~35o~ Come on, my star is fading
Listening to: Amsterdam - Coldplay
Feeling: fragile


1) nickname/s: Katie

2) birthday: December 7th, 1990

3) zodiac sign: Satiguarius or whatever

4) height: 5'9ish

5) weight: Like I'll tell you

6) shoe size: 11


1) favourite animal/s: Cat/Dolphin

2) animal you look most like: Don't know

3) animal you would like to be for a day and why: Cat, probably

4) any pets: 2 cats, Kermit and Boots

5) ever been attacked by an animal: Maegans demon kitty

6) have you ever eaten an animal that wouldnt normally be eaten: Does rabbit count?

7) any animal you hate and why: Meh...not really.


1) can you count all your real friends on one hand?: I don't think so.

2) if someone tried to chat you up with a cheesy line, what would you do?: If they were seriously trying, I would go with it, if they were being an ass, I would relaliate.

3) do you often argue with people?: Yeah...unfortunatly..

4) do you make friends easily?: Sometimes

5) what qualities do you like in a person?: Easy to talk to, trustworthy, loyal.

6) what qualities do you dislike in a person?: Assholeidness.

7) have you had a lot of relationships?: No

8) do you believe online relationships can work?: *cough* In the beginning, yeah, but to make it really work, you gotta meet eventually...

9) have you ever been in love?: Yes

10) more then once?:...Yes.

11) have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yes...that I don't deserve

12) sexual preference: Straight

13) ever cheated on a boy/girlfriend?: Hey look, next question

14) ever been cheated on?: I hope not...although I deserve it.


1) do you belong to any religion?:Christianity

2) any strong views on religion?: Umm...God exsists?

3) do you believe in god and why?: Yes, cause I do and don't feel like explaining

4) satan?: Well yeah, cause I believe in god

5) what do you think happens to us after we die?: Heaven or hell

6) why are we here?: Cause

7) why are you here?: Don't know yet

8) do you believe in aliens?: Sorta

9) what is at the edge of the universe?: There is no edge.

10) have you ever seen a ghost?: No

11) ever had a dream that came true?: Yes...I wish more did though

12) do you believe in fate?: In a weird way

13) or luck?: Yes, cause I'm the luckiest damn girl alive ♥

14) love at first sight?: No. Lust at first sight, and instant connections...no love though.


1) what do most people label you as?: Shy

2) do you label other people?: Sometimes

3) is there any stereotype of person that you dislike?: Not really

4) if so, why?:

5) why do you think people conform to stereotypes?:Because they want to fit in

6) did you put that most people label you as (your name)?: No

7) Do you think you're unique?: Just like everyone else.

8) do you label yourself as a particular stereotype?: Nope. Kinda wish I was goth though.

9) if so, why do you label yourself this way? if not, why not?:

10) do you dress in any other way than the 'norm': I wear arm warmers...

11) what would you typically wear on a day at home?: Pajamas, hoodie

12) what about on a night out?: jeans, hoodie

13) why do you dress the way you do?: Cause it involves no effort.

Would you rather...?

1) be poked in the eye with a pen OR stand on a drawing pin? why?: Don't know...

2) be eaten alive by a gorilla OR be washed out to sea? why?: Neither

3) not brush your teeth for a week OR not shower for 3 weeks? why?: not brush my teeth...cause I never do...heh

4) eat a live slug OR a dead rat? why?: Neither

5) jog through a town naked OR stand on one foot for 24 hours? why?: Stand on one foot, my towns kinda big and I'm not a running fan...or a being naked fan...

6) burn your computer OR snap all of your cds? why?: Snap my CD's...cause I only have 5 CD's, but I have a laptop


1) who do you live with?: My mom/Dad

2) do you get on well with your family?: Yeah

3) any siblings?: 3

4) closest family member?: ...None, really.

5) do you share a room?: At my dads house.

6) are your parents divorced?: Yes

7) would you ever adopt?: Yes

8) do you want a family of your own one day?: Of course

Would you ever...?

1) kill a person in self defence?: Maybe

2) kill a person because you hated them?: I don't think so

3) steal from a loved one?: Does chocolate count?

4) have sex with someone for a lot of money?: If the money was needed to pay for a cure of a deadly disease that a loved on had...then yes.

