit the bottom
[76]Quaker Craaaazy
[75]The game is 2morrow:)
[73]Roach Clip
[72]Cheese curls
[70]Oh My God...I finally...
[69]I'm trying
[68]Guys confuse me
[65]Brandon Boyd:)
[63]Just dont know...
[62]For your enjoyment (A...
[61]So glad tomorrow is...
[57]Behind the Wheel!
[56]Finally got my permit!
[55]TGIF baby
[53]I want my permit
[52]Show me your boobs!
[50]Called Off
[47]Weekend=almost here!
[46]Good day
[45]Kinda Sad
[42]Valentines Day
[40]I'm at schooooool
[37]I got hours?!
[31]A Crow Left Of the Murder
[28]Cabin Fever
[23]What?! No snow day!!!
[22]No Skewl...again!!
[20]Birthday Party
[19]No Skewl is Kewl
[18]Sick of it
[16]Don't know what to do
[8]Band Prac
[5]Much Better
[4]Pissed Off
[2]Back From Christmas Break
[1]Hurr Did
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