I love how these things just circulate...
Listening to: The Wind
Feeling: dazed

Stuff -

||1|| Guitar or Drum Player - Both. I <3 drums. At the moment, I only play guitar, but I will play drums soon. I just have to get out of my grandma's house first.

||2|| Skater or Surfer - Surfer. Who's never surfed.

||3|| Brown or Blue Eyes - GREEN eyes!! I want a boyfriend with brown eyes... Unless it's Billy Boyd, then I'll definitely take green. But never blue.

||4|| Blond or Brunette - Brunette.

||5|| Brains or Looks (Be honest!) - Brains. They taste good. And I have more of a brain than I have of this mysterious beauty that everyone seems to give a shit about.

Food -

||11|| Hamburger or Hotdog - Hamburger with cheese and no bun. Or just one bun. Hell, give me a bun, just gimme the damn burger!

||12|| Pie or Cake - Depends on the flavors. Lemon pie, Chocolate cake.

||13|| Apple or Banana - Apple, more flavor, more juice, more practical uses.

||14|| Coke or Pepsi - Pepsi. Sweet, smooth pepsi... *craves*

||15|| Chicken or Beef - Both. Alternating or at the same time... (ooh, kinky)

||16|| Oreos or Chips Ahoy - Girl Scout cookies.

||17|| Pancakes or Waffles - Belgian Waffle Cakes. Yummy dish I made up with Belgian Waffles, pancakes, strawberries, and whipped cream... Yum yum!

||18|| Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate. Dark, dark chocolate.

||19|| Strawberry or Cherry - Strawberry. With a cherry on top.

||20|| Watermelon or Cantaloupe - Watermelon. Sweet, soft, succulent, suckable watermelon.

||21|| Potato or Macaroni Salad - Depends. Whichever's less sweet and more spicy.

||22|| Wheat or White - Wheat if there's mayonnaise, white by itself.

||23|| Tic Tacs or Altoids - Both. Mostly Tic-Tacs.

||24|| Sausage or Bacon - Both.

||25|| Sour Cream and Chive or BBQ - Both. In one chip. I'm developing one right now in my secret lab.

Sports -

||26|| Baseball or Football - Baseball. Only sport that looks different if you watch it in a mirror. Fun.

||27|| Swim or Track - Swim. Less work, less dehydration, I mean come on, you're surrounded by frickin water!

||28|| Tennis or Golf - My grandma's favorite sports... Hrmmmm... Tennis. Golf courses take up two Rhode Islands and a Delaware worth of space that could be used to house the homeless or for nature preserves.

||29|| Skiing or Sledding - Sledding, less work, mostly downhill...

||30|| Bicycling or Jogging - Biking, less work, mostly downhill...

Stores/Restaurants -

||31|| McDonalds or Burger King - Burger King... Better Fries... Better Nuggets... Better bloody everything.

||32|| JC Penny's or Sears - Probably Sears, though I've never been there... JCPenney is pretty good for men's novelty shirts, but little else. Why the fuck did I get a credit card there?

||33|| Walmart or Target - Target, Walmart uses child labor. But they did have the perfect pair of emo glasses that I still cry about not getting...

||34|| Trophy's or TGI Fridays - Trophies, I can display them... But I've never gotten to one... And I've never been to either of these... restaurants?

||35|| Albertson's or Vons - Albertson's, as I've no clue what Vons is.

Clothes -

||36|| Pants or Shorts - Pants... I'm in frigging Seattle... Shorts would have been good today though... Damn sunshine...

||36|| Zip-Up or Pull-Over Sweatshirt - Zip-Up... Must show off my T-Shirt...

||37|| Sandals or Tennis Shoes - Tennis shoes. More comfortable for walking to school when I miss the bus.

||38|| Dresses or Skirts - Skirts. You can wear them with different shirts.

||39|| Mittens or Gloves - Gloves, sock gloves, biker gloves.

||40|| Print or Solid - Solid. Black.

Names -

||41|| Bob or Bill - William. Like Spike.

||42|| Jessica or Jennifer - Jennifer's my mom, but I'd rather name my kid Jessica.

||43|| Aaron or Erin - Aaron... Aaron Lewis, Aaron the cool little third grade kid, Erin the irrepressable bitch...

||44|| Carrie or Kari - Carrie. She killed the prom. Kari was just a Digimon character who stole my TK away from me.

||45|| Todd or Tom - Tod. One D. I like it that way.

||46|| Lynn or Lee - Lee, she's this hot lesbian chick that goes to my school. She's awesome.

||47|| Sarah or Susie - Susan.

||48|| Jack or John - Jonathan (hot doofy brother from The Mummy), John (my grandpa/cousin), Jack (I want to marry someone with this name. Not a specific person, just someone with this name).

||49|| Lisa or Linda - Lisa. From the Simpsons.

||50|| Matt or Nick - Matt. Matt's hot. Nicks tend to be assholes. I have this whole Name-ology thing going on, I won't get into it right now...

