Hospital Food
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I'm so happy! My baby brother, Sean Cayce Cole, was born today at 3:29 am at South West Medical Center!! I left school at 1:30 and was at the hospital until 4:40 am. I'm tired v.v


Anyways, it was awesome! He's all healthy and stuff.

I had a migraine the whole time I was there though. They wouldnt let me have any asprin which is pretty damn stupid considering I was at a HOSPITAL. >< That just pissed me off because it was a tension migraine and I was ready to rip someones throat out. I slept on the couch there for 3 hours. My mom woke me up for dinner. And I learned something. Cafeteria/Hospital food, is expensive. And costs money >.>

School food is better than hospital food sadly. We went out and got Jack In The Box afterwords. Salad. Yummy?

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Sleepovers And DRAMA
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Feeling: bitchy

Well, over the weekend I went to Elizabeths sleep over. We had fun. We watched Green Day Bullet In A Bible DVD.... Billie Joe kills kittens...On STAGE!!!

Billie Joe: *masturbating on stage* SOMEBODY FUCK ME!!

Everyone at Elizabeths party: O.O *laughs hysterically*

Then we told Elizabeths mom about it... Yeah. 'Twas weird. Anyways....

Amanda's making me help her move! GAH! I had to pack up the game systems. As Carlos Mencia once said, "If you own or know what a Nintendo 64 is, you should kill yourself". Those things ARE OLD! They came out when I was 3!

Amanda wants to legally change her name to Ninyadaie or Nariko. 'Tis weird. ANYWAYS

The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Have a fucked up day and Merry fucking Christmas.


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Feeling: happy

Well, I went to a few parties today. Tis fun going to them. Anyways. I'm still at a slumber party. Its fun to listen to what some people think about others. Ok, earlier today I went online, talked with my cousin Devan and went to my friend Danielle's party. It was a Birthday/Costume/Barbecue party. We had fun and lots of it. Everyone was dressed up and I forgot Danielle's present. A guy that she didnt much like came to the party. His names Jake Campbell. So, he was being an ass during the party so I decided "Hey, lets hit him the balls, should be fun." I looked over at Danielle and said "Hey, Danielle, you want your birthday present". She grinned and nodded. I picked up a plastic glove thing and nailed Jake in the balls with it. He crumpled to the ground and everyone laughed. We also listened to Jake play guitar. I won 4 games. I got 2 punker bracelets, silly putty, and a radio. Twas awesome. We also played Gravy Train. Its like, chicken without the water. Anyways, afterwards, I went to Roxies. Which is where I am right now. We're playing the hating game. Its where you discuss people you hate. And now we're on to the topic of love. Who should feel it and who shant. Anyways, must go. Buh bye.

How many times have I heard you say you love her?

~Scarred Angel

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Hi everyone reading this. This is my diary. Well, my first anyways. I have a few friends on here. Well, today I went to a party with a few friends. It was fun. We went christmas caroling and gave out candy to the people we caroled to. They seemed to get a kick out of it. My friend Amanda said she was worried about her boyfriend. He's been a bit suicidal. He tried for the 5th time the other day. Anyways, I saw my familiars today. For all of you who dont know wicca terminology, a familiar is your spirit guide. Its usually in an animal form. I have two familiars. They're a ferret named Petrom and a cat named Messa. They protect me when I get into trouble. Anyways, I've been cutter for a few years. My friends dont know I've been cutting as of late. I hide it well.

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