Listening to: DM Bob & The Deficits - Yard Sale
Feeling: slutty

Gee. Too Lazy today, havent shaved or either taken a shower, feeling greasy and my hair looks like a trendy hair-style of a british fag-soccer. Hate this. Just wearing this dirty, 10 year old boots and was buying a box of beer, a friend visited me yesterday evening and she had drink out all my beer! Imagine some esoteric girl with hippie style and a opinion that never stops to express itself whichs getting drunk on 7-8 beers in 2hours. Respecting that ;) I Know her since 13 years and it seems that we both are the miserable rest of the bunch. Gettin Tattoo'd this month and shake some hips in our old club maybe next week. Good to have old friends. She said she dont want to have sex with a condom, but a AIDS test would be required. What a statement! So this is getting me kinda laugh because she knows me: i would not fuck her at all, fucking a friend is always a thing that will vomit up on you later. So we will only getting drunk together and i will find her a man. If someone is there, kinda 25 up to 30 years old, long haired, interested in dolphins and listening to Kitano and such stuff who would travel to germany should drop a line. She is really sweet, extroverted and vegetarian >:).

Whatever, making those alternative clubs unsecure the next time surely will be fun for a while so why not?

Feeling glue under the shoes in those clubs, loud VUs and smoky tables, wooden floor, shitty wallpaintings like Jim Morrison Portraits drawn by acidheads on no money, glitchy dancefloors with pieces of broken glass on it, gettin smashed every night on berserk lunatics in dirty jeans and leather uniforms. such treated clubs have at least a soul, not like that bitchy colorful technotemples with all tha happy community for itselfs. Meeting old veterans of the ruined life there and sneak in for a chat, maybe a beer or a liquor which is getting me angry sometimes. But feeling part of it. Never would deny that affilation. Sometimes this smoky, dirty and sleazy shit is the only truth, not that plastic hyped fucked playground you find in those 'were so clean' clubs. I love Caves. Ugh!

And if you can smell the sweat, the alc, the cheap parfume and the smoke all mixed up like a Dr.Death Cocktail for your nose and be able still to breath it makes you Zombie, addicted to this abyss of stitches and dirty laughers. Being sentimental sometimes? Damnit! hehe rock is dead and Kurt Cobain is painted on a garage wall since some years ago. Who gives a fuck? There is a breed for the billboards, which fits in every radio, every teenager-room and if they give some more of that Rebell-Pepper to the soup, itll shock the parents.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Alice Cooper

---{Ozzy Osbourne}


Marily Manson


same show, getting credits on this trend since 1951.


Ok, gettin some kinda angry just for the fun of it.

Feeling straightjacked, chewed trough and spitted out like gum, sticking to a pedestrians shoe, gettin kicks on every step of a unknown person.

Haha! Gypsys in the City. Playing their Fiddles, driving the citizens insane, smearing their brains full with sugar and tar, keepin their in a swamp of lights, music, midgets with sheeps and witches of the commercial time. Put a Dime in that Electricity-Machine, hold tight with both hands, getting a tingle to the brain, whole body is plustering up the hair and the juice in the stomach begins to boil, feeling like laughin while a train comes on to you with 100mph and you have those long sleeves with on which you are falling on every move you make. Woohoo! James brown is souling out on a hut with teddybears and a lady with dark voice is luring children to get some of those sweet puppets, spittin her lung on the backside of the hut due to much smoking and screaming out their commercial.

Solong folks, we will enter that Theatre of Freakin Madness and Fun Behavior this evening. Lets fall into the masses...

dumbassgod you dumbass.

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sowwies nothin interestin went on musta sucked ~*Libby*~
[anonymous (]
didnt work *glares at puter*
lol dont confuzzle me
if i gave u muh password could you do it?
hmm i still dont understand like ill paste it in there but it doesnt work right will u explain it again pretty plz :) ~*Libby*~
im still confuzzled where is da code? lol
How'd u stel it i dont get it
shame shame shame lol
*gags* its kinda sad i love da thing on ur crusor how do u do dat? ~*Libby*~
thanx a bilion right now it says christian is da best dontcha feel special :)
Elvis isnt dead he was kidnapped by aliens
that's sweet that you care so much about your friends, well at least it sounds that way. Most guys would be happy to have sex with there gal friends, at least you understand that it creates un-needed "weirdness". Thanks for leaving me a note again. Peace and love. :)
its all good. =D
lol i must be off too toodlez have a nice day ~*Libby*~
lol sowwies :( if u can find it in ur heart to forgive me id appreciate it *bats eyes*
lol i doubt itd get dat bad but if it does i blame u for givin me da idea lol
and if that happened i might have more nitemares blah
eww u gotz a point i might go crazy and shoot him
yes i do love country im startin to scare myself i use to hate it damn kessie!! lol and wow maybe ill go meet elvis's son!! wanna go? ~*Libby*~
lol id love to wanna help? gosh she gets on muh frikken nerves ~*Libby*~
lol dontcha just love it hmm ours is kinda da same small world ~*Libby*~
c'mon ya know me ill still fake it :P
[anonymous (]
im guessin lookin innocent just didnt work ;) ~*Libby*~
[anonymous (]
nice diary. are you from germany?

btw the pic in my diary is french vintage art used for advertising trips to germany. thats a germen :P its really cool that you are in germany.
nice boots.

I agree bout the internet 100%!

Where are you?! are u in another country?
SARCASIM! *trys hardest to look innocent* me?! neva! :P ~*Libby*~
[anonymous (]
lol sounds like tonz of fun ~*Libby*~
dont make me come ova and brain wash u :P ~*Libby*~
I'll get ya to move ova to tx with me and i'll getcha to buy a ranch and cowboy bootz and a cowboy hat and ill help ya with ya ranch and u can even get a farm! lol I can just imagine ~*Libby*~
lol i can only imagine when i read dat i was just like da smiling kitty too ~*Libby*~
yea take da maralyn manson one and paste it at da end of ur diary it'll work then lol go look at da bottom of muh last entry i have a happy A.D.D. kitty ~*Libby*~
I have no clue im tryin to figure out if its a guy or gurl ne ideas?
lol dolly parton gets on muh nerves *twitches* and of course theres otha stations well unless u live somewhere in southern tx ive neva been there so i dont know ~*Libby*~
They arent that bad da only bad thing is u get up at the crack of dawn and feed all da animals ~*Libby*~
and im sure you'd be da cutest lil farmer/rancher all you'll need is a hic accent and a tan then ur all set! ~*Libby*~
lol it wouldnt be horrible humorous yes but not horrible ~*Libby*~
that would make a good beginning in a book
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