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Sunday - Left waaaaay to early for the place where the bus thingy was. Because I was with my dad I was convinced that I missed it and I missed going to camp and I was flipping out, until I got there and saw that we were an hour early, so me and my dad went to get me pony tails(Which I soooo badly needed) and him a coffee. So then we got back and MEGGY BOZER!(She hates it when I call her that. heh) was already there. So then the buses came, and I got on the bus, and it was a three hour ride, which was quite boring actually. I read my one book, which was sooo good. During the ride, I was freaking out about my cabin leader, because I've had really strict ones, and that makes the whole week suck so much. So we got there, and we went to our cabin, which if I can find a picture of, I will post it in here. And me and Meggy Bozer got a pair of bunk beds beside each other, so we unpacked, then went for supper, which, if I can remember correctly, was something with nachos...doesn't matter, because it was GOOD! (Its camp!I dare ANYONE to go to camp and stay on a diet! You can't! its just not possible! everything's so good) After that, we went and finished upacking, then we had to register, then we got to play FRISBEE GOLF!! Yes, that’s right, Frisbee golf! Twas so awesome! OUR CABIN SUCKED! We were so far behind. (HECK YES WE WERE!) Then we went to the lake and did our swim test, which sucked because we got all wet and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get dry up there with only one towel. But we met The BF (A.KA. Nathan Reimer, REIMERS ARE EVERYWHERE! AHHH! *runs*) And then we went and had fireside, and our youth pastor for the week was there, and he asked us if anyone knew how the wedige was invented. LoL. He said “I mean like imagine, In the like 14th century, did they say ‘Let us go yonder and pull up that mans undergarments’? Serisously!”

It was flipping hilarious. WOO! Then we sang songs. And they were cool songs. BUT WE DID NOT SING BROWN SQUIRREL! NOOOOO! V.v

ANYWAYS! We were in bed by like, 10. Which I haven’t done in like FOREVER! So I couldn’t sleep until like 1. WOO!

Monday – I had to get up at like, 6! IT WAS SO EARLY! But I had to be up and ready because we had to be at breakfast by 7:30 or you had to run to the tree, which I will also try to find a picture of because IT IS REALLY FAR!! REALLY REALLY FAR!! Especially at 7:30 am. So I was up. After breakfast we had cabin cleanup and then P.Q.T(Which we were supposed to use for like, praying, But I used it for sleeping, >.> I WAS TIRED DANGIT!) Then we had chapel, which was good. Really good. Then “Let’s Talk Time, where no one in my cabin talked, LoL. THEN WE HAD MARKETPLACE! WOOO! Where the program directors put on skits to try to make us choose their activites, and that took all morning. So Me and Meggy Bozer picked(In this order) Archery, Crafts, Swimming and I took games because she had horses. Then there was LUCNH!! YYA! Food at camp is So. Frigging. Good. *drools* Dude, Just, AHHH! SO GOOD! *misses it already*

ANYWAYS! Then we had F.O.B. (Flat on bed, flat on bunk, feet on bed and several variations of that, yeah, translation, SIESTA!! WOOO! Other translation: SLEEP!!!!)

Then me and meggy bozer went to swimming, where we were celebrating forgotten holidays, And Monday was groundhog day! WE GOT TO PLAY GO GO GOPHER! WHICH I LOVE!! WOO! Then we played this other game that was not fun because I sucked at it >.> Then we had free swim, which was also not fun because I was flipping out because last time I swam in that lake, I got a leech on my foot, and I am now scared of the lake, Well, not really anymore, but whatev. ANYWAYS! Then I went to games! AND WE PLAYED DODGE BALL! WOOOOO! *loves dodge ball* ^^ Twas awesome, then supper and I think we had taco salad, or maybe it was spaghetti..*shrugs* THEN STUFF! *can’t remember and this part is boring anyways*


Tuesday – WOOO! I DID ARCHERY TODAY!! AND I HIT THE BOARD ON THE FIRST TRY!!! And this was when me and Meggy Bozer started hanging with Kenneth, who I found out is my cousin like so;

Kenneth: *turns to me randomly in French, which was weird because we had never spoken before* Hey, Did you know we’re related?

