Long live Conan!!!

Its funny how im not even jerckin off

Or to build some new thing

Im not goin to try to leave sum artisy fartisy wannabe abstract entry

I just want to say,

Say that I know something bout this mofo

Or I like to think


It was around middle school when the insomnia started to take

I didn’t mind, I had better things to do

I like to think it was good enough for me


It was like this

Round xmas time

Tom hanks was on and some light blew

He said it was santa

Conan said santa was shooting at us

And that was it

I was hookd

Fuck the other guy that use to host the daily show

Conan was the man

And I followed


It got sick

I use to have his show on a timer

Lined up with bill mahar

He and his people boild it down to an art

8min for this, 10min for that, a guest, a skit

Guest, then the band

Sometimes it was off the hook

Other times it was nothing more than someone working

I regret never seein a show in ny

I made a pact with a jackcrack friend to do so

This was when we heard he was takin the tonight show


And now I cant see him he even though he was just here!


I had a routine

It was getting home

Doin what of my homework I whatd to do

Then getting stone and watching these shows

I cant stress enough how this shaped my early ‘mornings’

I had it all figured out


Shit watchin as conan walks away from his earned show made me think

It be fcuk up if he goes to hbo

It aint 911 anymore

I just hope to see him goin beyond a dead tradition

For me

It will always be the late nite


Rest in peace the tonight show

Conan drifts along


Fuck jay leno

BILL HICKS was a better comedian

N Conan Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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