New Year.....

.....and a new beginnin?

well thats what im strivein for this year

really like its been one hell and i mean hell of a year

i really dont know how i got out of this year alive but i did and i think it means something if not nothing

some people think im crazy

mabe i am

i was thinkin that if i was able to become 5150 i would be able to spend more time like all to some cause like garden or library

but then i could be the president of the US

and get rid of all the bullshit

i did go crazy in 06

i did i threw everything to the wind and leapd into the unknown and

here i am still typin

damn like i changed alot since startin this diary i have


im glad though

im glad that i still have room to grow to better my reality

im glad that i went thru what i did this year

i am stronger

im glad i have a family that loves me and puts up with my crazies

im glad i have my health or alive

im glad that u are readin this

im glad that i can get a card for weed

im glad that i saw all the shit i saw

this my life and i hope urs is not a fuckin tv show nothing goes as we plan and nothing is fairy tale i saw sufferin i suffered i know of what its like for others that have not much and i feel for them the most and envy them too

i want to feel more this new year then ever before

i know u could argue that this last year i felt more then before but i think ur missin the point

that was one way:


i felt the extreme of depression and self-loathing

now is the time to turn around and try other way cause i think this is what im lookin for

but Who knowns?

this year i plan to do alot of stuff

{wow married rich people are the happiest people in the USA and i wonder how they judge their happiest?

(yea i hate the fuckin news pray Vishu for the death of tv)}

read alot

so far i read the stranger

into the wild

just got done with Leo Tolstoy

he tight

right now im readin the moon is a harsh mistress

i want to start writin to but have yet to pick up a pen

mabe ill start another joural since i lost everything on the train

i will get in shape i put on some weight well not really but look more meaty and plan on turnin it into muscal not because im vain(my mind is more beatiful and tragic then my body) but in order to kick some ass well no no dont ask ' i thought u didnt believe in volence?' i dont but that some mo-fos are always happering on my happyness and got to regulate that shit ya mea! well yea i propobly wont fight back but at least i would be able to take a beatin ahahahahaha

i plan on cuting down i cancer sticks like had none for 2 days and 7 this year less then one a day

{i hate the 'el polo loco' song. i am just full of hate arnt i?}

would u drink coffee that came out of a cat but?

some people do

see life is absurd u must understand that to live

cause i am and u are absurd creatures that go around like little robots even though we dont think we do but we do so yea

i want to create more

i want to be more organized

i want to stop wantin and just be

i am....

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he didnt tell me his age
yes it was with was fun it was nice.
i paid for the coffee and we drove around.
he drove me home and said
"we should hang out again sometime'
im confused
sup dude

Yeah like is exciting right now. and overwhelming. a new year a new beginning. and new crap to deal with..

sounds like u were in an interesting mood when u wrote this. lol u know how all sit diaries have ads on them kinda relating to the diary? ur ad says "jesus doesnt exist?" i dunno, its a weird ad. anyways. hope all is peachy keen. piece out.
ha ha no way! your hair will never be sexier than mine!

[anonymous (]
um...all of the above? i need help, pot and a hug
i sent your letter on friday 20th
whos tao?
theres so many things i dont know.
good job on the nurses number
Some of Us Never Leave. Hey, good luck with all your new years resolutions. best wishes for 07, and the rest of your life.
rather, i suppose they DRINK the coffee.
really really rich people eat coffee that is pooped out by cats.
cheeer up? sounds like fun. any ideas? its not about having it worse then someone else. theres always someone who may have it worse then you. its about how much you can take before it breaks you down.
magic? hmm, kinda. lol did you ever get my letters? he says i flaked on him after hr kissed me.
gosh, yea. k
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