Me: o.O

ANWAYS! We started hanging with Kenneth, Matt and Brendan, Who started calling me half blood because I’m only HALF Mennonite, It was hilarious, because you can tell who’s Mennonite and who’s not. WOOO! HALF MENNONITE! ^^ Bwuahaha. Then we went to crafts, AND MADE KEYCHAINS! BOO YAH!!! ^^ That was hysterically fun. AHHH! CHUCK THE CHICKEN IN GAMES! WOOOO! I LOVE CHUCK THE CHICKEN (For more details on the game, ask me in like IM’s or something because I’m too lazy to type it out here) And when we had snack, we hung with Michelle, Whitney, Carolyn, Brendan, Matt and Kenneth, I think Steve was there too…I can’t remember….>.> Oh well. We had snack…and it was fun!! HECK YES! OH! OHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION THE BEAVE! *hits self in head because The Beave was the highlight of the week…except for maybe gaining the name Elf*

The Beave is this face that my cabin leader Julie(HECK YES!) did and it is THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! DUDE! DUDE! LMFBO!!! I was laughing for like 20 minutes. It was the best thing ever….Yeah, and we spent all of free time talking and I was like “Woah…we spent all of free time talking…o.o”


Anyways, they said after chapel, go have snack, then wait for the chapel bell to ring again, and go back to the chapel for special activity.

So the chapel bell rings and we all go to the chapel, and they start calling out like “Cabin 1!” and cabin 1 goes “We’re here!” and when they got to cabin 9 we shouted “HECK YES!”

And then halfway through, the lights in the chapel randomly shut off and everyone screamed…for about 5 minutes straight. THEN ALL THE PROGRAM LEADERS AND THE CABIN LEADERS CAME IN WITH FLASH LIGHTS AND ALL THEIR FACES PAINTED BLACK! AND WE WERE LIKE “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

And then they announced that they were the Ulrikie(spelling, I know, shut up) Or ring wraithes…You know…Those big black thingys from LOTR? That chase after the one ring? Yeah? Anyways! My team was the Protectors of Gondor and the other side of the chapel was the Riders of Rohan. The object of the game was to get from one end of the camp, to the other while you have these little bead things, WITHOUT getting caught by the Ring Wraithes. Me and Meggy Bozer did it twice without getting caught. It was funny, because it was so dark, and there were no lights and no flashlights allowed. So all you could hear was screaming when one of the Ring Wraith peoples jumped out at someone and freaked them out. WOO! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!

Wednesday – WOO! WE GOT TO SLEEP IN UNTIL LIKE 8!! And it was bed head meal…So all I had to do was throw on a hoodie and jeans over my Pjs…because all my pjs are is a big shirt pretty much. We later found out we got to sleep in because there was a fire downstairs in the dining hall. No one was hurt, thank god…No really, we thanked God. It’s a Christian camp! HELLO?! OH! CHAPEL! Wednesday mornings chapel hit me like a sucker punch to the stomach. I dare ANYONE, I mean ANYONE, even all you sceptics and atheists to sit through that chapel and not be affected. I freaking dare you…Anyways…WOOO! ARCHERY!! That was the most fun ever, because we hardly arched, we just hung around and talked…WOO! And Wednesday was the day that the name elf came about…like so;

Brendan: *staring at my ear* …Are you an elf?

Me: *blinks* …No?

Brendan: Then how come your ear is pointy?

Me: …Its only my one ear…

Brendan: So you’re half elf?

Matt: That means she’s elfish. Not half elf.

Brendan: Half elf, half Mennonite. Wow

Me: *covers my ears, mock sobbing* noooo!

