im running. running fo far no one can catch me.

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and ive been walking around

somewhere close to nowhere

i havent heard your voice in a year

but ive felt your warm skin.

tonight, we'll all break down

and finally see our skeletons

we'll look into the mirror

and see who i've become.

we're the last ones falling

who cares if i lost the fight

we've all been going around a 1000 miles per hour

and im still spinning in these circles.

tonight, we'll all break down

and finally see our skeletons

we'll look into the mirror

and see who i've become.

i guess everyone forgot

gifts are just an item

she laughed and said they didnt matter

and we all forgot how to truly live.

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wow. i havent written for a while. brett is pissing me off. shawn is pissing me off. he thinks that im stupid or something. and bret just doesnt care. ive decided that im not going to call him anymore. if he wants to talk, he'll call. if he doesnt, then w/e. im getting really frustrated. and i gont even know why. i bet you anything that it's matt's negative energy making me feel this way. he has enough negativity for the world to feed off. oh! and matt's pissing me off. he has this obsession for his ex katherine. and brett talks to katherine more than i talk to him. ugh. w/e. i dont care.

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hellll yeah

ok. i have serious brett depirvation right now. like. SERIOUSLY. i havent tlaked to him alll day. and not talking to him just make me want to talk to him. our parents talk... and i get to eat dinner with his family on saturday! sooooo excited. i hope his family likes me. i think they will. i hope that brett is ok. im getting worried now. ughhh. ok. i need to stop. tomorrow. my mom is hosting a party for beverly nd dolores. so excited. i get so see tala. --->STOKED.

so anyway. its 1230 and im relaly tired. im going to go to bed now. PEACE!

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i really like this one.

ok. so im really excited. ive got this really good idea for a novel. you are going to have to check it out to know what happens. go to:

this story is about a girl, libby, who has been raped. after her trauma, she finds out that she is pregnant. libby starts to panic. and she is pressured to get an abortion by everyone around her. her raper has left the country. and she falls in love with another boy. but she is scared to open up to anyone. when her father finds out that she is pregnant, he stats to beat her. hoping that the baby will die. its a story of unconditional love and devotion toward a child libby barely knows.

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who would have guessed

me and brett are back together. who would have guessed?haha. this time it will all be better. we havent gotten into our old routines yet. and when we had a situation similar to it, we worked through it. im happy. really happy. he just needs to answer the phone. haha. i miss him.

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she's all alone

mistakes come by so often

and her heart cant take anymore

she scratches away her pain

to see it come back

and by next time

she will be shut closed

and her dayjob wont pay

touching herself wont make her happy

she sees herself a wreck

cuts across her legs

she just wants to be

and this girl cant live

she refuses to be happy

just once.

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ive thought about this

so many times before

replayed the moments in my mind

and tonight


im all yours

the moment

you went on one knee

the second

you said those 4 words

i was yours

and tonight


it'll be perfect

and tonight


we'll act like savages for the first time.

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dressed in white

she brushes her doll's hair

and when there is no one around,

she kisses into a box

for love.

her head has deathly aches

and she is injected by the poison that kills her...

inside out.

--------------------> cancer

has made her rot

--------------------> cancer

has given her death

without ever experiencing love

the little girl

blows kisses into her box once more

and she saves it

--------------------> until she dies.

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w00t w00t w00t

im in love... and there's no stopping me.

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