Listening to: bubble toes
Feeling: horny

I feel fucking great again. I bought some weed cause I smoked all that was given to me. I smoked quite a bit of it already though. I wish I werent single but that is not an option. I am the best at work whenever I drink a sobe no fear. Sobe make ou feel good. I have a sobe cap with that on it. It is the only one I kept. I am thinking about get my rings cleaned and start wearing them again. Show the boys I know how ta make some girls go wild. Too bad those girls aren't always the good ones. I am now listening to marijuanaville. I love this song. I like bubble toes better though. I remember how we just used be friends wouldn't give me none but all I wanted was some. lol thats a line from it. I think its funny cause it eems the opposite for me. I was eating down at the DLG when this little girl came and she sat next me never seen nobody move like she did but she did and she does and she'll do it again. I like that line for some reason. I am bored again but I still feel good. I have decided to take care of what needs to be taken care of. Then only do what I want. I have felt so good since a couple of nights ago. Someone should talk to me right now.

Your death will be by disappearing, probably a camping trip gone wrong or an evening hike you never returned from.

Disappear 87%

Stabbed 80%

Suicide 73%

Drowning 67%

Eaten 60%

Accident 53%

Bomb 53%

Suffocated 40%

Disease 40%

Posion 27%

Natural Causes 27%

Cut Throat 20%

Gunshot 20%

Wow that is a lot of ways to die. lol. I told ya I would end up dissapearing.

"whats wrong with me?" Thats the entry.

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I am still alive
Listening to: turn the page(bob dylan not metallica
Feeling: drunk

Hey everyone I am still alive. Been busy working, playing pool, and just getting fucked up. Thought I would tell you all I was ok. talk to me sometime. PEACE

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I am happy
Listening to: bubble toes
Feeling: happy

I am happy. I can not remember the last time I was actually happy. Yesterday was funner than shit. I woke up, called where my brother was staying, He was not there so I told my friend's mom to bring a paper and I would smoke some hydro with her. As I was putting the phone on the charger, my friend started knocking on the door. I broke some bud up and had him roll a blunt. The three of us smoked it, and then my other friend shows up like ten minutes later. We went to play some chess despite the fact that I was fried off my ass. I beat him 3-0. :P So then we played magic. I beat him 2-1. Then we went to his house and smoked some dro. We played videogames, watched some southpark and played more magic. Then we met one of his neighbors that works at hooters and smokes pot. I have a date with her tonight. so yeah I get home at like 1 in the morning and my neighbor was still up. So I walked next door and drank a few beers with her. We talked for awhile and then I came home and built a really mean deck of magic cards. so yeah yesterday was a blast. Talk at me later. PEACE

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fun night
Listening to: john mayer- clarity
Feeling: horny

I got hydro tonight yay :P I got high with some new people today, Played some pool, kicked some ass online on a game, and walked home. I am fully awake not really high, but bored as fuck now that I am home. That is pretty much what went down since my last entry so sup people?

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Listening to: none
Feeling: bored

So nothing new other than work and smoking, which isnt new. This girl at work likes me. I kinda like her, but I don't want a relationship with someone I work with. I think it would get weird. There is still nothing to do in this damn city. I think more and more everyday about just quitting my job and leaving this state all together. I have to be able to build up some funds though. I want out of here so bad, but it seems like this hole has sucked me in for good. How has everyone been lately? I have been living day to day working, smoking pot, and occassionally drinking. nothing else. later

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I am back
Listening to: none
Feeling: stressed

HEy everyone. I am back. AND STONED. so I haven't done a whole lot since my last entry, but I have had fun. I am sorry I left for so long without any notice. Chick moved away so I almost never see her anymore. I am ready for a relationship. I didn't know when I would be ready, but now I am. The only problem is all the good ones are taken. My friend was going to hook me up with her sister, but her sister skipped town early. I lost a magic deck that was worth about $300, but then I found it today. I played magic for 6 and 1/2 hours the other day. I have beaten a videogame, mowed the yard a few times, gave my dogs a bath, and smoked a lot of pot. I mean a lot of pot. well talk to me I miss all of you. Later peeps

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told its time to update
Listening to: yes
Feeling: mean

I never expected to see that feeling lol. I was told I need to update so here goes.

I have been hanging out and drinking the last few nights. I have played games with the kids next door and fucked their aunt. Then I fucked her friend cause we don't have a relationship and never will. she says I am too young so I said ok bye. Still hanging out with her just not doing anything. Working hard. working really hard. Got high at work today. didn't get to stay as late as I hoped. I am gonna go out soon. peace.

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drunk again kinda
Listening to: none
Feeling: drunk

I had some to drink tonight. not much but enough to relax me. I am about half drunk. I will have worked 20 days straight when I get my next day off. It is the same night as the roast of pamela anderson I have to see that shit. I am going out to lunch at 12 noon. I am gonna eat steak for free. I don't really have anything to say so lata all.

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been busy
Listening to: none
Feeling: precious

Sorry I haven't been writing. I have been quite busy. I also haven't felt like writing. I increased the amount of weight I work out with again. I am going out to lunch with my 2 bosses our supervisor and someone else on thursday. Our supervisor is paying for it. I got some stuff to do so later all.

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fun in the sun
Listening to: give it up
Feeling: better

I had a blast today well yesterday now. I woke up on my own, went to the lake for swimming and babe watching, went running with some friends, then played some pool and fuusball, I then brought a game to my neighbors for the kids to play. They made me play it until I beat it then they played. Talked with chick. She doesn't trust her b/f still, Her sister told her she doesn't think he loves her. Like it isn't obvious enough. I got hit on by a couple of girls at the lake, but I thought they were a little young. I want to go swimming again soon. I also hit my toe on a rock and had to pull half of my toenail off. that hurt a little. I am tired and want sleep so goodnight. leave me a message. later

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I am still alive
I am happy
fun night
I am back
told its time to update
drunk again kinda
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fun in the sun
life sucks
Raises rule.
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weed is good
life is boring
Shit luck!!!
see ya in 3 or 4 days
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payday again?
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he's drunk again
now friends only.
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Life sucks so I died. Then I...
I still have friends.
goin to work soon.
leaving soon
bored but good
I want some more sobe
still awake
I love my life.
bubble toes
not tired yet
Feel like dying.
Life is funny though it sucks...
karma rules
party downtown.
Women Why bother?
a quiz from foxxy
whats wrong with me?
:) Dad's here :)
busy and boring?
I love payday.
I roxzor
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how do i do it all
I love this weekend!
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great fucking day!!!!!
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