…It was hilarious. I now have elf written on my arm in permanent marker. ^^ With an arrow under it….I should so get a tattoo…WOO! ANYWAYS! From then on during the week I was called elf…OH! And Kenneth called me violent Katie because I threatened to kill Brendan with an arrow…because I had the bow and everything. I could’ve shot him and yeah, it would go right through him. No sissy arrows here. These things were really, really pointy. Heh…Rule #1 of me. DO NOT GIVE ME POINTY THINGS BECAUSE SOONER OR LATER I WILL THREATEN TO KILL YOU WITH IT! O.O


That’s why I’m called violent Katie. Hello? I got in trouble in Grade 5 for a death threat. I WAS 11 AND SHORT AND REALLY like…Chubby…Hello? NO UPPER BODY STRENGHT! But apparently I’m threating because the lunch monitors told the teacher. O.o



OH! OHHH! I got a camera (disposable) and everyone took it and they were taking random pictures and Michelle took it and disappeared for a few minutes. I am now afraid to see that film developed.

So like…ALL the pictures on that camera are random pictures of peoples feet and like…trees…And other stuff that I don’t know because I did that thing where you charge up the flash and then you hit the camera hard and it flashes…only it takes a picture at the same time and I didn’t know that…heh. So I have a bajillion random pictures. WOO! OH! OHHHH! FICTIONAL RENACTMENTS ON THE WOODEN PLATFORM! (AKA Skits on the Deck)






AND! Special activity was Charlie and the Choclate factory themed. Which was so funny…Nat makes the best Charlie. EVER! It was so funny, because all the program leaders were painted orange so they were like oompa loompas and they all got thrown off the dock because Charlie took them on! WOO! Funniest thing of the day;

Nat(AKA Charlie): And I’ve taken all your chocolate bars! Which means no tuck(AKA…Candy and stuff that we can buy)

Campers: …meh…

Nat: …AND I’ve taken your showers! What showers have to do with chocolate I do not know but I’ve taken them anyways!!


*died laughing*

Showers. Never ever, ever mess with the campers showers. DOOOM!

OH! OH! And one of the games was called “The Chocolate Egg Extravaganza of DOOOM!”


Thursday- Mmk, Thursday…what did we do Thursday…>< I can’t remember for some reason! GAH! NOT GOOD! OH! Uhhh…HECK YES! Meh, anyways, special activity was Soccer…ick. So I just sat with mah homies! WOO! And we hung out and I had NIBS! WOOO! And then Matt was shoving grass in my shoe and I almost kicked him in the face and it was funny! Then stuff happened and yeah. I can’t remember. But I do know that the most said words of the week by me were “SLEEP! YAY!” or “FOOD! YAY!” or “ELF!!” or “HUZZAH!”

Yes…I yell a lot.

OH! I wouldn’t let Brendan take a stupid random picture so he started calling me Orc instead of Elf. But by this time I was quite addicted to the name Elf, so everytime he went “Hey Orc” I yelled “ELF!! ELF DANGIT!” WOO! ELF! I R AN ELF!! Well…half elf. Being half Elf means I can hit the board in archery, but not the target, and being half Mennonite means I won’t date until I’m 25(Lmao, you have to be Mennonite to get it…DANCING LEADS TO SEX! O.O *dies laughing*) So anyways, I spent all of Thursday’s archery being called Orc. Until someone came up with the brilliant suggestion of calling me Dwarf. Because dwarfs are short and ugly. But I am neither. I am tall and SHEXY! WOO! *laughs hysterically* I wish, I’m tall anyways. That was pretty much Thursday…But it was like…soooo much fun.




I’ll try to find a picture so you can see how far it is. Because its flipping far. It took the better part of an hour to get there and back and I’m a fast swimmer. But then we got cookies with green whipped cream and it was soooo good.

Friday – FRIDAY! IT RAINED!! BUT IT WAS STILL FUN!! In archery we did this thing and there was a sling shot and we slung ballons at people…which was awesome. Then we went back to the archery range and I ALMOST hit a ballon. I was this close. Stupid aim was off. Meh, ANYWAYS! THE HIGHLIGHT OF FRIDAY WAS INTENSE BISCUTING(tubing if you will) It was like…cold and rainy and the water was choppy and it was like O.O PAIN! Because your arms are flapping up and down, and your butt is getting hit with all the waves and your going so fast that the rain is hitting you really hard and it was painful BUT THE BEST BISCUITING RIDE I HAVE EVER HAD! O.O SO MUCH FUN!!! AHHH!! Then we so won the war between the swimmers, canoers and kayakers! HAHAH! MORE SPONGES THAN THE REST OF YOU BIATCHES!! >.> ^^

