one month

till im 21

i dont really want to do anything

kind of scared

shit im already a drunk

now ill be 21

thinking of leaving lost vegas

its a good movie

the thing to do is suppose to go to vegas

but i dont c the point really

wow vegas 21 wow

naw fuck that shit

i really need to stop typing here drunk


sometimes i come here and see an entry and be like what the fuck

i think this is it

21 next month need to get this monkey undercontrol

cause its not goin anywhere and either is me so yea i need that

school really stress me out

i dont know why

it comes so easy to me

shit im smart

i make bad decision

we all do

time is my enemy and best friend

fuckin time

i cant seem to manage it

it will go good for a while then it hits the fan

motivation is lackin

i think that is the problem

i still waiting bout that job openin

that be so sick if i could get it

at the beach everyweekend

direction ahahha

i guess

i rebuilding my bike

i hella excited to do that shit

at least something

its all black now

going repolished it all

make it all shiny

a 20 year old bike rebuilt to as if it was new

i think thats cool


i find it like a methophor for me in a way

its crazy how life works out


im ready for it

i guess

im doin it

chasin it

looks like slowin its all comin together

and thats good

yea im crazy

crazy is as crazy does

fcuk it!

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