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[I'm bouncing off the walls again]
Feeling: glad

ok so, my updates are on a roll here! i feel proud :]].

I'm bouncing off the walls again, woahoo, i'm looking like a fool again, woahoo..

i have gotten me a hair cut! yes yes.

its not so short..i just got it relayered, in a V shape. and i got my bangs cut also. yep cuts off the weight :]]. My parents are fussing like, "Why do you want your hair so short?" or "I don't like the whole 'layer' thing"...so the fuck what?? its my hair i decide what to do with it and they should stay out of my business. kay? yea. i'm done there. yes indeed in fact i am.

myspace is not working.. its pissing me off. big time. hah. i've become addicted to myspace. ever since..uh uh uh...ever?. yea. and its not working and its pissing me off and grrrrrr. enough of my tantrum.

i feel quite glad today. i really don't know why?..maybe because i haven't talked to him? yes. maybe, or maybe just because. i'll never know. .. whatever.

i want to go straighten my hair. yet i'm too lazy to get up.. muahaha.. wait no..

MUAHEEHEE yes, the little peoples are on the loose again. going for rabbits, yep yep :]]

i'm out for today. have a biddy day :]]

that rhymed!!! ok i'm done.


4068 hit(s) (1 comments) | Your A Butt <3  
I was so young ;

Well Hello ;

Wow; I haven't written in this in over a year. It's soo funny to believe that when I was in 6th grade, this was a God send. I'm a Freshman In Highschool now, and I'm letting go of my old memories from middle school and all the drama that came with it. I can't believe I wrote about all my boy crazy stuff. That was soo gay; I'm glad I've grown up. I'm gonna get back on this thing. Love

5353 hit(s) (0 comments) | Dissolve and Decay  
*[08] don't hold the phone!!

well... as a continuation of my last entry:

i called my cousin and told her that i couldn't believe that she had believed what i told her. haha. she said that she still believed it, and i said " fine... believe what you want.. i still can't believe that you fell for it." i kinda feel like a bitch for doing that though. i really shouldnt lie to family, but she asked me... so i had to lie to her either way... if i didnt... i would be completely insecure around her. yeah so..

i was just on the phone with my boy. oO0oOooh i love that boyy! :) anyway... my life is still a GIaNT mess and i dont kow... i am just annoyed by life... dont worry... i am not going to do anyhting drastic.. i guess i will just have to cry myself to sleep for a few more nights.[[as if it were only a few more nights...]]

- i am worried that this diarymay have gotten exposed... as to who i am... so i will probably make a new one soon... just thinking of a name.

2371 hit(s) (2 comments) | save my soul  
From Under The 6 Feet Of Dirt
Listening to: Fall Out Boy "A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me'"
Feeling: angsty

I Don't Feel Like Writing Anything Major So I Shall Just State The Facts.

1.) My Cousin Had A Baby

2.) My Friends Have All Moved On

3.) I Feel Like Shit

4.) The President Is Still Alive

5.) I Should Have Ended This When I Had The Chance.

1374 hit(s) (0 comments) | Feel My Pain  

im running. running fo far no one can catch me.

1001 hit(s) (0 comments) | drowning moon.  
Babez <3
Listening to: Listen 2 Ur Heart
Feeling: angry

I Feel Like I Owe You Everything Because You Were There When I Had Nothing.

Sometimes You Make Me So Mad; I Want To Push You Into On Coming Traffic, But Then I Realise Id Kill Miself Trying To Save You!!

1893 hit(s) (0 comments) | ...  
Is this thing still on?
Feeling: contemplative

Tap tap!

-- Edit --

Sorry about that guys. I brought Sitdiary back but forgot to update some of the scripts so they work on the new installation. You should be able to write posts as usual.

For now, I have registrations turned off because we were getting tons of spam previously.


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Always Getting What You Want
Listening to: Circa Survive
Feeling: abnormal

Fuck everything.


No. Whatever that's happening is horrible. So horrible it's going to hurt everyone. I know it is. It's all going to end badly. And I don't want it to, so I want everything to stop. But, then again, I don't. The mutual feeling is nice, and getting butterflies from it is nice, but it's bad at the same time. Really, man? What brought this on so suddenly? What are we doing?

Fuck life,

Fuck my parents,

Fuck school,

Fuck most of the people in the world,

Fuck you.

Male. I honestly don't give a shit right now. I don't care how you feel towards what's going on. I already let you know that a lot was going on and I wasn't ready for anything. No. I don't need your help, I'm getting through it. And another thing, you don't say anything whenever I do try to let you in on my life. It's just, "Hmm. I don't know what to say." Then don't fucking ask? Sorry? And don't doubt me. It's pushing me away even more. Don't. Doubt. Me. I'd rather not be serious.

Parents.  I wish you would kick me out already. I don't like being trapped. I don't like being pressured. I don't like anything that goes on in our home. Sorry to say this, I'm growing up. I'm growing up and sadly I'm not becoming what you wanted in a perfect daughter. I'm the complete opposite. But that's just how I am. Medicine isn't going to help me. No one thinks so.

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