I did it!!!

I really did it

This whole night!

It was my night!

I told her

I did

She knows I love her

That’s it

This whole last week I been reciting

Over and over again

With bloody eyes and tears

To the mirror

I have been so scared

But now she knows

Heart pumping faster again,

Out of breath,

Light headed,

With no control over my eyes

This feeling takes over,

More then I can describe,

But she knows

To a point

I like to think

I had it all planed out

But it never seems to go that route

But then again,

It’s just how it was meant to be

I pictured me just going to her work

Today or yesterday

(the day does not start for me till the sun raise)

Walkin in there and getin it if off my chest

I wanted to tell her and walk away but

Her boss was there and was watchin our ass

Ate some good food

And shit followed us there

And yea

It turned out better then my dreams could make for me

I made sure I did

I did tell her

I had wanted to say this”

You know that I have always loved you right

More then anything this world has to give

More then myself

And for a long time I have been scared of this but

Im not scared awaymore

I want you to know this

For a while I have been trying to make u hate me

And to think that I have be succeeding

Scares the fuck out of me

More then anything

I aways want u to be part of my life

If not there next by my side, then a phone call away cause

I never want to lose u

And I sit here type my songs

With no more true regrets

I know and u

Will know

That the songs has been here

They wont leave

No worries

I Am Free

That is it…

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