im back

i am so bad at this shit! i havent written in like for ever! wat up yall

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im not dead

** Sry yall it has been a while yeah i know but alot has happend well tomrrow is the last day of skewl for 11 days and for thanksgiving i will be going to Texas cause my house out there needs new windows so i asked my mom if we could just pay for my (CLOSE) relatives and have Thanksgiving down there casue its like only a year old house and its HUGE HOUSE also i am bringing my boyfriend and my bestest friend Amanda (a man duh!) lol but yeah Friday i will have ben dating NIk for 3 weeks hes cool . I have a shoot this week for allure magazine so im siked!!!

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nik is the new boyfriend hyaha life is good right now

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** amanda is my brestest friend she helps me with everything that i need today is justy really boring and im sad and i dont even know why skewl is gay my fmaily is a draG i like dont even wanna b here anymore

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** So nothing is really going on bordom has taken over. I have been having dreams abotu me and my best friend dating its kinda weird i dunno if i should tell him or wat?!?!?

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** i am so bad at keeping up this diary so uh nothign really has been goingon in my life boring shit as always..... i am dating Micheal fun fun...not really i mean ilove himhes awsome but theres just something about himthat makes me nervous and it sucks then Monday night i was tlakin to my Ex willie and he was telling me about how much he missses me and stuff so i wasnmt thinking strait and i invited him over on friday night then like Micheal got all butt hurt cause like hes worried thzat i will cheat on him but allwe are going to do is drink and catch up on old times yeah soo bad.....

** Anyways**

The damn yankees lost last night so there out of the play offs which blowzs ballzbut hockey is back and im happy but what syhould i do about Micheal?? any suggestions

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**Well geese it has been a while since i have been on here well this weekend This kid Micheal came over on Saturday and we hung out till oo about 130 it was fun but then my dad came home all shit faced and had to take him home..... Sunday Mark the fool tht lives across the street his dad came over adn was talkin to my dad about how i was makin out with my boyfriend on the front porch and alll the neighboors could watch it... in my defense i was in the house the whole time so he couldnt have seen anythign but when he told my dad that i was standing out side and was like so are you jealous he gave me the nastyesy look ever but hmm Friday night some bitch Britney wanted to fight me at the homecoming game so i was up for it im not gonna back down from a fight esp not one with her shes had beef since the begging of the year.....


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** If you think u know what it means be my guesst and try and guess but ull all get it wrong..... My life is boring the poweder puff is tonite and i cant even go which is bullshit so instead i get to sit here in my moms clasroom and be bored cause thth wat i do best.... i got another referal yesterday in Math cause i was fighting over food which is dumb casue no one had food in that class i watched the damn broncos last ngiht and it was pretty boring skewl is pretty boring too casue all my friends are sick of skewl already and theres nothing to really do....

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** NO not the drink the drug it is very bad but yet i did it once and want to do it again ugh so last night me and a bunch of gurls from the volleyball team went to a Colorado University Volleyball game and it was soo boring cause we lost so me and like 12 other girls decidede to prank call him and his stupid little girlfriend answered and was like is this ajs ex i was liek yeah she goes ohhhh man ur so pretty aj talks all about u and how kewl u were :P i was like ooo .


** Nothing really is good in my life my dad doesnt want to se me during the week anymore so tht fuckin stupid he pisses me off ugh .........

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its over

its over done and over with AJ JUST BROKE UP WITH ME AFTER 3 1/2 months mt life sucks

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