coffee machine vs. one eyed dog
Listening to: The Dead Brothers - put the bottle back on the table
Feeling: burned-out

Well, this was a nearly stressy saturday. Maybe some of you knows the act, when women are shopping and discovering a new fashion-shop or shoe-shop! Terrible. My brother in law wanted to get some new Computer and iam kinda in this buisseness so iam the jackass that have to get up early and host the shopping spree of my p2p-useing brother in law. Now, i really like him. Hes is kinda cool and rough he is together with my sister since 15 years or so, but they arent married so i have always some supressing-sentence that i can use on him, when he gets to nasty. 'Marry my sister first, then we can talk'. This mostly works, but not today. I cannot believe how a single person can spend so much time in a shop. Ive smoked many cigs (huhu) and runned some marks in the floor of this PC-Shop.

So he, the one who knows it all better, buyed some very expensive hardware and we drove home so that i could assemble it all.

Im such a lucky guy that i can do this fucking shit on the weekend, too. The Whole hanky panky diddely week iam assembling and listen to the problems of our customers and i have nothing better to do as doing the same shit on a saturday, even if its family-based. I really should get a life :P

Well i think i need some beers this evening, or maybe beer and a movie or maybe a beermovie? hehe whatever, i will lounge only this is my fate for this saturday. the grayscale of the sky is fleshing my soul a little bit and i dont have the will to put on my clownshoes for some dance in the rain.

Heart is beating and iam alive. Wonderful tunes are running into my ear and doing a little theatre for me, just grotesq but always hmmmmm jip. I think i will spend some more time here in my upper cellar. listening just some music and spend time with doing nothing. Sometimes, wasting time can be luxus of the embryonic feelers. or maybe some dancing with my mind. whatever.

'once i had a little game, i liked to crawl back in my brain.

i think you know the game i mean.

i mean the game, called goin' insane.

Ive not listened to the doors for such a long time. Unbelievable.

Ah and to complete the nutty crap:

There was an old lady once, a strange one. She sat always on this rusty old chair that was screaming at every move of her.

She sat there in front of this old, dark house with the always shutted windows, which were looking like closed eyes of a big, sleeping monster.

She mustd been a beauty in her younger days, she always was maked up, but in a gruelsome way, seems that she wanted to scare the people who dared to look at the rests of her youth.

Sitting there, yelling at the birds which were singing no more songs around her house and the bees that had stopped fertilizing the crumpled flowers in the old garden.

She was just alone and so slashed up innerly that her spirits and moods darkened the sky around the areas she was walking through. The neighbours had moved away a long time ago because the bread became sour, when the old lady was laughing and the fields of the flowers that were seed, growed up already dead.

Children were never allowed to cross her street. She builded up a barbwired scarecrow, because she saw once a raven which was sitting on it.

Only one time i saw she was crying, that was, when she throwed that ball for her little dog, it had one eye stitched and i asked her once after the reason. and she just smiled and said. 'I was young and the eye was needed.' She sat there in her chair, everyday and she throwed that old, crusty ball again and again the dog should bring it back and it never get tired of bringing it back.

Only once, the dog was sniffin in a pond of mud for the ball, it was raining cold and streamy and there was a young girl, maked up ugly and she had just one eye. She just stould there and starred with a emotionless view at the dog. And the dog followed her. without looking back to the old woman. The Old lady was swearing and yelling behind her barricades, she just get so angry, grabbed into a pile of barb wire, was stomping on glass with bare feets, i thought she would come out and destroy that little girl with no blink.

But i could only see how her strengh was leaving slowly with the distance the girl and the dog were taken. Her anger was transformed into tears and her tears dropped on the bottom. And in all of that dead there was a flickering of green and red, where the tears dropped down. And the old lady was scared and just crouching backwards into her house, leaving a path of life.

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that's a mighty interesting picture you have there. ;)
I'm new,.. just checking out everyone's diaries. have a good day.

thank ya baby
this ones good too
esp. the ending
sorry about your sucky weekend
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