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Jan 25, 2018
..Sometimes ;-)
Jan 25, 2018
hey! I commented on your comments.. I would recomment here but I am lazy.. so go read it and laugh and laugh and laugh...
Jan 25, 2018
May 20, 2014
I did the same thing and remembered the password. You are on my friends list. :-)
Mar 23, 2014
hey! sorry I didn't respond earlier I've been weirdly busy the last few weeks.. But send me a message on aim onestupidsmurf and I'll send my number there. do u have a facebook?
Mar 4, 2014
SHOE! I am good. How are you?? I haven't talked to you in forever. Hopefully you see this - I thought you abandoned the ol sit D
Oct 1, 2009
why, hello there, stranger. a whale, huh? i would be...an owl. maybe a hippo, but i hear they aren't that pretty in real life. hm, well why do i need to be pretty if i'm a hippo? no, maybe i'd be an owl. or maybe i was already an owl in a past life. maybe. either, way there is an owl on my body now. forever.

tattoos ARE fun. shading is painful, but afterwards, it is so worth it. already planning out 2nd and 3rd ones. when i'm not poor, it'll happen. maybe i should just befriend a nice tattoo artist. hm.

college is fun. beach view from my dorm. sunny san diego. even though it's more like la jolla...homesick, though. more friendsick, i think. have yet to meet someone truly awesome here. makes me sad. but i'm moved out! yes!

asia was fun. lots of time spent with family, not used to it. saw solar eclipse. pretty cool. now i can die saying i witnessed something that people won't for at least 10 more years. maybe 15, i forgot, they said on the television.
[Anonymous (]
Aug 25, 2009
i think the moral of the story is...

i miss you?
Jul 16, 2009
Hey shoe! I'm pretty good. how r u? lol ducks DO NOT make out with piggies! that would be nonsense! aw one of those comments makes me sad... I am not a terrible creature :[ haha.. hmm if there's a way to get those little ships in glass bottles then I'm sure someone could get a duck out of one.. yeah.. might be kinda messy tho :[

Apr 9, 2009
ducks are terrible creatures
Mar 25, 2009
was that you? 1 times 6 is 6?
Jan 14, 2009
Im bored....
Dec 24, 2008
I am sure. Happy holidays! Be well :)

Nov 26, 2008
hey shoe.. still no letters. I can't find those letters and its pissing me off because like i said.. i saw them like right before i said i had them and now i have no idea where i put them. bah. but yeah nothing much happening with me really.. no school because we moved and i cant find a good school with online classes. well lots of schools have online classes.. but not the ones i need.. and then theres the job thing.. can't seem to get one. oh i got an email last week about a game developer job, they contacted me so i was excited. but they didn't respond to my application so i dunno. we got a kitten tho. we're getting her on friday. anddd.. I'm just getting ready to [try] and make thanksgiving dinner. eek. what r ur plans for thanksgiving?? and what have u been up to as far as school, work, etc???? hmmmm??? let me know foo. bye

Nov 6, 2008
Hey sorry i didn't reply sooner... i never get comments anymore so i forget to even check. and i was out of town. I didn't forget about sending the letters. I just cant find them! we moved and altho most things are unpacked some things are stuffed in boxes and tucked away in the closet.. things like papers and letters and pictures and stuff so i know i have them, i just can't figure out exactly which box they are in.. :[ But i will send them as soon as i do. i wont make promises and say that will be soon tho. cuz i really dont know.. sorry...
Sep 12, 2008
recentlyy, i've figured that maybe i'm strange because i'd rather go with nothing than just settle for compatibility. i could say "yes", but...

i like to run awayy a lot. run run run.

but i'm still young. the first week of being seventeen, i still have a few more forevers left.
[Anonymous (]
Sep 7, 2008
Hi there. Long time no see! Getting your comment made me smile and reminded me of the good ol' days when I was here every day and commenting and replying and posting all the time. You're one of the few that's stuck around :)

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, but you seem strong enough and determined enough to get through. I wish you the best in everything and I hope to hear from you and read more of your entries soon!

Aug 29, 2008
Perhaps I am wrong in how I worded it, but to me, a greater man is the willing man, but any man who calls himself great is in fact a man with imposed limits on himself - a great man will never acknowledge he is great, but only instead willing... a fight between a willing man and a greater man, well; eventually the greater man will soon succumb to all that is possible for him to do, because he doesn't know what is to be willing, only to be great, and great is only what you already know. The willing man will never succumb as he will try for everything possible no matter how hard the task. Lol.. hope you're well dude! :-)
Aug 23, 2008
you interest me.
Aug 23, 2008
Like you too, and as you've mentioned, I'm glad I've met you and the load of great people on here. And old entries are always a blast to read.
Aug 22, 2008
Yes I am usually sick. But not anymore really.
Am i the one you bitch to and call? Thats totally me right? Whose this girl you are talking about?
Aug 22, 2008
like you, too? I remember our comment chats. Those were good nights, and i felt like the world maybe wasn't doomed if there were funny and interesting people still inhabiting it.
Aug 22, 2008
I type all sorts of ways. The most recent entry I have [Take Me On] is present tense. . .even though it really did happen a long time ago. Making it present tense draws your attention more and making the subject 'you' instead of 'she' or 'he' draws you closer into what's being said.

The other entry [You Are The Words, I Am The Tune] is past tense because 'it already happened'. Making it third person makes it easier to disconnect from the "story", because you're looking at it from a distance instead of from right up close. However, making the second person in the entry 'you' instead of 'he' or 'she' keeps you a part of everything instead of pushing you away entirely.

It's all about multi-meanings.
Aug 22, 2008
Haha, yeah, it's short, but eh, I'm busy. =P
What's this about "like you"? Tryin' to horn in on my g/f there? >_>
Aug 22, 2008
You did leave comments to me a couple of times.
And I read the entry, and thank you ^^,
And thank you for the kind wishes.
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