OH! The other highlight was the banquet! The banquet was the excuse for the kitchen staff to out do themselves and did they ever. Turkey dinner with gravy and mashed potatoes and *drools* Soooo good. But instead of sitting with your cabin like you usually do, you get to sit where you want, with who you want, making the most asked question of the week “Do you have a date to the banquet?” I, of course, did not. Wasn’t expecting one, nor did I want one, because I don’t like any of the guys at camp. So blah! I HAD NO DATE! I went with Maegan and we sat together…sort of. We sat at cabin 14’s table, and she sat on one end and I sat on the other end.





Half the people at our table had been set up, so they didn’t know each other, I knew no one and no one talked! AT ALL! But the tarts were good. Really, really good. So the banquet was a slight let down, but the funniest quote of the night, from me was


Maegan: *the one who made me go out in the rain* I’ll fix your hair when we get back to the cabin.

Me: *turns around trying to see my hair* MY HAIR IS BROKEN?! O.O

WOO! GO ME!! And after that, snack was SOO GOOD! I had 2 chocolate tarts and 3 cookies and I was high on sugar. Like…uber high. So I had a drink of water in a paper cup which I then threw at Kenneth because he was bugging me. Then he told me to pick it up, to which I said “No! Because it’ll decompose and go into the ground and feed the trees and then we’ll cut them down and turn them into paper again!!” I, of course, was talking really fast, and Kenneth was like “O.o no more sugar for you”

Maegan was all “Good plan” then there was me going off into la la land because I was like WOOO! Totally gone! Then we went to the talent show and it was cool. The best part was when Tim( A cabin leader) sang a spoof of “I miss You” By Blink 182, but about camp. IT WAS SOO GOOD! He was like “If you recognize this tune and you think its another song…You’re crazy >.>”


It was sooo good. Then we had chapel…again, and this was another one of those sucker punch ones, and I dare anyone to sit through that and not be affected, even in the smallest way. It was great. Then we went back and Julie was like “ Good news! You have 5 minutes to pack!” WOO! HECK YES! *totally packed in five minutes*

Saturday – I got up at 6 this morning!! 6!! Julie was up at like five going “ Good news! You have 50 minutes to GET OUT OF MY CABIN!...I love you all!” WOOOOO!

Julie was the greatest cabin leader ever.

I think I just had the best week of my life. YOU PEOPLE WOULD’VE LOVED IT!!


I think I’m going to take every depressed person…and make them all go to camp. Because that is the best thing…ever. Like…EVER! I DARE YOU TO GO TO CAMP AND BE DEPRESSED! I DARE YOU DAMMIT!!

~Elf (Kat)


