I had a dream that I was adopting a set of twin girls at their birth. One of those situations where the parent's pick you out before they're born. In the dream my sister was pregnant with twin girls and she went into labor the same day as my girls were being born. I was taking her to the hospital... we were both single.

If 5-10 years from now my sister and I are left single with two kids a piece to take care of and only each other for support I will not be shocked.

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October 4th, 2008 @ 1:46am
I've always enjoyed people-names for pets. Like Ryan for a fish, or Mark for a cat. I really do like moose, though.

I'm assuming that you and your sister are close. Having/adopting twins would be kind of fun, yet I'm nowhere close to being ready. I don't think I'd even be ready in 5-10 years.
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