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well, a happy late new year.

It was a very nice new year`s eve, i had a lot of fun. I were at a friends house, with some good friends: Frank, Iris (its her house), Nadja, Brummer, Thomas, Oliver and two guys i saw for the first time, Sandra and damn i dont remember the name, but it was her boyfriend.

So we gathered at Iris' house to have some nice food and of course a lot of alc, which we had.

After Frank and i arrived we prepared some stuff for the food, like bread for the cheese-fondue and we tasted the first beers to be sure that everything is fine.

it was.

the rest of the people slipped in shortly after that, Thomas was a bit depressive as it seemed but he had fun overall, Sandra and her friend used to be very quiet, the smoked some joints (uhh, dont tell the police :P) and we eat a lot of cheese and olives.

Frank and i tried out some firecrackers BEFORE it was midnight, just for the case, you know? Everyone except us thought it would be very childish, but thats how it is :D it was fun.

We made some burnt punch later and it kicks your socks off ive to mention. It was effecting everyone at least a bit and then the embarrasing part came up. We played games :P

It was something like 'who am i?' you write a name of a popular person on a paper and you glue it someone else on the forehead who doenst know which person was written down, so he has to ask questions about of who he could be. If he hits a 'yes' hes able to ask more till he gets a 'no'.

So if youre drunk this will take some rounds.

We did it after a while and the burnt punch was empty at some unexact known time, so it was time to leave for the midnight firework, too. And we left the building ;)

Our city is great we came up to the local market place and there was nothing left but such a dry bush you know from these western films, it was NOTHING up there, what a mess.

So we walked further to a small chapel we used to met when we were teens (yes, thats quite a while gone). It had definitely a nostalgic flair and we burned the firework, wished us a happy new year and decided to take a cab to a city that is about 3 miles away to get some fun.

Hmyes, we were right, there was a lot more on the role, hehe it was fun, we were in a place with a live band, get more drunk *sigh* and we rocked till the end of the band.

the only bitterness of that was, that the band played a bon jovi medley which was sooo bad, even more worse then bon jovi themself, but whatever, we shouted some U2 lyrics through the noise and left satisfied a bit later.

W0000t! we tumbled through the city back to the cab-stop and there wasnt any cab left :( hrhr so we took a walk of approx 3 miles to Iris house.

And yes, due to we are all the great adventures and daredevils which you expect we are we arrived some time later, totally drunk and ready to become even more of it :D

So we sat there, kicked some more beers and tequilas, grilled some meat and some of us smoked a lot of pot and freaked out a bit, hrhr.

I think, when the time was there when we listened to old punk records and sang so loud as we could, yes, this was a moment of total confusion, but it was fucking nice, hehe.

Well i left at about um 6.30am and i called Tara shortly at 7 just to wish her a happy ny.

and then came the darkness...

Well it was a very nice evening i hadnt so much fun since a long time and i wish it could be every week new years eve :D


ha! btw there are about 250 photos of this evening, but we have to censor first, hrhr. be well everyone.

dont mind the typos, or the lack of details im a bit tired :p

this is the real deal...

...burnt punch

ADDENDUM: for it is decided, no pics will be posted :> due to they are not PG13 in no way :P

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yes, thanks for your nice comment, and you weren't too late, you were just on time.
sounds like you had quite a night!
does sound like you and your friends had lots of fun! rock on! I know I had too much wine, and I don't plan on drinking that much wine again for a loong time! lol. Later buddy.
hehe gut so, die pics sind echt zu prikär...;)

ich hab mal auf deine party beschreibung verlinkt, musst ich nix selber tippen, lazy as i am..;)

bis später im irc,
hrhr you know im going to ask you to show me them anyway, :P
glad you had a good night (=
[anonymous (]
i gotta come party with you and your friends that night sounded fun! haha on new years, me and my friends got drunk off our asses, smoked a ton of weed and then someone pulled out some shrooms...haha i dont remember much of it but whatever rock on! haha happy fuckin new year! :)
of course drugs are bad...hahahahaha :) i think you should post those non PG-13 pictures! we forgot to take some i dont really think taking pictures was on our mind at the time. but can u blame us?
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