5) have sex with someone for a reasonable amount of money?: No

6) lie to someone you loved if it meant they would be happy?: Depends on the lie.

7) physically hurt a stranger because you thought it would be funny?: No

8) beat someone up who you disliked?: If they pissed me off enough

9) commit adultery?: I hope not

10) get married before the age of 20?: If I found the right person..then I guess, yeah.


1) a genre you particularly like and why: Rock...ish...yeah

2) a genre you particularly dislike and why: Rap...cause its rap.

3) favourite bands: U2

4) a band you hate and why: Can't think of any

5) do people assume you like particular bands because of how you dress?: No, cause I usually don't wear a U2 t-shirt...although I have.

6) are the bands they guess right?: -_- NO!

7) what do you think of nu-metal?: Don't know?

8) what do you look for in a good song?: Dunno...good beat

9) what do you look for in good lyrics?: Apply to my life, upbeat, tell a story

10) do you know the words to your favorite songs?: Could type them out, if you asked me to

11) do you know the names of the bandmembers of all your favourite bands?: Yep.

12) is music what you live for?: Sometimes

13) do you play any instruments?: Nope

14) can you read music?: Yeah

15) would you ever listen to orchestral music?: Sometimes

16) have you been influenced musically by your parents/people you live with?: Yeah, U2 from my mom, I listen to Springsteen cause of my dad

17) do your friends all like the same bands as you?: HA! NO!

18) do you have a crush on the lead singer of your favourite band?: >> I can't help it if Bono's hot.

19) if i snapped/stole all your cds, what would you do to me?: -_- be like "meh"

20) go to many gigs/concerts?:I wish!

21) who have you seen live?: Avril Lavinge, U2(Working on Coldplay)

22) are you in a band yourself?: Nope, but I shotgun manager

23) have you ever played for an audience?: yes

24) have you ever told anyone their music taste is crap?: Not really, to each his/her own.


1) on a normal day, how would you usually do your hair?: Um...Is lucky if I brush it a style?

2) ever dyed your hair an unatural colour?: PURPLE ^^ three times

3) do you have any piercings/tattoos?: Ears

4) Any scars or distinguishing features?: I have a large scar on my foot, tons on my arms, one long one on my leg...which is stinging cause its not quite a scar yet ><

5) trousers or skirts, and why?: XD TROUSERS!

6) do you enjoy shoes?: Meh

7) what do you think of fashion?: Its...fashionable.

8) ever considered that all these 'goth' kids are just following a fashion too: Umm...Duh.

9) do people think that your style is a bit bizarre?: No...Besides the arm warmers.

10) what colour do you mainly wear?: Whatever's in my closet.

11) ever worn something extremely odd in public? what?: Not really

12) do you wear much jewellery?: 3 rings, earrings, braclets, watch, necklaces...always. I feel naked without my jewlery.

13) how long do you, on average, spend on your appearance in the morning?: Um. Three seconds that it takes for me to look in the mirror.

14) has anyone ever called you vain?: Don't think so. I have called myself vain though

15) do you wear makeup?: Icky. Never.


1) do you think you had a happy childhood?: Pretty much

2) what was your favourite kids tv show?: SAILOR MOON! OH! SPIDERMAN! OH! OH! THE PINK PANTHER! *hearts* v.v *misses*

3) what was your favourite toy?: Barbie. Def.

4) did you have barbie dolls/action men?: -_- DUH!

5) did you go to a nursery or playgroup?: Nope

6) what was your first day at school like?: Lots of crying...hasn't really improved since then.

7) who was your first best friend?: Shelby

8) did you enjoy school?: -_-;;; Not particulary.


1) what future career would you hope for?: Pilot

2) how about a dream career?: Courier Pilot

3) do you plan to get married one day?: I do

4) have children?: 1-4

5) where would you like to live?: Myrtle Beach, California, where I live now...

6) what age do you want to live to?: 100

7) what names would you give your children? Alexis, James are two that I have to have...I dunno about the others.

8) how would you like to die?: Peacefully

9) what do you think you'll be like as an old person?: Funny.

10) will you still dress how you do now?: ahah...probably

11) would you ever get a cloud hairstyle?: oO No.

12) what do you want to achieve before you die?: Travel the world.

What would you do if...?

