i am nobody.who are you?

are you nobody, too?

then there ’s a pair of us—don’t tell!

they ’d banish us, you know.

how dreary to be somebody!

how public, like a frog

to tell your name the livelong day

to an admiring bog!

i am a poet

but not a very good one

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i am nobody to

do you want to dance cause i want to dace with you
Im a girl who cant stand to be who she's becoming....
hey there
where there is life,
there is hope,
[anonymous (]
another nobody who fell into a pit of hoplessness...nice to meet you

[anonymous (]
well a lot of stephen king for a start and the old dracula and frankenstein books, no i didnt see the tv version of helter skelter (fuck) and also i absolutely loved the exorcist novel, better than the movie.
a commercial?

Romantic txt messages from one cell to another? is it a commercial on tv?

i don't know...

It's not here, anyway. I'm sure they have the service though, no doubt about it.

uh, the point was that there was no romance left at all, valentine's day just sparked the idea.
As it does.

i'm a nobody too, by the way.
i guess he does care. but he dont bout it . so yeh. i ono. i just feel like crap all the times. i mean there are probbly people out there to help me. but it feels so complicated. im so glad im going couseling tomorrow. *sighs*
my mother hates me. she makes me feel stupid. -_-
and i feel sick
bleh. not the greatest day
but my bf brightned it up
[anonymous (]
what in the world what?
good point. i should be civil.

and about the report...i had to choose from a certain chapter in our books. i choose thomas more.
Hello nobody,
It was nice to get your little hello.

oh... when I'm done, I will go into development of new drugs and medical products.

Or perhaps drop out and become a truly awful rock musician, which may well be cooler.

I picked it when I did my Honours degree - it was a project offered by the department. After Honours, I carried on doing further work in it and expanding on it for the Ph.D.

Anyway... tell us a bit about you. You don't have to post for the entire world if you don't want to - leave the comments in my comment area.

cheers, dude

Nobody... No bio, no name, just an age and a gender. Why so cryptic? A dark secret? A buried past? On the run from the Law?

This is intriguing, in a not-really-but-yeah kind of way.

i will finish my PhD in about 6 months' time and it is in drug resistance reversal of antimalarials.

I am a full-time student here in Cape Town; this is why I am in .za. Yeah, PhDs do a fair amount of travel.

Zanzibars a nightclub in Leicester, and it had this Valentines party for kids under 18 yesterday.
It was ok I suppose, but it wouldve been better with alcohol in my oppion lol.

No one..
I am Gretchen.
Artist, photographer, lover, hater, queen of jealousy, guitarist, singer, girl with high expectations, wants to meet a new friend.

Who are you?
yo hacer?
Nobody knows this little Rose --
It might a pilgrim be
Did I not take it from the ways
And lift it up to thee.
Only a Bee will miss it --
Only a Butterfly,
Hastening from far journey --
On its breast to lie --
Only a Bird will wonder --
Only a Breeze will sigh --
Ah Little Rose -- how easy
For such as thee to die!

te amo
well that doesnt sound too bad. Im lazy like that too, i just sit around and do nothing. My dad calls me fat, hahaha. Cuz im not swimming this year... Really bad knee problems. So now he yells at me and tells me im fat, ooooh welll! :)
really? well ur poems are probably better than mine, i cant write.... like at all
i decided that my background is too hard to read.... im going to change it later
im in new zealand...so i guess that's early
its saturday.
hello :)
i like the poem
sometimes i write poems
they suck :-P
Well, it was an essay test. (I took it today) It was very... Time consuming. I worked past the bell. But staying up untill 6 and getting in one hour of sleep was very good compared to no sleep... But I got a lot in and I totally knew everything on the test! How was your day? I hope it was good. And I think youre a some body... Otherwise what would you be? Like, a rock? Haha.
only 84? crazy. he looks like death...

and yes, I will marry you. If you dont mind that I have 8 wives and 2 husbands... what can i say? I'm a pimp yo..
Are you kidding? That was cool. It was fun to read. I encourage cool poetry! Yay, you!

And thank you.
[anonymous (]
hey, thanks for your comments on my poem, i like peoples input into my poetry. i will take into account what you said and ill try and do a re-write soon.
Emily Dickenson rocks my kazbah. good stuff negro.

[anonymous (]
more nobodies out here than one might think.

nobodies pretending to be somebody.
I am lauren!! :) why do you say you are nobody!? I bet youre some one.
HI. I'm Jeni. You can call me Duck.
I am Frostie. Hi.

Yeah, I guess youre right about that attitude thing. Oh well, I guess its ok to feel sorry for yourself sometimes.
Just hate being alone on Valentines day.

Sword of Truth novels. By Terry Goodkind
haha.. im guessing they really are drug addicts :p
but im going next week. its a hella fun and i got to skip a class.. ! man . i hafta steal me one of those lemon heads there haha
- julie
[anonymous (]
we'll trade. i'll tell you who i am if you give me 3 good reasons why ur comment was appropiate& relivent to my entry, and why you wrote it-oopsydaisy
[anonymous (]
i dont understand your piont

[anonymous (]
its not that i dont like writing, its just that i can rarely put a good idea into words without it sounding like shit.
but i thought of a concept for a story that isnt particularly good, but the writing isnt so bad...
thanks for the comment.
requium is trippy. one of the best movies.
and smoking pot all day is nice. makes people happy. yeaaaah.
holy crap...those are awesome!! thank you!
i wish i were nearly as witty as the other 9 people

:) Welcome!
[anonymous (]
I'm God, ok.. not really.. but I'm close to god.. kinda... and stuff... Got to walmart and ask them if there return policy works on people too.. I've got a few people I would like to return.. Thanks Nobody :) Knew I could always count on you!
I am Brooke, nice to meet you! :)

(I used to know that guy.. Chato DeShamrock, also the somebody)

anyway, nice to meet you
SINcerely yours, The somebody from my side.
im nobody to nice to meet u!

that is a really powerful statment
i am bored..like two bubbles in a tub. i make logically no sense at all at times like clocks.
well bored
c ya round dude
j | u | l | i | e << the name my parents named me. how retarded
I'm Ashley.

And you're Somebody.

Welcome to sitD.

i am holly. i enjoy various activities such as sitting, watching tv and listening to music. how about u?
hello nobody.
parent's weren't creative, now were they?
my name's laura.
you whore! you stole my name! >:(
thanks for the comment. my response: nope, i did NOT lead him on. i guess i'll be more direct than i already am :P yeah, um i don't know what i want...haha
bleh... yeh well im stupid thts why
i try to make things seem so perfect when things arent
and it just ends up making me worse
im stupid
I am Gerri. Nice to meet you, you hot piece of ass. Now who are you?
i am anybody, thank you
i was going to do a report on napoleon in world history, but when i went to sign up, he was already taken.
hi, uhhhh, whats your comment mean?
your god damn stupid...
[anonymous (]
i dont need a reason
[anonymous (]
i read alot of horror novels, and old gothic horror, also a lot of serial killer biographys i am currently reading helter skelter, however i dont really get anything from what i read it tends to all come naturally. its good to have a way with words.
it's possible. i don't always trust google. i dont trust my memory and ive never done pot. but i still dont trust it.
well, i dont like dancing much at all so yeah...
who did the painting of the girl? its a pre raphaelite. according to google it's "John Everett Millais".
in answer to your question. i don't know. i found it on google. i'll find the site for you...

... But where they got it from. I don't know.
im somebody

and so are you
what do you mean "why should you be nobody?" ???
i am loser. nice to meet you.
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