Beyond the Sea


I've decided to have a bit of fun with my colour scheme, as the brown - whilst one of my favourite colours and reminiscent of the best of the seasons, autumn - has been unchanged for years, and I felt like trying a brighter update.


It's a bit day-glo for me, but I'm trying to expand my comfort zone slightly. Plus, sea blues and greens and beach themes feel peaceful to me. I need as much serenity as I can get. 

It was also very grey today, as it's been for some days, so maybe this will speed the sun's return.


I've a busy week ahead, and I'm wondering how I'm going to accomplish everything I need to. In addition to tidying and sorting everything from the move, I've also got commissions for a tattoo design and a flood of mini felt foods (which I design and hand-stitch). I love working on these art projects, I just don't always know where to start. Where the tidying is concerned, I just own too many things! I've done a fair job of collecting a donation pile, but I'm finding I still have a long way to go in terms of reducing.


Speaking of which, another area I need to again focus on is losing weight. Between Dec 2016 and Dec 2017 (in fact, year almost to the day), I worked incredibly hard and lost 7st 4 (just over 100 lbs). Unfortunately, the hols ended up being a bit rough emotionally, and this year has been one of the most taxing I've ever had; I got off track and started making poorer food choices and 'found' again 1 st 6 of what I'd lost. I've resolved to correct this, and I know I'll again be successful, I just need to properly apply myself.


This sort of public declaration is another way of ensuring I follow suit.



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What is this? Two days in a row???


I'm actually posting again, and in a timely fashion. This must be madness! I'm on my phone, which I'll likely never do again because it's cumbersome, but I was in the mood to write, and at what better place than this?


It's blissfully quiet round here. Hunter is outside exploring our new city (which is more like a town, really, but it has aspirations, and who am I to kill dreams?), Linus is sleeping next to me on the couch, John's daughter is staying with her grandmother for some months (incredibly long story, but it's for the best), and John's at work (the only negative in this scenario). I definitely value my alone time, anyway; and I've a migraine kicking in, so the solitude is especially welcome.


I've been reading a book called « Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking », and I absolutely recommend it. I love to read and learn, and I've become increasingly introverted over the years. I think I've always suffered social anxiety, I just took great pains to conceal that - and to convince myself otherwise, as it were - but I'm much more comfortable these days occupying myself and vocalising my preference for keeping things low-key and/or one-to-one.


(I have an account on Goodreads, and I'd set a reading challenge for myself this year to finish 52 books; this is my 38th, so I'm quite ahead of schedule, but reading is one of my favourite pastimes. If you'd ever care to suggest a title or author, please do!)


This weekend, we plan to have a little fire in the back garden, and I'm looking forward to it. We bought some tiki torches for the deck, and John's as enthusiastic as I am to decorate with a mid-century Hawaiian/surf theme. We've got classic '40s and '50s film stars and diner décor throughout the house; but this was a seasonal residence for the prior owners (their summer home), and the location and design make it feel like we're perpetually on holiday, so why not have a little Polynesian Party atmosphere outside?


Our internet is going to be set up tomoz, which is almost a week earlier than originally scheduled, but I've got to tidy our living room so the technician will be able to accomplish something. We've got about 85-90% of everything put away since moving in on the 10th, but this last bit has felt interminable. We've been working so diligently for weeks, the lazy greys have set in, haha. 


Time to get to work!



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I was looking for an account of mine on Google when this came up in the results. Yey!


In other news, my memory has not improved. 


This has been an exceptionally busy year, with April being the zenith thus far. I've just turned 34 (though sitD doesn't realise that yet. Shh.), and I had an introvert's dream of a birthday: quality time with John, a trip to the bookshop, a film at a quiet cinema, and an excess of cake (OK, that one is everyone's dream). We've moved house - literally: We bought a house, and it's half a block away from what I call our supa' fresh sea (Lake Michigan, which makes all other lakes seem like puddles. No salt, no sharks, win win), and we can even hear the waves over Hunter's incessant teen-aged hostility!* ;)


Our internet isn't connected yet (they couldn't get us in for a month!), so I'm using the WiFi at Big Apple Bagels right now, & I pop to our new library when I can (though, admittedly, I get so distracted by the books I forget to go online). I've distanced myself heavily from Facebook, as I don't have the time lately, nor the patience for the influx of superficiality or reminders that Trump is president (in my head, it's peripheral at best; I try to pretend that didn't really happen when I'm feeling especially stressed). I'll try to spend my time here a bit more (where have we read that before?), as it's a much more calming influence & I'm at the point in life where I need to embrace my introversion instead of trying to conceal it.


I hope all of you are well out there! 



*Hunter is John's 14-year-old, who lives with us.

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