yea anyways

its been so long since i been here

wow going over some of my old bogs were intresting

how naive i was and still am

time to pick up the remains and make some thing new

i really liked how in my old bogs i alway typed about this shit without really understanding it

"as the sun makes it new day by day make it new yet again make it new!"

nothing really new with me

still drinkin smokin

actully got a public intoxtication ticket

cost me 200bucks and homework

guess it could be worse

but i learned alot

like why i shouldnt get caught doing stupid stuff anymore

still in school

damn did i fuck up but this semester going really good though

hopefuly i finish by next spring

lawyer for sure now

well just for now

thinkin of goin to cs in town but if i get the grades mabe anywhere but we shall see

yep take care

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I miss miss missed youuu
I do do do[cuz i rhyme]
I sent you a myspace message a while ago.. did you get it? You didnt reply and i thought you hateddd me.
SO MUCH has been going on.. I could use an extra ear if you ever wanna call my house phone (no cell) OR leave ur # on myspace cuz I forgot it and I dont wanna call ur moms cell cuz she hates me lol. Hope everything doesnt suck for you andd suchhh..

Oh.. just a rubber duckie :
whoa. welcome back! *hugs* you're right about them old entries. mine were so full of bullshit angst.
I need to contact a political figure about sexual violence against women in the Congo. I don't have any ideas as to who I should go to
[anonymous (]
HI :) Im very glad today. Im glad your ok.
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