The Moloch
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I love this city.

She is living and pounding, a smoke everywhere and some movement here and beneath. Getting my senses sharp while watching the streets getting filled like veins plustering up with blood on a strong heartbeat.

The Rain that falls down on her is the sweat that pearls down the window and over the street.

The buildings are the parts of the body and little gargoyles watching the flowing traffic while a cabdriver is yelling at a pedestrian. Little groups of children are trying to catch some warm air over a valve near the poststation.

An ancient relict is driving his car through the abyss of the streets, and an old pair slowly sneaks over the sidewalk, holding each other. A piper is begging for crumbs with a blues that seems to be true.

Time passes by and the lights are getting wild, smeared neonlight, fading backlights of turning cars a whirl of chatting, lights and screams of fun.

The cold air is sliding at my eyes and they get a little bit wet.

All that combines me to take a break and watch at the bottom, it's not smoking like it does when it rains in the summer but the pearls of the rain are forming into a river of dirt and trash, on top colored with little sweet-papers.

Would like to climb up to the highest building, smashing my hooks into the cement and crawling up there and see where it begins and where its end is.

The sun is breaking through my window in the morning and it reminds me of a time that i use to remember in a glowing of plastic, where everything was electric, the grid of the world became visible there.

Little gigglin creatures were squirming around on my retina and a bridge was my doom. Two ways but even one.

Nowadays i just love this reality that we sometime would like to escape. It's filled enough with wonders.

I love all the dirt it presents and even the soft and sweet that is sticking near behind this dirt.

The time, i believed i would be so right. I was totally wrong.

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the city is gorgeous!!!
[anonymous (]
You capture the essence of the city so beautifully. I wish I could write as well as you do... I wish I could see the world as you do! I try... and I will continue to try.

Cheers for the comment on my site
A smart ass? That's fine by me, your antics are okay to be displayed on the comments.. lol. :)
i love the way you capture it
[anonymous (]
yup yup, you got it. :)


[anonymous (]
I put a picture above my name, in my diary. The curly haired chick? yeah.. that's me. :)
hehehe. Did you like that part, just because I said damn it so many times? lol. Oo and don't think your blind if you go look at my diary again,.. I just added something. :)
not entirely perhaps
some things just take time,
i believe that is one of them
but i realise that for part, i must let go
which i have begun to do already (=
'time heals, time congeals around us'
however no moment is wasted
i am learning from this as best as i can
there is always reason

be well (=
I definitely agree. It's said, "Home is where the heart is." I usually do a good job of being in the present, being content with where I am. Lately, though....

As far as city vs. country, I don't think of one being better than the other. They each have their good and bad points. I envision myself retiring to some seclusion at some point, but only after soaking up as much of city life as I can. Who knows?
"A piper is begging for crumbs with a blues that seems to be true." I love that.

I miss the city. Seems so much more alive than my current dwelling-place. Yet, I so want to escape it all for a quiet place in the country. All in due time, I suppose.
lovely description, (=
heh i remember you telling me once how boring it was there,
changing your opinion a bit, ay? ;]
there is beauty in everything,
one just has to know where to look - and to have the patience to do such things
be well dear, (=
o yes that would be me down there lol but i love teh city too... haha [jane]
[anonymous (]
elvis is fantasmical. so blam!
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