One month

then ill be 21

its kind of scary

shit im already a drunk fcuk

thinkin of leaving las vegas

good movie

is that what im suppose to do

21 go to vegas


no i dont think so

getting old all down hill from here

who gets excited about getting any other age


i really need to stop typing here drunk

shit ill be comin on here sometimes and see a new entry and be like wtf

i need to get this monkey undercontrol

its not goin anywhere and neither is i

school really stress me out

i dont know why

it comes easy

shit im smart

i have made bad decisions

we all do

time is my enemy and my friend

need to learn how to manage it better

sometimes it all be good and on it then it hits the fan

movtivation would help i think

whats my movtivation?

still waitin to hear bout that job openin

b so sick if i get it

everyweekend at the beach

oh my God!

movtivation hahah

i guess

this month i should know what happens

there was like 3 other people applyin

i know i got at least one q wrong

i like to think i got it but other people applying could very well have more qualifications

rebuilding my bike

something im excited about

the first bike i ever bought

its all black now

goin to redo it all

20 year old bike going to be as if it was brand new

i find this like a methophor for me

its crazy how life is

i mean its happenin

little by little

its all comin together

im workin for it

chasin it

slowin it will all happen

and i see that its good

crazy is as crazy does

fcuk it!

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I want to go to vegas. But I dont have a passport. It doesnt even have to be vegas. I just want to go someone. Just me, anywhere but here
What happened april 24 '94?
Im going to call you soon, okay?
Ive calmed down a bit.
No I never called.
I chickened out.
I think jenny might have a girlfriend.
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