He left this morning.

If I ever become famous (for what I've no idea) I will give my autograph in crayon only.

This is the sort of thing on which I speculate.

I smoke so I have a legitimate reason to carry a lighter, "Because you never know when you'll want to light something on fire" was starting to weird people out. "Real smokers" would hate to know I don't inhale it... it agitates my throat.

I play with the smoke as I let it burn down.

180 hit(s) What say you?  
I have to admit, that yours is the most interesting reason to smoke I have heard. I like to watch people smoke, but i hate the smell. could you also use pastels to sign your autograph? I find they have a slightly smoother finish than crayon but still retain a childlike feel.
Ah thats fun I do the same thing. Well... I tend to inhale but mostly I watch the smoke.
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