1) a stranger slapped you in the street?: I'd be like "wtf?" and get ninja on their asses.

2) your favourite top got ruined in the wash?: DAMN IT!

3) a leprechaun leapt out of your computer screen?: O.O HOLLY *#&$#!!!!

4) you heard someone break into your house?: O.O *freak out, lock self in bathroom, use one of many phones to call for help*

5) a friend told a secret of yours?: If it was a big one, freak out

6) a parent read your journal?: Um. Die. Cause I'd be grounded anyways.

7) you won the lottery?: FREAK OUT! Then buy a pool. And a porsche.

8) your computer blew up?: Cry

9) you found a fly in your soup at a posh restaurant?: Ewe...Get free food.

10) the world was going to end in 3 days?: o.o Travel to all SC people...Yeah.


1) if you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?: Crazy

2) do you consider yourself kind?: Yeah, but don't tell anyone

3) would you cry if a pet died?: Of course.

4) what do you do in a typical non-work day?: Umm....not much.

5) what makes you feel sad?: My friends feeling sad and being unable to help them.

6) what makes you happy?:...a guy...

7) if you only had one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?: Um...Computer.

8) what makes you angry?: Assholes

9) do you get angry easily?: Yes, somedays

10) do you get sad easily?: Yes.

11) do you hate anyone?:Yes

12) do you love anyone?:Yep yep

13) are you in love with anyone?:...Yeah.

14) how do you cheer yourself up if you're feeling down?: Think about something happy.

15) what one material thing could you not live without?: Computer.

16) can people usually tell how you're feeling?: Nope, not really.

17) do you often share your feelings with people?:...not often.

18) who would you be most likely to share them with?: Hmm. Kayla, Michael, Rach, Matt.

19) does anyone you know of hate you? if so, why?: Josh P, cause he's an ass.

20) do you have any bad habits?: I bite my nails and I lie.

21) have you been diagnosed with depression?: Not yet

22) do you believe in the saying 'life is what you make it'?: Yes

23) do you trust people easily?: Far to easily

24) do you think you are you trustworthy?: Yes, in a weird way

25) ever emotionally hurt a close friend or relative?: I hope not.

26) do you consider youself sensitive?: Sometimes

27) what do you think of war?: I don't like it

28) world peace?: All for it

29) the government?: BORING

30) same sex-marriage?: Against it.

31) abortion?: This ones hard for me...

32) animal testing?: Against, mostly.

33) rape?: AGAINST

34) shoes?: All for 'em

35) this survey?: LONG!


I shouldn't feel like this.

At all.

About any of them

Especially not at the same time

I just have one question

Why me?

I'm nothing special.


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I'm not open I just write in a way that makes you think I am. If I was open I wouldn't have a friends list. If I was open you wouldn't even be able to see my entries. I'm far too scared and far too afraid of confrontation for that.