Peel bananas, peel peel bananas

Peel bananas, peel peel bananas

Slice bananas, slice slice bananas

Slice bananas, slice slice bananas

Smush bananas, smush smuch bananas

Smush bananas, smush smuch bananas

Eat bananas, eat eat bananas

Eat bananas, eat eat bananas



779 hit(s) hologram  
GAH! GERARD!! *drools*
*wishes I could write entries that long* Damn woman... That is a lot
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[5o3] O
[5o2] U
[5o1] K
[5oo] N
[459] O
[458] W
[456] S
[457] I
[455] W
[454] R
[451] G
[453] O
[452] N
[449] You were everything...
[448] Nothing hurts, and...
[447] Will you still call me...
[446] Ny Batteri
[444] It's all I can do
[443] Rawr.
[44o] Come back to me when...
[439] Think we can last...
[438] On a bed of nails, she...
~436~ Knocking on Heavens door
~435~ This doesn't hurt.
~434~ Let's get these teen...
~432~ I think I wanna know...
~431~ I miss you so bad.
~430~ The day that you...
~429~ Point form
~428~ You don't know how...
~427~ The Hardest part
~426~ If you've gots the...
~425~ Perfect situation
~424~ I was blind, I could...
~423~ Building a mystery
~422~ Black betty
~421~ Let there be love
~420~ All your dreams are made
~419~ Let's Go Oilers
~418~ Yeah, this whole world...
~417~ Open up your heart now,...
~416~ I'm just shot, then we...
~415~ We're falling apart to...
~414~ I'm pretty when I lie
~412~ I tried to be perfect,...
~411~ Superhero
~412~ That every time I turn...
~410~ You were always crazy...
~409~ Can't explain all the...
~408~ Will I never learn?
~407~ Ain't Love the sweetest...
~406~ Just for the record,...
~405~ I drove the other ones...
~404~ And I won' tell no one...
~403~ We went back to Naboo
~402~ But I'm afraid that I,...
~401~ It's getting hot in here
~400~ That's the Way it...
~399~ You heard me in my...
~398~ When you thought that...
~397~ Shake that thing, miss...
~396~ Am I retarded or am I...
~395~ Boy you've got me...
~394~ Nothing hurts and...
~393~ It's something...
~392~ It's about time that I...
~391~ Next is a trip to the...
~39o~ Cause we're all about...
~388~ I am terrified of all...
~387~ There was a terrible...
~385~ Everytime you close...
~386~ December songs no...
~384~ It's a lip!
~383~ Adia, I do believe I...
~381~ Spinning in the...
~38o~ I got CCTV,...
~378~ Buy me things and I'll...
~377~ Lit up like a cigar
~376~ You gave me nothing and...
~374~ Welcome to the fallout
~375~ Digimons are the...
~374~ Digimon, digital...
~374~ Somebody get me out of...
~372~ But I'm afraid that I,...
~371~ Dislocation
~369~ What a shame the poor...
~368~ I don't know what's...
~367~ Condemnation
~365~ I wait for the words on...
~363~ Its just a moment, this...
~364~ Crossed lines that I...
~362~ Lights go out and I...
~361~ Cause you're everywhere...
~358~ If I could find you...
~359~ Mormons are bad
~36o~ Held so high, fell so...
~356~ Don't have time for a...
~355~ In high speed
~354~ I'm missing your laugh,...
~353~ No one can find the...
~35o~ I just can't get you...
~351~ Don't pretend to hold...
~352~ You give me something I...
~349~ It seems like forever...
~348~ I know its done for...
~347~ All I Want is You
~346~ Stop, turn, take a look...
~645~ I wanted you to know, I...
~364~ I don't think they'd...
~363~ If I stumble, catch me...
~361~ I can't live with or...
~362~ I wasn't jumping, for...
~36o~ Exhale, another wasted...
~358~ Cut the Curtains, the...
~357~ Do what I please, gonna...
~356~ Tear yourself in two...
~355~ She is raging
~354~ Slowly breaking, slowly...
~353~ You've been keeping...
~352~ Even the Best fall down...
~35o~ Nobody said it was easy.
~349~ You make me feel like I...
~348~ I know the truth about...
~347~ I know I'm dead on the...
~345~ *coughs up a lung*
~344~ There's no way I want...
