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I stopped on a random mood again. Really it's more along the lines of lonely and borderline numbness.... meh.

Anyway here's some stuff I found on another version of the quiz I posted 2 entries ago and ... yeah, this stuff I didn't have on before so...

Who. . .

1. Makes you laugh the most: Morgan

2. Makes you smile: Casey

3. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: Famous people in close proximity

4. Has a crush on you: Casey (& Aaron but fuck him)

5. Do you have a crush on: Casey (& the guy from Shinedown before he made himself ugly by dying his hair)

6. Has it easier, guys or girls: Depends on which you are and how happy you are with it... I think we're about equal, at the moment.

The last person you..

1. Touched: ... I think my grandma's friend... I wish it was Casey though.

2. Hugged: My grandma after we had a big fight & she felt guilty.

3. Had sex with: Myself, as usual.

4. Yelled at: My grandma. Or by my aunt's definition, my cousin, but I was just talking loud so he could hear me.

5. Ate with: Myself, but when it was actually with someone, Casey and his family.

6. Who broke your heart: ... My internet friends who want to commit suicide (Violinpunkgirl and another friend on aol...) I love them so much and I don't want them to leave because they make the world worth living in.

Do you..

1. Color your hair: With markers, especially sharpies (if that counts...)

2. Have tattoos: only temporary ones... And some scars with artistic and personal value...

3. Have piercings: used to have pierced ears, they grew over. The only things I find worth piercing aren't really doable (forearms, mainly... that would be awesome)

4. Have a bf/ gf/ both: I have a boyfriend, but neither of us really knows what we're doing...

5. Own a webcam: Never have, never will. They cost a lot and serve no purpose of mine.

6. Ever get off the damn computer: Only when I absolutely have to. Which is a lot, since my grandma went back into an angry phase (ever since grades came home at the end of the school year...)

7. Habla espanol: Yeah, just a bit. I prefer English though.

8. Quack: Quite often. And I make various other animal noises for no apparent reason too.

Do you ever / Have you ever / Are you currently...

1. Stolen anything: Not a lot... some candy, a shotglass... Something else, I can't remember what though.

2. Smoke: Never. No way in Hell.

3. Obssessive: No.

4. Obssessive compulsive: A lot of the time.

5. Panic: Sometimes, but never in such a way as to impair my general wellbeing. Just enough to get my heart rate up and get some work done ;-)

6. Anxiety: Only when grades are coming up.

7. Depressed: Yeah... I love the emotional fluctuations I get.

8. Suicidal: Last May. It's been over a year, and I would be again if it wasn't for the people that have come into my life in the last month or two.

9. Obssessed with hate: Obsessed with how much I hate hate. It is the only thing I cannot tolerate. I can deal with my own hypocrisy, but hate... it serves no purpose.

10. Dream of mutilated bodies: Daydream only. In my dreams when people die they just disappear or go down the drain or something.

11. Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them: That's what the daydreams are... Of course... I dream about shooting up my school, and I'll cop to it, because I honestly think it would be fun and befitting of the people at my school - but they are just daydreams...

Just a few more questions..

1. If you could be anywhere, where would you be: In Casey's arms / In a boat / Alone with him / On the Ocean / Looking up at the Stars / In the cloudless Sky...

2. Can you do anything freakish with your body: Crack all my joints but that's not so different...

3. What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others: Hair? Not facial hair... but is hair a facial feature? Meh, it's what I pick, anyway.

4. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president: Depends on how good of a candidate she is. And whether I'm old enough to vote.

5. Would you marry for money: I can't say. I haven't been in that situation. I would love to be romantic and say no, but I honestly think I might, if I come to a certain situation where I need the money to accomplish my dreams.

6. ever had braces: Nope.

7. Do you like hairy backs: Nope, body hair isn't such a great thing to me...

8. When was the last time you had a hickey: When I gave myself one from sucking on my fingers too much ... I was nine...

9. Could you live without a computer: I did until I was eight. But then I'd start compulsive-eating again and die of obesity. I like it better this way, where I forget to eat...

10. Do you use ICQ, AOL, AIM, yahoo Messenger, etc.: All of the above.

11. If so, how many people are on your buddy list: about 20

12. Do you wear white socks: Usually forced to, unless my red and black striped (the only striped thing I like/own) knee high socks are clean.

13. Do you wear shoes in the house or do you take them off: I consult my feet on a case-by-case basis.

14. What is your favorite fruit: Let's go with... Watermelon...

15. Do you eat white or wheat bread: Usually white. I like buttermilk bread. But the wheat kinds are yummy too. I just love bread in general...

