only time will tell.....

some say that time heals all wounds

some say that time is on myside

some say that its all an illusion so dont worry

no worries just joy in all things

like in good and bad, one could suggest and find,or

experiences or life or thats it or whatever,

make what you can of it.

Its yours.

no-one could ever take that from you,

at least, one would think,

and its ok.

the first day of logic we were asked to write down 3 beliefs we had.

i came up with two:

!the sun will raise tomarrow

@that people are basically good

and then he ask to prove why one should believe in that

the first one i thought of that quote 'as the sun make it new, day by day make it new, yet again make it,'

like come on, always keep it new, always keep it changing cause who wants the same as it was, is, and going to be. why!

its not like it cant evolve, change or mabe thats how it is simply.

i could of easily said that

but what bout the second one>?

well thats the one that gets challenged all the time, i wanted to say, thats the one the hardest to prove, or thats the one i would never stop jumpin for,

the one beyond all explanation, i would keep jumpin for.

but i never raised my hand to say what i thought or felt or just for the hell of it to see what it could bring, then again i was ask to write 3 beliefs

and mabe i can see the third.

why cant i believe in myself?

of all the things or stuff one could believe, what should be the first the last the middle the infinite?

now that i think about it,

one should figure that out,

cause couldnt that make a differences?

only time will tell....

yea it is a good day....

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