~343~ Light up, light up, as...
~342~ Scream without raising...
~34o~ Wtf?
~341~ EE! GRAMMYS!
~359~ She moves in mysterious...
~358~ You said the brains I...
~357~ So save your scissors...
~356~ Lyrics a la mode
~355~ Can't find yourself,...
~354~ Tell you I'm sorry
~353~ Here's my heart, I'll...
~352~ Can't stand the beat
~35o~ Come on, my star is...
~351~ I Caught Fire
~349~So here I go, scream my...
~347~ I'm alive, I'm being...
~345~ Everywhere you go, you...
~346~ Why Do I Love you?
~343~ I am broken when I am...
~342~ We're at a place called...
~341~ SQUEE!!!
~34o~ R.I.P.
~339~ If you wanna kiss the...
~338~ Broken back to the...
~337~ But you taught me I...
~335~ Wishing for her broken...
~324~ And you give yourself...
~323~ Staralfur
~321~ We're falling apart to...
~322~ Somewhere past this...
~32o~ Quiz time.
~319~ Finding it hard to...
~318~ Touch me, take me to...
~317~I Want To Run, I want To...
~316~ Want a trip inside your...
~315~ Little late...
~314~ Seriously now...
~313~ What I did in 2oo5
~311~ (this is the real one)...
~31o~ HAPPY NEW YEARS!(Well...
~3o9~ Hehe. I always knew I...
~3o8~ AHHHHHHH!!!
~3o7~ Wedding
~3o6~ v.v
~3o3~ Wow...Long way...
~3o2~ Blah.
~299~ SURVEY!
~297~ The kilt pin is UP!
~296~ (TODAY!)
~295~ (TOMMOROW!)
~294~(3days) PARTAY!
~293~ (4days) *gigglesmore*
~292~ (5days)
~291~ (1odays)
~29o~ (13days) *giggles*
~289~ (17days) YAY!
~287~ (19days) SURVEY TIME!
~288~ (19days) Purpling.
~286~ (2odays) The countdown...
~285~ Overreaction much?
~284~ I don't want to go...
~282~ I don't care who you...
~275~ Sooooo
~269~ Screwed
~27o~ My dad rocks all socks
~268~ HOCKEY
~267~ Too lazy for a real...
~265~ I demand you ph3ar the...
~264~ Hyperventilation
~261~ Moshtacular
~26o~ The Hell Song - Sum41
~257~ ...
~256~ AH!
~254~ XD
~255~ crap
~253~ Sooooo
~252~ No better send off
~251~ PURPLE
~25o~ Every girl wants
~249~ w00t w00t
~245~ HAHAHAH!
~244~ gym. is. evil.
~236~ *sneezes*
~238~ Confuseded
~237~ SURVEY!
~235~ sick. Ugh.
~233~ A whole week
~231~ W00T W00T!
~232~ Guys. Sucks.
~23o~ woo
~229~ I have a question...
~227~ I love this
~224~ A Beautiful Mistake...
~225~ Singleishness...
~222~ YAY!
~223~ Don't screw with me
~221~ Awww ><
~22o~ >< I hate crying
~217~ Why?
~218~ Inexplicable
~215~ DAMN!!
~214~ EEEEE!!!
~213~ EE! *fangirl scream*
~212~ QUIZZES!
~21o~ Break My Heart Lyrics
~2o6~ O.O
~2o3~ AHH! SCHOOL!
~195~ He's dead...NOT REALLY!...
~194~ good news/Bad news.
~178~ PURPLE! (real entry >.>)
~176~ PURPLE!
~165~ SUNBURN!
~161~ SICK! GAH!
~162~ WOOO!
~159~ TIRED! GAH!
~155~ Shiny
~147~ AHAH!
~143~ GAH!
~14o~ BLAH!
~137~ Oook
~122~ ^^
~121~ Really weird survey...
~119~ GAH! PAIN!
~115~ FCUK!!!!!
~114~ Help...
~1o6~...Well I WAS feeling...
~1o5~ Feeling better...I think
~92~ GRR!!
~86~ You wanna know how bored...
~85~ AH HA!!
~83~ GAH! HOT!!
~81~ Ummm
~68~ BORED!
~66~ Ha!
~61~ More lyrics
~6o~ bORED...
~59~ I think this is the most...
~56~ Remembering...
~53~ Be My Escape lyrics
~52~ I think I'm scared...
[43] CAKE
[42] *bangs head on desk*
[41] Random Poem
[39] FRIDAY!
[38] AHHH! Con't
[37] AHH!!
[36] Don't wear kilts when...
[35] Someday We'll Know Lyrics
[34] Learnin To Breathe Lyrics
[33] *blinks*
[31] End of the world as we...
[3o] WTF??
[29] Alright...Breathe...
[27] Shouldn't I be...
[26] Mondays SUCK!!
[25] Paper Heart - All...
[24] Moshing hurts...
[23] Woo?
[22] random survey 2
[21] 3rd worst night EVER
[2o] ^_^
[19] ....
[18] CD! YAY!
[17] Stand Alone
[15] random survey
[14] Random Poem
[16] Weirded-out
[13] Something about...
[12] *blink*
[1o] Freaked out
[11] Quiz Result
[7] Never enough
[8] Bored
[9] Ignored
[6] Icky
[5] Rockin' Out!
[4] HYPER!
[3] GAH!
[2] *sigh*
[1] New diary
[32] >.
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