16. What is your favorite place to visit: I can't remember where it was... But the sunlight shined in thin yellow rays of pure beauty, the yellow shine reflecting off the hair of all those around... The tall grass blowing back and forth in the gentle breeze... I hope someday to visit a place just like that, except with a treehouse that is all mine as well...

17. What is the last movie you saw: Mystic River.

18. Are you photogenic: Photographs never do me justice. I can only hope that neither do mirrors...

19. Do you dream in black and white or in color: Color. Vivid, dark and dull color. It's vivid because I remember it, but it's dull because I like dull colors. Bright things bother me and aren't allowed in my dreams.

20. Are you wearing nail polish: Not at the moment. Usually I don't... Someday I'm going to paint my nails black. When I have some that is.

21. Is it chipped or fresh: My nails are chipped. Very much so. That's why I don't paint them - nail polish tastes icky.

22. Do you have dimples: Only one.

23. Do you remember being born: I'm sure I do, but I don't remember remembering it.

24. Why do you take surveys: Because I like to. I think everyone should, it opens you up and helps people get to know you.

25. Do you drink alcohol: Not habitually. I've tried it a bit. Never been drunk though.

26. Did you like or love high school: Did? What do you mean did? I enjoy it somewhat, especially during the summer. And during lunch / star period when I can hang out with friends.

27. Do you like sunrises or sunsets: Yes. Both. Especially sunsets because I'm always awake to see them. I have some beautiful ones in my room (photos of them, that is)

28. Do you want to live to be 100: No. I want to live to be 123. Which will happen in the year 2112. It would be a mathematically and numerologically perfect death for me if I died on my birthday or my fake birthday of that year.

29. Is a flat stomach important to you: Obviously not, or I'd go bulimic and have one within a few ... years *pokes fat jiggly belly & JOKINGLY giggles like the pilsbury dough boy*

30. Do you or have you played with a Ouji board: I would like to mess around with one, though it is rude to call it playing.

31. Are you loyal: Yes and no. I am always on everyone's side, but it's not because I am friends with the specific person whose side I'm on. It's because I am a damn hippie and love everybody.

32. Are you tolerant of others' beliefs: Yes. Moreso than the cops. I believe that human sacrifice is perfectly valid if someone honestly believes in it...

33. When you watch movies at home, do you like the light on or off: Off, usually. Can't stand the glare.

34. What's a funny word: AUGHLAUGLAUGHL!

35. At what age did you find out that Santa Clause wasnt real: I was three when I decided he made no sense. When I was seven there was an incident that caused me to believe again, and only recently did my aunt finally give up her facade to keep me with a remnant of belief forever.

36. How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet: None. I have about 10 pairs on the floor all over my house though. Around 7 or 8 of those are mine. This # disincludes my grandma's room...

37. Do you like to wear the same pair of shoes to school everyday or do you like a variety: I would LIKE to wear my blue grunge shoes, but they don't MAKE THEM ANYMORE, DO THEY?!!?!?! And mine are really worn out, so I can only wear them once in a blue moon *tear* Even with holes all the way through to the street and no insoles, and the sides tearing away from the bottom and heels that rip out and lose their foam when you take the shoes off, they are the most comfortable and beautiful (and blue suede) shoes I have ever owned.

38. Do you write poetry: Constantly.

39. Do you snore: Only when I'm awake and trying to.

40. Do you sleep more on your back, stomach, or sides: All of the above. This isn't surprising... I've woken up with my head on the floor and feet in the air before.

41. Do you have a dog or a cat: I have a cat that won't let me get a dog. I am currently thinking of ways to make it run away.

42. Do you lick stamps: I love the taste of stamp glue. Unfortunately my grandma gets the self-adhesive kind :'(

43. Do you use an electric can opener: No, but sometimes I wish I didn't have to use the gross rusty dirt-covered one that my grandma doesn't seem to realize isn't clean/cleanable... My tuna has flecks of brown crud in it...

44. Have you ridden in a hot air balloon: Nope. Someday I will steal one with my circus monkey, and we will fly away and throw chocolate coins down over the world. Or maybe just dollars. It depends on how much I feel like killing people by hitting them on the head with chocolate coins thrown from a hot air balloon by a circus monkey at the time. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it ;-)

45. Which hurts more, physical pain or emotional pain: Physical pain, emotional pain can be released into beautirul art. Physical pain can be used to produce beautiful art, but it is usually because of the emotional pain and doesn't go away because you made it yourself.

