193. summer oh seven
Listening to: four letter lie - *feel like fame*
Feeling: broke

so my first year of highschool is now over (: so what did i do this summer? well...

work work work six days a week. and when i can i hang out with my friends. also i was in a pagent yippie i won miss personality. i also made plenty of new friends. but only some count :P oh oh oh i also went to WARPED TOUR and hershy park(: yeah it was funn.

kay on seven seven oh seven i started going out with josh, you no that kid im always talkign about it. about. and i dont no if it is even a good thing right now cause were fighting :/ but we are going to see each other on saturday so we will see how things go.

anyway thats it for now. all i have plans is going to the fair some more and soem parties (:

kayyyy well i do love josh.(:

what am i do right this second. well its fuckin almost 4 in teh morning and im still up and wide awake hangign out with jenna. fun fun.

I'll show you how to make a heart-beat.

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192. 4 months later♥
Listening to: June/ dancing with corpses-losing caufield
Feeling: alone

well people it is now 4 months later of my last entry. ahh highschool has started and there is not as much drama as i thought. oh dont get me wrong there is drama just not like alot alot alot. i did have a boyfriend for like 4 days his name was jimmy barton but ehh i dotn even no it didnt work out because i am so totally in love with JOSHHHUA KLINKIEWICZ haha yes people it is now like 3 years that i have been totally in love with this kid.

well things have been goign pretty good with me and him . well we did have a lil fight but i think its better now. ill find out tonight if we talk on the phone :) that kid is so hottt i love him.. ahh when i mean hot i mean straight up bangable.

well moving on faith has a awesome boyfriend Cory Blowers . yeah me and faith are still best friends in teh beginning of highschool i wasnt so sure but now im positive were deifntly still best friends. i was at her house last night :)

well i through an awesomlyy big party yeah it involoved a strech limo, hot tubs, dancing on the pool table, chain saws, and other stuff ;)

well hmm ill prolly right in this again liek in a million years or like a few months or something. cause now all everyone cares about is myspace. aww poor sitdiaryy. well peopel om still aorund and dont delete me quite yet..

i love you more then anything joshuaa ♥

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191.3months later

well i said i would right 3 months later and i am.

well stats. i still lovee joshua klinkiewicz♥

& also faith is still one of my bestest friends but she s over anthony [ithink] and is now with ethan. go her.

well i have not totally forgot about sitdaiy but. i do love myspace..

im really confused and need someone to help me.. ahh

im still here. you know you love me

Jackiee ♥

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