my face hurts

"I don't practice Santeria

I ain't got no crystal ball

Well I had a million dollars but I, I'd spend it all"

Is this goin to be the story of my life?

no i dont think so anymore really i dont

tonight i had my cards read to me

last time i did it, it was like 2 1/2 years ago

while the guy was laying them out i thought back to when i first got them read

we, a group of peps, were stayin in this motel for an action and this one girl who i never met before, sexy, like 6 years older than me, start hittin it off and whatnot and she ask me if i would like her to read me the card and i say why not jesus wouldnt mind this and WOW

i havent thought much about this card reading since i was really just intrested in her boobs but wow it all came true in a fucked up way........

shit my face hurts like every fuckin v-fuckin-day has always ended up the same in a way or at least these last two years

i went to a party and had fun

faded at 2 in the morning thinkin i could make it home after giant cup of sweet nectur of the gods on my bike wow was i wrong when i woked up and stumble out of a strangers gruage with the fuckin family staring at me through the kitchen window

i sick of it

i am sick of it

im sick of feeling like im losing my mind

i am my worse own enemy and i thought i was going to do better but this happens

half of my face was swollen shut

half my ribs are bruised

i cant go on like this forever

im not superman

oh yea the readin i had tonight was bad

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ahh don't believe those readings. and were you really that messed up? lol
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