46. Favorite TV show: Used to be all sitcoms - Seinfeld, Friends... Then the X Files. Then Buffy. Then Angel. Seems all the good shows get canceled as soon as I start watching them. This is why I make sure to miss the Dead Zone. I can buy the dvd, and at least the series won't get canceled.

47. Do you know anyone that is clinically depressed: Everyone I know is clinically depressed. Or manic-depressive. Or schizoaffective with the affective disorder portion being clinical depression.

48. Do you prefer the piano or the violin: ... Violin if it's a Green Day song, piano if it's a Muse song, piano if I have to play it in front of people or if the violinist sucks... But I love to hear both when used well in rock/alternative songs.

49. Are you a sex addict: No. I am a bit of a slut, but I suppose that's a different question...

50. Do you know someone that has cancer: Does it count if he died from it? No? Not even if he was the only good person in your young life? You sure? Well fuck you. I know my grandpa. His name is John Sigurdson, he is 1 month and 2 days shy of being 77 years old. He died on February 19, 1997. He was the only thing keeping my family from being at each other's throats - and now they all are...

51. Do you like to argue: No. It's unhealthy and I always lose because I am not assertive. I like people to believe what I believe. I do not like to have to prove things to them.

52. Do you hunt: For new websites, yes. Other than that, no. Hunting for sport is somewhat primitive, don't you agree?

53. Do you like fast food joints or expensive restaurants: Yes. I like anyplace that gives you food. As long as it's not too far on either end - I'll pass on the snails, and McDonald's can go to hell.

54. Would you rather visit the zoo or an art museum: Art museum - they're inside and you can see things that artists made. The zoo is full of mosquitos and bugs for you to step on (which I try to avoid - imagine how their families feel... I don't like going places where I could accidentally kill or hurt a lot of innocent things), and it's exposed to the sun... Plus a kid fell into the gorilla cage once and the gorilla got all possessive and "MINE"-y about it... I don't think the tigers would be as nice if I fell into their cage, and that's the one I'd be leaning over the railing on...

55. Are you basically a happy person: Yes. Depressed, but happy. It's my favorite way to be.

56. Are you tired: Usually. Right now -- just a bit.

57. Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today: I haven't... Sad... Root beer and cream soda don't have caffeine in them... it's just wrong. Today I've had nothing but water, actually... yesterday I had 2 liters of root beer though... Can you say sugar high? Hehe

58. Have you ever met anyone off the internet: Does it count if he went to my school and was going out with an acquaintence of mine and good friends with some of my friends? I'm going to meet my internet friends in two years, when I can drive across state lines and with other teenagers in the car, and have my own car to go in.

59. How many phones do you have in your house: 5, but only 3 work (we only have 2 phone jacks in the house)

60. How long is your hair: Down to the bottom of my boobs. Heh. I didn't realize it was so long.

61. Do you get along with your parents: I almost always get along with my mom, unless she's hungover and I'm keeping her awake at 5 in the morning by playing my guitar and singing about how she's a bitch ^_^ (good times...)

62. What color eyes do you prefer: Anything but blue. Then again, my best friend has blue eyes, and I do half the time.

63. Do you like your name: I hate my name. I like my internet version of my name. Elizabeth and all derivatives of it are gross: except Beth.

64. Were you named after anyone: My grandma's middle name is my first name, my aunt's middle name is my middle name, my other aunt's middle name is my secondary middle name, and my grandpa's last name is my last name.

65. Do you wish on stars: I pray on them. I suppose it's about the same.

66. When did you last cry: I'm starting to right now, but it's only because I've been staring unblinkingly at this for a long long time.

67. Do you like your handwriting: Sometimes.

68. What is your #1 priority in life: To help people.

69. What is your favorite lunchmeat: Roast beef.

70. Any bad habits: Nailbiting, chewing on stuff in general, nose picking... all that gross immature little kid stuff.

71. What is your most embarrassing CD, and the most recent CD you purchased: a) The N'Sync CD "No Strings Attached" that I begged for (really that's the most embarrassing cd story - most embarrassing cd is the Britney Spears one I got for Christmas...) b) Most recent... from a store the most recent one is my (now stolen by my mom's druggie convict ex-boyfriend) Simple Plan cd, and my most recent ones are Sonic Youth's "Goo" and Crash Test Dummies' "God Shuffled His Feet" that I got at a garage sale this weekend for two bucks a piece.

72. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself: I most likely would never have met myself. However, I like myself now and consider everyone a friend until proven otherwise, so let's say yes.

