i think it's an end here.

thanks for everyone who gave me the inspiration to write all of this.

i thank you alll very much.

but i think its time for a change.

as everytime i see my early work, its time for a change..

and i've been dying for a change since the 5th from the bottom.

so i'll change the spot where i'll be writting.

if you want to check it out.

go to


and search for my full name.

christopher salonia

and it's called the lay back lounge


just head out this link n it'll take u there


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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anythin

There's not an ounce left

of what there was

and i caught you red handed, in your tracks you pause.

Trail of mistakes lead to your way

and still you'd ask me "can i stay?"

My book's already being written

and no space for you in it

not unless i talk about the moment that i sank in your sandpit

of a crossed out sign that used to say "lust"

but with outlined word in red saying "love"

A New chapter starts in me

a new me, a new me to be

a new guy to smile out of my face

with everything being thought to be put into place

If you're hearing me now

there is, there is, there is no doubt.

that Change has inflicted into ourselves

all of what you knew, put into the corner of shelves

that nobody ever looks at anymore.

Follow a lead,

take the leave

Grasp what you want

when you can have it

just as a butterfly, it'll fly a way into someone else's hands

if you're not quick enough to catch it.

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Calling up Angels That Weren´t Ready for Heaven

Tell me whats worse

to know that your going to die

or not knowing when you´ll be called up?

To me, Either sounds like a dead end.

Moving at a speed that god can´t follow

Thinking your a superman

while your inside´s are hollow

Fueling impressions to exceed their expectations

instead, you might have lost them entirely

while your on what you think is one of many vacations

Metal is hard, but not hard enough

only because the car´s a good brand

doesn´t mean the driver

ehind it has a perfectly-stilled hand

Take What you have today

and take it home tonight

just make sure that you´ve made it clear

that you´ll hold them tight.

Because what you have today

might not be there tomorrow

Love Today, Hate Yesterday,

Fear Tommorow´s sorrow

Now you don´t know where you are

with your head hunched in the deformed cockpit

Being in the worst of luck

no ejection seat to save what you did

your the only one awake now

and everyone left looking innocently asleep

you think with no doubt they´re now for the heaven´s to keep

angels now being called up to a jump thats too long to leap

They´re call might be tomorrow,

but most certainly today

Come Whatever may

The luck to see them wake up.

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Little Pointless Poems - one
Listening to: Say Anything (else) - Cartel

Sleeping in a bed with no sheets

walking on the ground with no floor

walking in through the out door

it´s all things we´re not used to

but are willingly worth to try

Test the things that are supposedly safe

test the things that are sure to not break down

cause they´ll always be the ones that break from then until now

Talking to the wall,

that doesn´t bother to listen

heeding to the sun that just preaches on how to truly glisten

Point your finger to

something that´s worth to blame

because most to all who turn to criminalism

turn into celebrities drowned into fame

Adapt to the unnadaptable change

even if you try, you won´t be able to

how strange

if you don´t,

notice how much success you´ll achieve

follow wherever your eyes take you

because you´ll end up looking with curiosity

so quit wasting your time staring

and run away into the city

Buy a one-way ticket to destiny and

send your bottle into the sea of people

just maybe, just maybe, you´ll be found by the one´s you´ll treasure most

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if Friends were there

would i really be waiting here?

Aren't they suppose to scrape you off the ground

when your on the floor without a sound?

Its like you try to hold on

but someone mistakenly soaped up the ledge

and you can't help but to slip down the edge

like under a dark sky with no stars

just as lonely being by yourself in a car

it's not what anybody should be in for

and if I'm in for that again

I'll just show myself out the door.

and I'll let the ocean burn out the tragedies

just as i let the stars light up the memories

and just as that,

i'll let the wind carry myself along the breeze.

carrying me along...

so I'm under suspicion tonight

being fixed under your microscopic sight

i guess i wasn't what everyone wanted

so myself is trapped inside of me now

which i would consider to be haunted.

