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FINALLY! Summer school is over and I've just graduated high school! Yippee! Now I've just got to get into college and I'll be well on my way!

Since when did they change SitDiary? Its so weird....I don't like it...

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for good
Listening to: here in your arms
Feeling: grateful

Embracing new life

New scenes

New ways


It's been a while since I've updated. woo! Last semester went wonderfully. I keep growing. And As I go through these new experiences my capacity of happiness and ability to love increases! I do believe trials and tribulations really stretch out my heart so more good and fill in the space. And it's been such a wonderful ride!

I remember his last words

I shouldn't be spiteful.

But they go through my head over and over again

And I pity

But those words are what motivated me.

I called mom shortly after

"Mom, wil anyone ever want me? Will anyone ever see me for me and love what they see?"

I pitied myself for just a moment. I was near the taylor quad when I heard those last words

By the time I reached Carriage House I was a new woman.

so thank you, dear friend, for that feeble attempt that completley changed my life.

Yes,Thank you!

So last semester recap.

I made new wonderful friends who completely turned my life around. I met people who actually believe in that movie at the end of our lives...and believes and strives for those certain moments. One would turn to me and say, "that was a total moment! The camera was angled like this!"... Or "I really am excited to see that moment again!"

I became close to people I never thought I could.

I starved and watched the food network channel.

I screamed when I saw that doll head pop up in my window... I am on the 2nd floor.

I experiened two of my friends getting engages...and never got steak for it.

I found my major and my minor and I believe I'll stick to it. Sociology and marriage and family studies.

I regained my love for love

and I have a totally different self esteem.

my swirl is going up.

I bought this new laptop for 500 dollars and it works like a dream.

I cried a LOT

I became and ambassidor and IREP leader...

I broke the rules. And through rocks at doors...

I transformed and I'm happy. I'm motivated. I'm moving forward.

Oh, and I fell in love


which love saved my life and I'm eternally grateful. It was almost forbidden. But we let it live.

Such a crazy ride!

I love that boy even now.

Here in your arms-hellogoodbye

driving in his truck

his hand on my knee

he listening to every word I said (or giving the appearence of listening)

Long walks overcoming every little thing

pushing the button on the climbing wall

finding the large water bug and later disposing of it because it turned the container black

crazy neighbors who begged for starburst

throwing rocks at his door and spraying him with the water gun...he was so proud

crossing the railroad tracks and that simple question-"where"


weekend trips to rigby and IF

almost drowning and proving that body heat really is the only way to get warm.

those crazy blacklight dances and the loveyoulongtime concert. I really do hope you choke and die.

stadium singing and the smell of pickles

moments of silence with outbursts of laughter

15 minute naps and studying for hours in that lounge that smelt like moldy clothes

birthday wishes and priesthood blessings

That trip to G's and tears overflowing

Whispered those before taboo words

saying goodbye

Oh, what a ride we're on.

Now pressing on not knowing whats ahead.

Florida and RExburg.

Bring it on

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I'm 19
Feeling: amused

so, I forgot today was my birthday! Until I got the text messages from TL, Misty, and Sia. Hehe...that was exciting.

I thought I'd write a little about what I learned in my 18th year.

1. I learned true love is something you have to work at.

2. You can't trust a man just because you trusted him before.

3. Don't give up on something worth it, but don't start anything that isn't worth it, either.

4. Your temper isn't worth hurting others.

5. Maturity isn't something you earn, it just happens.

6. Love is fickle and can change with the wind.

7. Running away can actually accomplish something.

8. I'm on my own, as much as I depend on others, it is my life and decisions.

9. Work can be tough, but it has to get done.

10. I know what I want, but it is me who has to get myself there.

There is prolly more, but I'll leave it at that for now. Seems common sense, I know...but how many other ppl are living by them? It's more difficult than one thinks...

You can't stop loving someone, just because it will never work out. All you can do is go on living anyway, because what you want is bigger than one person to love.

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Feeling: cherished

8:58 Wednesday evening.

         Thank you for your time.

I hope I still have access to this diary in 12 years when my oldest is 16 to remind me of poetry and overwhelming feelings.


Over the last four years, my baby has grown up into a preschooler with big thoughts and feelings. We moved to Minnesota.  We learned things about ourselves and each other. We moved to New Zealand. We started careers. In July or August, we will welcome another baby into our family. It's been a wild ride. Long may it continue. 

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New Years, New Goals, New Failures

4:11 Late Friday Afternoon (14 January 2011)


I just wanted somewhere to write something.

For the first time in a long time I have legitimate Resolutions to make for 2011.

2009 was the best year ever. 2010 sucked. 2011...well we'll see.


So. Onwards to the good stuff:

Go to bible study on Tuesdays at 6:30 am.

Work out at least once a week, aerobic training.

Floss, bitch. floss.

In March, return to belly dancing.

Be more organized. I mean, like actually doing homework when it's assigned and not waiting til the last minute.

Show up to work more consistently.

Make friends in classes to create better opportunities for study.

Have more sex.

Listen to more music.

In June, get a fucking papsmear. it's not that fucking scary. Don't be afraid to ask the doctor what you need to do to prepare for your impending pregnancy.

In December (or around there, give or take a couple months. I mean, you can't plan these things to the minute), get pregnant.

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