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Comments for shadowsoul

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Dec 17, 2016
Y'know..I didn't see your comment on this. You were so right lol.

The friend in question ended up not paying rent for the first month and when they finally did get a job they constantly called out to the point where money wasn't flowing in and they didn't follow through with anything they promised, etc.

Needless to say...we got rid of them and the friendship is over!
Aug 14, 2016
I'll pray for your family!
Jun 23, 2016
dude, cake decorator/baker here. Definitely try to work at a grocery store bakery to get basic skills/fundamentals down before working in a local real ass bakery (only if you're worried about not having credentials off the bat). You'll learn a lot without the pressure of a stand alone bakery. Then after a few months of that, apply for a cafe that needs a pastry chef or a bakery that needs a baker/decorator. Things will fall into place if you want it. I don't own my own bakery, but I feel like that goal could be achievable. Right now I'm kind of scared to venture out & own my own place, but if you already feel like you want that then that's already a great sign! Best of luck <3
Dec 26, 2015
I wish you a Happy 2016, Michael. I used to have a diary at this site, but that was long ago. I met some memorable people here at sitdiary. If it were ten years ago, I might know YOU! :D
[Anonymous (]
Nov 30, 2015
That can be tough! My husband let his best friend move in with us earlier this year and he put us in a jam with not paying rent, which ended up ruining their friendship. It really just depends on the person though, and the money is nice if they keep their word and pay up! I hope it works out for ya.

I'm sorry...

Reduce me to tears..
Blacken my heart..

Why Did you have to be the one.
To Break me apart..
Shadow...I'm sorry...

Well technically Kayla banned you then made rose a mod so that she could ban you if you ever popped up again
Thanks mike, you are a true friend.
Mike... seriously... you're worrying WAY too much man... calm down... don't do this to yourself... I know you miss her... but stressing over her and driving yourself crazy isn't going to get her on any faster... please take it easy... she wouldn't want you this way Mike...
I'm sorry kayla...
I know how ya feel... bout the same when he told me he listened to mine 150 plus times... I really do regret telling him... why did I have to... v.v?
Please...not this song. Anything but this song.

Forgive me... i'm just being me... hate me if you wish... you know what she means to me Mike... i just don't want to lose what I now share with her...
mike im sorry
You really mean that? You're going to stop?

~Kate the Great
That's powerfull Shadow...and deep. I like it
We would've figured it out anyways
You're the only one who will not leave Me and Worn alone.
hey man sorry i wasnt here....i got take away...to gatlinburg....i hope you like summer-camp
because soon your eyes will change to see the lighter side ~sorry for taking long on commenting.....but everytime i can to your sit my computer screwed up.....i fixed it now and well im here
I Know You Arnt.. And Im Glad To Have Such A Good Friend.
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