Music -

||51|| Punk or Rock - Both... But mostly rock.

||52|| Country or Bubble Gum Pop - Depends when it's from... 89-93 pop, 94-97 country, 97-99 both, 00-present neither

||53|| Rap or Techno - Techno, because that's what society has labeled Moby.

||54|| Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera. More pierced, less fake. No, wait, equally fake, but with more good songs. One of them.

||55|| *N Sync or Backstreet Boys - There was a time when I'd say both. Now it's neither. If I had to be subjected to one for eternity in hell, it would be NSYNC, so I'll probably go with the Backstreet Boys.

||56|| Korn or Staind - Staind, Aaron Lewis's voice, guitar playing, and insight have gotten me through a lot of hard times in my life. I respect him a lot, and hope (and pray, for crying out loud) that someday I can be on 413 records...

||57|| Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park - Linkin Park, they never sucked that bad. In fact, I can't remember them sucking at all. Although I did kind of like Limp Bizkit's Rearranged... Because it made no sense to me, the video was cool (back in my MTV days), and the song actually sounded somewhat like music.

||59|| Piano or Violin - Piano. I find it easier to play than violin. And more useful.

||60|| CDs or Radio - Both. Simultaneously.

TV -

||61|| Dawson's Creek or 7th Heaven - 7th Heaven, I've actually seen one episode of it. However, my friend's cousin's band was in an episode of Dawson's Creek... Yeah, Loudermilk... But then, they suck, so... Yeah, I'll stick with 7th Heaven.

||62|| Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Angel, but only because Buffy's over... If I can't see Willow, I'll see her husband Wesley, dammit!

||63|| Law and Order or The Practice - The Practice. James Spader is in it.

||64|| Spy TV or Candid Camera - Candid Camera... Classic

||65|| Smallville or Charmed - Charmed. It's addictive, like soap operas.

Cinema -

||66|| Bruce Willis or Kevin Costner - Bruce Willis, better real-life personality.

||67|| Jennifer Love Hewitt or Neve Campbell - Neve Campbell, she looks more like a goth and makes fewer attempts at becoming a pop singer...

||68|| Aladdin or Lion King - YOU WANT ME TO CHOOSE?!!!! NO!

||69|| Snow White or Sleeping Beauty - Snowing Beauty. I want some! Snow White, because she has really pale skin and black hair, and there's a rose on the cover of the movie, and it talks about ripping hearts out, and there are little people in it, and a red apple is portrayed as evil.

||70|| Comedy or Drama - Dramedy.

||71|| Horror or Science Fiction - Sci-Fi... That's where James Spader got his start... His horror movie(s)... The Watcher... Well, let's just say Keanu Reeves was in it...

||72|| Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer - Never seen either one.

||73|| Not Another Teen Movie or Scary Movie - Both, during my stupid vapid movie marathon.

||74|| Titanic or Pearl Harbor - Titanic, because I've seen that one. And it has a rather good soundtrack.

||75|| The Mask or Ace Ventura - Ace Ventura *coughroxmysoxcough* what? I didn't say anything. And if you accuse me, I'll bite your head off.

Computer/Video Games -

||76|| AOL or MSN - AOL, because Mozilla isn't working right now.

||77|| Dogpile or Google - Google, because it has a better name... in more ways than one.

||78|| Mac or PC - Neither. I want to build my own computer, put linux on it, and make myself an EMPIRE!! Or not. Really, I don't mind my PC, and the macs at school suck... So, PC then?

||79|| PS2 or N64 - PS2, I have an N64 and I don't get to play any of the cool games.

||80|| Mario Brothers or Zelda - Mario Brothers, 'cause Luigi is god.

School -

||81|| Pen or Pencil - Pencil, or ideally computer... I mess everything up.

||82|| English or History - English. History is over.

||83|| Math or Science - Physics, their lovechild.

||84|| Home Economics or Woodshop - Home Economics, because that's the only one I've taken, and they give you free food.

||85|| Backpack or Messenger Bag - Backpack, they carry more and don't take as much space away from other things you might be carrying.

Animals -

||86|| Cat or Dog - Both, peacefully sleeping, the cat on my stomach/back, the dog at my side.

||87|| Fish or Hamster - Hamsterfish.

||88|| Tiger or Lion - Tiger.

||89|| Butterfly or Lady Bug - A ladybug riding on a bullet with butterfly wings.

||90|| Seals or Otters - Otters are cute and playful. Seals are cute and playful. Otters make less noise to interrupt my music. So I'll go with otters.

Products -

||91|| Tide or Gain - Tide. I don't care if I win or lose, but I like to watch the ocean.

||92|| Herbal Essences or Suave - Suave, because Herbal Essences uses false advertising (I never got any orgasms...).

||93|| Dove or Irish Spring - Dove. In Ireland. In the spring.

||94|| A-JAX or 409 - Comet.

||95|| Crest or Colgate - Colgate kids, I hate the sparkles but it tastes really good.

Other -

||96|| John Saul or Steven King - Steven King, because he's a guitar player (whereas Stephen King and John Saul are novelists).

||97|| Chocolate or Roses - Chocolate roses. Dark chocolate.

||98|| Toyota or Ford - Chevy.

||99|| Paper or Plastic - Neither, plastic isn't biodegradable enough and paper kills trees. But probably plastic, because it's not as easy to threaten it's recyclability.

||100|| Necklace or Bracelet - My amulet. Amulet on a chain. Chain around my neck. Binding me to my amulet.

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BILLY!!! YAY!! BOO!! ZELDA!!! :) okay I'm done. Those are fun.hahaha CONAN!!
hey I didn't see the *Nsync one. I still ike nsync..lol, Don't kill me!! I love you!! btw like the new icon? I found it perfect for me..lol, *is pathetic*
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