What I am not afraid of is admitting my faults on my diary. Which a lot of people think is openess. But I don't particularly think so when they're there for all to see on a daily basis.
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[852] i lied
[851] you are all that i have
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[839] merry christmas, baby
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[837] the only exception
[836] even if you cannot hear...
[835] closing time
[834] diamonds best friend
[833] windows
[832] run where you'll be safe
[831] freakum dress
[83o] when you give me...
[829] happy birthday
[828] show me your teeth
[827] medicine man
[826] patron tequila
[825] speechless
[824] could we fix you if you...
[823] rah rah rah-ah-ah
[822] hate on me
[820] tik tok
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[731] 31 days.
[73o] i feel your ghost when...
[729] they're not talking to...
[728] j'adore
[727] Hardwire
[726] the war won't stop
[724] You are
[723] Why?
[722] Blinded by the light
[721] Yeah, I saw sparks
[719] you put on quite a show
[718] sharks & danger
[716] The Fame
[715] bleed it out
[714] Adrenaline running...
[713] You've got a lot of...
[712] It's not easy to erase...
[711] Postcards from far away
[71o] Upgrade You
[7o9] happy birthday to me
[7o8] shut the fuck up
[7o7] Glass of Water
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[7o5] Give me the music
[7o4] You self destructive...
[7o3] NaNoWriMo
[7o2] I've run out of...
[7o1] Maybe you're too old to...
[7oo] But I don't believe...
[699] So many times betrayed
[697] We will not let time...
[696] Thanks for acting like...
[695] You've got to be...
[694] I feel like a monster
[693] Paris, j'taime!
[691] La ferrasie
[689] Kiss him goodbye
[688] In a haze, a stormy haze
[687] Doing what we do,...
[686] Vertigo
[685] Memories like embers...
[684] Can anybody out there...
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[682] Watch her as she flew
[681] Back to Vegas Skies
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[679] So now that your whole...
[678] Is that all there is?
[677] All in all, you're just...
[676] Steal my Sunshine
[675] I am still dreaming
[674] You belong with me, not...
[673] Poor little tin man
[672] The day I found it...
[671] Twisted logic
[67o] The truth is, I miss you
[638] Strange
[637] Is it bright where you...
[636] I'm typing this from my...
[636] All that you break
[635] Gimme More
[633] Anything at all
[632] My Apologies
[63o] When I Grow Up
[631] This is how it ends
[629] You just might get it
[628] Be careful what you...
[626] Every morning
[625] Disturbia
[623] Fuck this.
[619] She said, next time...
[622] Glow
[618] Some kind of fairytale
[617] Paradise Burning
[616] The Main Universe
[615] Nothing Special
[613] Play with Fire
[614] Deja Vu
[611] It's getting hot in here
[61o] Ain't No Other Man
[6o9] Please
[6o8] Faraway, so close...
[6o7] No one lives forever
[6o6] Everything changes
[6o4] Could be blue
[6o5] Your little spies
[6o3] I think I might know
[6o2] And it was all Yellow
[6o1] Viva La Vida
[6oo] I want to be your...
[599] Hold your mistake up
[598] Thanks for making me a...
[597] We're all wasted
[596] Teenage Wasteland
[595] Breakin' Dishes
[594] Fly away
[593] Hakuna Matata
[592] This burden's not a...
[591] In New York, I lost it...
[59o] Sick of toy soldiers
[589] The road to hell is...
[588] My family tree is...
[587] Dancing in the moonlight
[586] And I could write a...
[585] Calabria
[583] I's the B'y
[582] Good weather for...
[58o] All's quiet on the...
[579] blank
[577] Pedal to the metal
[578] So caught up
[573] TNG with a side of...
[572] It doesn't matter how...
[571] Oh penguin, do you care...
[57o] What goes around
[569] And you give yourself...
[568] Hold me
[567] Untitled
[566] I'm not paralyzed
[565] Between who you are,...
[564] White shadows
[563] You were my shelter and...