I'm dying to come out again

but you fixed me so tight,

it hurts to even be outside when it rains

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As an ld Thought Slides Off

Just as new friends come by

it's always meeting the new

and leaving the old with a goodbye

and as new words form underneath my voice

it wasn't my fault, this wasn't done by choice.

it's not my fault,

that the memories slide down the side of my mind

that i don't look into very often

all of this was once built to soften

to ease the strain

and now it's the cause of all the pain

Was it my fault this is like that?

I see your life is in two

and you're really not sure what to do

i see he is in the same position as me

and i see he got off with a pardon,

letting him flee,

while i got the short end of the rope

but atleast it was long enough to keep hope

that you wouldn't have cut me down.

just as you said once before

"you were my first love, but not my last"

thats how i knew it wouldn't last

it wouldn't be much more

then something in the past

something we'd tell our kids to watch out for

just watching out,

so they don't go through what i went through before

Love was a word taken out of context

you say it like if it didn't mean anything

while when i said, i meant it with everything

how did it end up like this

it was only a kiss

was there something in this part of the movie that i missed?

how will i recognize you from now on?

as the girl who made me discover love

or the girl who made me discover love

never really existed at all.

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Story of a girl

She's being passed around

like a ciggarette

she thinks this is how she'll get his attention

she's just dying for his attention

she just wants him to look at her

to just glance

so maybe it'll turn

from the broken to the wounded and advance

advance from not talking, from not wanting

from not needing...

She'll have her boyfriends

and he'll have his

but they both still feel like this

like it's tearing apart the pictures

in their head

but what keeps him thinking

is if she has kept her promise

To get his attention

why don't you do what

he always asked for you to do

give him your attention

or it'll break down worse then before

end up, breaking up, breaking down

wanting more

Hold his hand,say you love him more then me

but would i consider to know the truth?

would i be wrong if i said,

i know that you love me, and i love you

and call it a silent truce?

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is there anything to learn from this?

I'm in for a history lesson

and all i got was a note saying goodbye

not much that i did, i didnt even try

not much to do now, so i don't even try either

the days get shorter, and the heat's a fever

the air grows thin when i see you

not even enough to give me a breather

i'm out of things to do.

I'm in for a math lesson

and all i got was the division of you from i

and then the subtraction of 2 hearts turnin from yours and mine, to only having mine.

Last but not least,i'm in for a chemistry lesson

i should have listened

to my teacher when he said

don't mix the two hearts, just set them on a table and let them grow instead.

i was so eager, i didn't want to wait.

i was just staring down in a trance-like state

he said, patience will make it worth the while

but i just wanted to be able to make a smile


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Living in last year

the smell, smelled better before

the battlefield, clear of war

the taste, tasted way better then

and now i want more.

So it hasnt been the same

and the smiles don't last

but it'll someday get back to normal

when i finally put before, into my past.

why is it so hard to forget?

i try to block it out ,

but it makes me think more of it

and its the end result i get

I remember when, i couldn't drop the smile

always and never thinking about the what if

to think about it now,

my stomach drops and gets stiff

Just coz of how good i once had it.

i wish i could live back last year.

i guess sunshine was my drug

the people were the effects

and the seasons were the sideeffects

one to get you happy,

one to get you high

and one to crash on

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Let the panic get to you
Listening to: Diary of Jane- Breaking Benjamin

When there's a reason

to smash my car behind yours

its not that i hated you,

its that i secretly loved you

Sideswiped or totaled, it was love.

When there's a reason to

curse you out, i'd do it infront of nobody

when i'd have no reason to

i'd do it infront of your friends,

thats how bad i feel for you.

i'd make myself look like the one

who's doing the job of no sense

when the fire's too out of control

i'll remember to tell you to do

what they taught us, stop drop and roll

maybe i'll let the panic get in your head

or i could give you

the pill to swallow instead

The panic, is the best part

its where you'd do anything

to be anywhere close to the very start

because being in this situation

is worse then being trapped in your arms.

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