89 backstab
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Feeling: stubborn

wow. long time no write... but right now this is the only place where i can just let my feelings go.


backstabb me like that. and its my fault for pretending that everything is alright. and then she blames me for bringing her into this situation. and stupid stupid boys. they always cause drama. you would never do that to your friend. its just not right. i dont know what to think anymore. ive become so numb.

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.:o88:.love never wanted me anyways...
Feeling: hopeless

why is it that i always befriend the boys that i start to like?

theres this boy. and like i think hes amazing. and my friend would want to go out with him, and he was like in love with her... and i want to like him soo bad, but i know it would ruin everything we have. but i really dont know what to do. he is alot younger than me, but he makes me feel special whenever i talk to him.. just the fact taht he thinks of me as a really good friend is enough for me.. but i get nervous everytime hes around.. i just wish i could get a boy.. for once.

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.:o87:.is anybody still here at this site?

ok so its been and EXTREMELY long time since ive updated this... yea. and alot has happened. i stil dont have a boyfriend.. so maybe not that much.. well nothing really. i just realized alot of stuff. like a right boy is gonna come find me, and he will be perfect cause he will like me just the way i am. also that i dont need friends that arent there for you all the time. im ALWAYS there for them, but they can never return the favor. and im kinda gettin tired of it. but yea.. im going to new york real soon to meet up with all my past friends. im soo excited!! but summer has gone by soo fast. like i havent even realized it was summer until now. soon i will be graduating. wow thats a scary thought. i am afraid of life. i dont know whats gonna happen to me once i have to be responsibile of myself. scary thought. well im really tired and i gotta write in my other diary. but if anybody still uses this site. leave a comment.... i would really like to know!!


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.:o86:.long time no talk

i have no clue waht copacetic is but thats what i am.


yepp caseys here.

end of story.


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.:o85:.i lied
Feeling: aggravated

he who made me start wriring again is no longer a part of my life.

what was i thinking


but yea.

i was just in my school musical ONCE ON THIS ISLAND and it was amazing.

then after i went to wendys with some friends.. and i finally felt like someone.

thats all for now.

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