[562] I'll be home for...
[561] So this is continuous...
[56o] Miami
[559] All that you break
[558] Welcome to the 60's
[557] Jingle bell rock
[556] It's too late to...
[555] My body is a cage
[554] So many times betrayed
[553] Come Together
[552] Don't Let Me Down
[551] In the Backseat
[55o] I've just seen a face
[549] Why does it hurt when I...
[547] Thunder Road
[548] Did I waste it?
[546] I'm comin' home
[545] Don't stay up and wait...
[544] Hey batter, batter,...
[542] S
[540] C
[541] E
[539] R
[538] E
[537] T
[536] I
[535] S
[534] L
[533] E
[532] T
[531] T
[53o] I
[529] N
[528] G
[527] G
[526] O
[522] e
[523] b
[521] L
[52o] I
[519] E
[518] v
[517 e
[515] E
[514] V
[513] E
[512] R
[511] Y
[51o] T
[5o9] H
[5o8] I
[5o7] N
[5o6] G
[5o4] Y
[5o3] O
[5o2] U
[5o1] K
[5oo] N
[459] O
[458] W
[456] S
[457] I
[454] R
[455] W
[452] N
[453] O
[451] G
[449] You were everything...
[448] Nothing hurts, and...
[447] Will you still call me...
[446] Ny Batteri
[444] It's all I can do
[443] Rawr.
[44o] Come back to me when...
[439] Think we can last...
[438] On a bed of nails, she...
~436~ Knocking on Heavens door
~435~ This doesn't hurt.
~434~ Let's get these teen...
~431~ I miss you so bad.
~432~ I think I wanna know...
~430~ The day that you...
~429~ Point form
~428~ You don't know how...
~427~ The Hardest part
~426~ If you've gots the...
~425~ Perfect situation
~424~ I was blind, I could...
~423~ Building a mystery
~422~ Black betty
~421~ Let there be love
~419~ Let's Go Oilers
~420~ All your dreams are made
~418~ Yeah, this whole world...
~417~ Open up your heart now,...
~416~ I'm just shot, then we...
~415~ We're falling apart to...
~414~ I'm pretty when I lie
~412~ I tried to be perfect,...
~411~ Superhero
~412~ That every time I turn...
~410~ You were always crazy...
~409~ Can't explain all the...
~408~ Will I never learn?
~407~ Ain't Love the sweetest...
~406~ Just for the record,...
~405~ I drove the other ones...
~404~ And I won' tell no one...
~403~ We went back to Naboo
~402~ But I'm afraid that I,...
~401~ It's getting hot in here
~400~ That's the Way it...
~399~ You heard me in my...
~398~ When you thought that...
~397~ Shake that thing, miss...
~396~ Am I retarded or am I...
~395~ Boy you've got me...
~394~ Nothing hurts and...
~393~ It's something...
~391~ Next is a trip to the...
~392~ It's about time that I...
~39o~ Cause we're all about...
~388~ I am terrified of all...
~387~ There was a terrible...
~385~ Everytime you close...
~386~ December songs no...
~384~ It's a lip!
~383~ Adia, I do believe I...
~381~ Spinning in the...
~38o~ I got CCTV,...
~378~ Buy me things and I'll...
~377~ Lit up like a cigar
~376~ You gave me nothing and...
~375~ Digimons are the...
~374~ Welcome to the fallout
~374~ Digimon, digital...
~374~ Somebody get me out of...
~372~ But I'm afraid that I,...
~371~ Dislocation
~369~ What a shame the poor...
~368~ I don't know what's...
~365~ I wait for the words on...
~367~ Condemnation
~364~ Crossed lines that I...
~363~ Its just a moment, this...
~362~ Lights go out and I...
~361~ Cause you're everywhere...
~358~ If I could find you...
~359~ Mormons are bad
~36o~ Held so high, fell so...
~356~ Don't have time for a...
~353~ No one can find the...
~354~ I'm missing your laugh,...
~355~ In high speed
~352~ You give me something I...
~351~ Don't pretend to hold...
~35o~ I just can't get you...
~349~ It seems like forever...
~348~ I know its done for...
~347~ All I Want is You
~346~ Stop, turn, take a look...
~645~ I wanted you to know, I...
~364~ I don't think they'd...
~363~ If I stumble, catch me...
~362~ I wasn't jumping, for...
~361~ I can't live with or...
~36o~ Exhale, another wasted...
~358~ Cut the Curtains, the...
~357~ Do what I please, gonna...
~356~ Tear yourself in two...
~355~ She is raging
~353~ You've been keeping...
~354~ Slowly breaking, slowly...
~352~ Even the Best fall down...
~35o~ Nobody said it was easy.