73. Have you told a secret you swore not to tell: Yes. But I swore not to tell after I told it, because I couldn't bear to say "oops" and be hung up on & hated by my best friend. This has happened on several occasions, because I don't tend to realize that some things are secrets. YOU GOTTA TELL ME THESE THINGS, PEOPLE!

74. Have you stolen anything: Yeah. But not as much as what's been stolen from me...

75. Do looks matter: Depends.

76. Have you ever misused a word and it sounded completely stupid: I'm sure I have. Thankfully I've blocked the memory.

77. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow: Rainbows have no end, they are eternal, yet temporary...

78. Do fish have feelings: Everything has feelings.

79. Are you trendy: When I was a small child, I would have musings, and soon thereafter these musings would become popular culture. At present, my thoughts, comments and actions do not tend to give the appearance of me being at the beginning of a trend. But I did invent huggles. That is my word. Yep.

80. How do you release anger: I removed anger from my set of emotions long ago. No good comes of anger, it does not serve me to keep it.

81. Where is your second home: I moved once. So here. Or the place I'm going to run away to. Which would be Morgan's, Dannie's, or Casey's.

82. Do you trust others easily: I trust you with my life.

83. What was your favorite toy when you were little: My blue baby... A doll which, after I instantly ripped all the clothes off because I hate dolls and think they deserve to die naked by being impaled and then burned -ahem, anyway- it turned out to have a soft blue cloth body (which for some reason I never realized was the same doll without the clothes). It cried and said "Mama." I only liked it because of the utterly despairing sound it made when I squeezed it. Most realistic crying I ever heard from a non-human entity. I was always a little goth child... Heh, anyway my blue baby got given away by my grandmother because she is an angry bitch that thinks toys shouldn't be kept after a certain age - not even for sentimental value. She made me stop trick-or-treating when I was nine...

84. What class in school do you think is totally pointless: STAR - 25 minutes of doing whatever you want, as long as you are in a classroom. We tend to skip it and go to top foods for free samples and such.

85. Do you like sappy love songs: Depends on the song. I love Jim Croce, for example. And James Taylor, and Dan Fogelberg. Heck, I even like that one HIM song "Beautiful." But I hate a lot of love songs... Just because I'd never had love. Suppose if I heard them again I would like them and they'd make me feel guilty for not feeling like that...

86. Have you ever been on the radio or television: No, but my boyfriend has XP

87. Do you have a journal: What do you call this? I have 5 on the internet, and a countless number on paper.

88. Do you use sarcasm a lot: Iuse it sometimes...

89. Have you ever been in a different country: Just Canada. But if it's under 100 miles away anyway I don't suppose it really counts.

90. What do you look for in a guy/girl: Being a caring person, wanting to help others, loving people and being open.

91. What are your nicknames: I don't have any. I need one, since I hate my damn name so much.

92. Would you bungee jump: I would try, but most likely be too scared.

93. Do you untie your shoelaces when you take off your shoes: Never. It's a bitch trying to get them back on though (especially with the main pair I wear that I was forced to buy 'cause they don't make the good ones anymore... grr...)

94. What are you worried about right now: My friend who's going to kill herself tomorrow; my mom who is going through delusions, paranoia, head-voices and depression.

95. Do you think you are strong: I am made strong by the weakness of others. I live as a compensator. I am made Christian by the atheism of others (not to associate any specific religions with strength or weakness - I am also made atheistical by other people's over-Christianity, and even over-Wiccanism)

96. Whats your least favorite thing in the world?: Anger and hatred, the tensions they cause between people.

97. Whats your least favorite thing to do: Work, argue, make mistakes.

97. What would you change about yourself: I would not say things that hurt people. Ever.

98. Who are the people you most care about: My mom, my friends, my internet friends. And my little cousins.

100. Are you in love: I'm not sure. Always thought I would be sure if I was, but I'm not willing to say that I'm not, so...

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70. Any bad habits: Nailbiting, chewing on stuff in general, nose picking... all that gross immature little kid stuff.

=O Finally! Someone who'll admit it!

Hmpf. I like you. You're nie and honest. :) A very nice change from everyone else I know.
Wait... I just realized, number 90 is bullshit... I do look for all those things in people in general, but I suppose the question was more directed toward dating-type ideals... Anyway, I want them to be kind and caring, yada yada yada, but also to look the part. Geekiness is cute, to a point... Yes, that's what I look for - cute, geeky guys. Or extremely hot lesbians. Yes, any of those will do ^_^

~ Beth
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