once again

like i having tired this path

but maybe rabites will be coming out of my hat ha ah yea

the whole week the whole..

trying to find it again

that madness

wait just wait till there can be no other but my mistakes

my fault just mine to wait till there the end

damn here again i waited

and put off

and ran for it and got at least 2 for sure Bs


bullshit i just run it like an iron fisted champion

an irond willd fuck up

and 2 Bs


like to think that 3 three bs

and mabe just mabe 4 bs cause that would be so much better and yea

but the story of my life but i did not shape up like i been complaining to myself

i created my own hell

nothing else is new? ha

and i have to take it as it is

the feeling of relief breaths

oh well im not there yet

1 more year

so many ideas

and yea

i got my letter and i am just a bit dissapoited

i guess

i couldnt really get on it

i couldnt really do like i said i could do

what is my problem?


thats it

oh well

i still feel like singin

i still feel like breathin

i still feel like fukin it up cause so so much more different and fucked up that i cant explaind

growin up happens and it shall be imbraced and when the time comes

it shall surely be seen

dont get me wrong

cause once again

i created my own hell...

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we all create our own hell sometimes, but it doesn't mean the birds stop singing for us.

it was your birthdayy a few days ago, huh? each dayy we're getting older &older, but are we reallyy doing anything else??

i've missed youu Sunshine, but it's ok i guess. you've made your mark alreadyy &it's ok to leave.

once we get through this hell, is there more? and more? and more?

if you're nobodyy, then who am i?


when youu create your own hell, isn't it hard not to stop for a single second to admire your own masterpiece?

keep kickin'.
we all create our own hells.
i know i made mine, and decorated it too.
dont feel bad.
it happens.
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