~349~ You make me feel like I...
~348~ I know the truth about...
~347~ I know I'm dead on the...
~345~ *coughs up a lung*
~344~ There's no way I want...
~343~ Light up, light up, as...
~342~ Scream without raising...
~341~ EE! GRAMMYS!
~34o~ Wtf?
~359~ She moves in mysterious...
~358~ You said the brains I...
~357~ So save your scissors...
~356~ Lyrics a la mode
~355~ Can't find yourself,...
~354~ Tell you I'm sorry
~353~ Here's my heart, I'll...
~352~ Can't stand the beat
~35o~ Come on, my star is...
~351~ I Caught Fire
~349~So here I go, scream my...
~347~ I'm alive, I'm being...
~346~ Why Do I Love you?
~345~ Everywhere you go, you...
~343~ I am broken when I am...
~342~ We're at a place called...
~341~ SQUEE!!!
~34o~ R.I.P.
~339~ If you wanna kiss the...
~338~ Broken back to the...
~337~ But you taught me I...
~335~ Wishing for her broken...
~323~ Staralfur
~324~ And you give yourself...
~322~ Somewhere past this...
~321~ We're falling apart to...
~32o~ Quiz time.
~319~ Finding it hard to...
~318~ Touch me, take me to...
~317~I Want To Run, I want To...
~316~ Want a trip inside your...
~315~ Little late...
~314~ Seriously now...
~313~ What I did in 2oo5
~311~ (this is the real one)...
~31o~ HAPPY NEW YEARS!(Well...
~3o9~ Hehe. I always knew I...
~3o8~ AHHHHHHH!!!
~3o7~ Wedding
~3o6~ v.v
~3o3~ Wow...Long way...
~3o2~ Blah.
~299~ SURVEY!
~297~ The kilt pin is UP!
~296~ (TODAY!)
~295~ (TOMMOROW!)
~294~(3days) PARTAY!
~293~ (4days) *gigglesmore*
~292~ (5days)
~291~ (1odays)
~29o~ (13days) *giggles*
~289~ (17days) YAY!
~288~ (19days) Purpling.
~287~ (19days) SURVEY TIME!
~286~ (2odays) The countdown...
~285~ Overreaction much?
~284~ I don't want to go...
~282~ I don't care who you...
~275~ Sooooo
~27o~ My dad rocks all socks
~269~ Screwed
~268~ HOCKEY
~267~ Too lazy for a real...
~265~ I demand you ph3ar the...
~264~ Hyperventilation
~261~ Moshtacular
~26o~ The Hell Song - Sum41
~257~ ...
~256~ AH!
~255~ crap
~253~ Sooooo
~254~ XD
~251~ PURPLE
~25o~ Every girl wants
~252~ No better send off
~249~ w00t w00t
~244~ gym. is. evil.
~245~ HAHAHAH!
~237~ SURVEY!
~238~ Confuseded
~236~ *sneezes*
~235~ sick. Ugh.
~233~ A whole week
~232~ Guys. Sucks.
~231~ W00T W00T!
~23o~ woo
~229~ I have a question...
~225~ Singleishness...
~224~ A Beautiful Mistake...
~227~ I love this
~223~ Don't screw with me
~222~ YAY!
~221~ Awww ><
~22o~ >< I hate crying
~218~ Inexplicable
~217~ Why?
~215~ DAMN!!
~214~ EEEEE!!!
~213~ EE! *fangirl scream*
~212~ QUIZZES!
~21o~ Break My Heart Lyrics
~2o6~ O.O
~2o3~ AHH! SCHOOL!
~195~ He's dead...NOT REALLY!...
~194~ good news/Bad news.
~178~ PURPLE! (real entry >.>)
~176~ PURPLE!
~165~ SUNBURN!
~161~ SICK! GAH!
~162~ WOOO!
~159~ TIRED! GAH!
~155~ Shiny
~147~ AHAH!
~143~ GAH!
~14o~ BLAH!
~137~ Oook
~122~ ^^
~121~ Really weird survey...
~119~ GAH! PAIN!
~115~ FCUK!!!!!
~114~ Help...
~1o6~...Well I WAS feeling...
~1o5~ Feeling better...I think
~92~ GRR!!
~86~ You wanna know how bored...
~85~ AH HA!!
~83~ GAH! HOT!!
~81~ Ummm
~68~ BORED!
~66~ Ha!
~61~ More lyrics
~6o~ bORED...
~59~ I think this is the most...
~56~ Remembering...
~53~ Be My Escape lyrics
~52~ I think I'm scared...
[43] CAKE
[42] *bangs head on desk*
[41] Random Poem
[39] FRIDAY!
[38] AHHH! Con't
[37] AHH!!
[36] Don't wear kilts when...
[35] Someday We'll Know Lyrics
[34] Learnin To Breathe Lyrics
[33] *blinks*
[31] End of the world as we...
[3o] WTF??
[29] Alright...Breathe...
[27] Shouldn't I be...
[26] Mondays SUCK!!
[25] Paper Heart - All...
[24] Moshing hurts...
[23] Woo?
[22] random survey 2
[21] 3rd worst night EVER
[2o] ^_^
[19] ....
[18] CD! YAY!
[17] Stand Alone
[15] random survey
[14] Random Poem
[16] Weirded-out
[13] Something about...
[12] *blink*
[1o] Freaked out
[11] Quiz Result
[7] Never enough
[8] Bored
[9] Ignored
[6] Icky
[5] Rockin' Out!
[4] HYPER!
[3] GAH!
[2] *sigh*
[1] New diary
[32] >.
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