O_O A Questionaire!
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Everything About You Survey

Personal Information

First Name//: Michael

Age//: 13

Gender//: Male

Nickname(s)//: Bonce/Springer/Froggy/Fresh Prince

Hair Color//: Black Sometimes it Is Dyed Red

Hair Style//: Spikey

Eye Color//: Brown/ Changes With My Emotions

What is your favorite

Color//: Cerulean

Game//: Final Fantasy3/Pokemon Series/ RPGS

Song//: Creep RadioHead

Music Video//: Green Day, Basket Case

Animal//: Frog

Sport//: Video Games

Country//: My Home Contry

Movie//: Kikis Delivery Service

Food//: Pizza


Best//: Skyeler Or Mike or Kayla

Funniest//: Skyeler/Mike/Kayla

Coolest//: Skyeler/Mike/Kayla

Sweetest//: Kayla

Kindest//: Skyeler/Mike/Kayla

Annoyingest//: Worn

Dullest//: ?

Stupidest//: Worn

Most Intelligent//: Mike/Skyeler

Athletic//: Donno...


Boy(Girl)friend//: Danille Martin

Are you in love right now//: Yes

Do you have a crush//: Yea

Do you have a stalker//: no

Do you miss someone right now//: yes

What do you do

At school//: Learn/Skip

At home//: Play Video Games/ Thats Another Story...

Outside//: Play

When you first wake up//: Say: Why The Fuck You Wake Me?

What _____do you hate

Food//: Brussel Sprouts

Color//: White.

Hair color//: None

Tv show//: None

Clothing style//: Preps

Movie//: None

Emotions Right Now

Are You Happy Right Now//: No

Sad//: Yes

Grumpy//: No

Annoyed//: No

Angry//: Yes

Sick//: No

Lonely//: yes

Bored//: No

Have you ever

Made your own religion//: Yes.

Written backwards//: Yes

Written your own magazine//: Yes

Drawn art//: Yes

Got angry with a game//: Yes

Played Lacrosse//: Yes

Broken a bone//: Sort Of Do Fractures or Sprains Count?

Dyed your hair//: Yes Allot

Put in contacts for no reason//: No Want To

Swam alone//: No.

Things that come to mind when you read...

Intelligentence//: Nothing

Stupidity//: Me

Depress//: Kayla Myself.. Skyeler Mike...

Blood//: Kayla Myself.. Skyeler Mike...

Blue//: Kayla Myself.. Skyeler Mike...

Gray//: My Sit Diary Site

Sword//: Knife

Golf//: Hole In One?

Soccer//: Goal

Yellow//: Sun

Socks//: Shoes

Ribbon//: Ribbons

Random Questions

Play Sports, if so, what ones//: Soccer

Have a lot of friends//: No

Write good//: Yes

Eat a lot//: Yes

Like the day Friday//: Yes

Like the month December//: Yes

Do you(or are you)

(DY)Give good advice//: No

(DY)Talk crap//: Sometimes

(DY)Play a lot of games//: Yes

(DY)Wear hats//: No

(DY)Like to be outside//: No

(AY) Always mad//: Yes

(AY) Always happy//: No

(AY) A good friend//: I Donno

This or that (Last questions)

Night or day//: Night

Snow or Rain//: Rain

Stars or the Moon//: Moon

Ocean or Pool//: Ocean

Boat or Plane//: Boat

Books or Magazines//: Books

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards or Pokemon Cards//: Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Blonde or Black Hair//: Black Hair

Green or Blue Eyes//: Green

Pants or Shorts//: Shorts

Pop or Rock//: Rock

Punk or Emo//: Punk

Tatoos or Piercings//: Tatoos

Necklace or Ring//: Necklace

Clouds or No Clouds//: Clouds

Art or Literature//: Art

Jeans or Baggy Pants//: Baggy Pants

Singing or Dancing//: Singing

March or May//: May

Halloween or Christmas//: Halloween

Coke or Pepsi//: Coke

Hug or Kiss//: Kiss

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New Moon Rising
Poem (12) Bleed
(Standing In The Dark)
(Live To Tell)
(How Soon Is Now)
Song (23) Emotionless
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Song (22) Jesus Take The Wheel
Redemption Song
Envy For The Solid Ground
Song (21) All That I've Got.
Song (20) What I've Done
Sweet Little Lies
How Long Is Forever?
Facts of life.
Poem To Kayla.
Wow.. Bigger Gap..
Song (19) Whisper
Song (18) Run Away
Song (17) Pushing Away From...
Song (16) Crawling
Song (15) Super Xero
Song (14) Part Of Me
Poem (13) To worn...
Saw Amy Lee's video.
Song (13) Haunted
Song (12) Whisper
Song (11) Bring Me To Life
Broken More..
Barely Alive
Not For Anyones Eyes
Waiting For The SC.
Song (10) Santeria
Did you ever feel
Kayla's Birthday
Song (9) Forgive Me
Still Alone...
Song (8) 24 hours
Since You Been Gone
The Fight.
Song (7) I'm a Creep..
Poem (11) Numb..
Another year Living..
Drown Away My Sorrows
New Found Anger
Avoiding The Truth
Cast Away.
Song (6) Behind These Hazel...
Half Blood Prince
She's Torn 3 Ways.
Worried For All The Wrong...
Lost In Thought.
Song (5) Papercut (1)
Song (4) Numb
Song (3) I Don't Want To Be...
Song (2) Everybody's Fool
Song (1) Going Under
Long Time.
Poem (10) Ended.
They hate me..
Remember The Titanic.
I Was wrong.
Give Me Novicane..
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Getting Colder.
Freezing Cold...
No Pain No Gain.
I Don't Wanna Be Lonely No...
Eye Of The Tiger
I Wore A Lime Green Shirt O_O
Comming Home
She's Back!!!
Dreaming About You And Me
Good Day
Poem (8) Wisper To A Scream
Kayla Does'nt Belive Me.
Missed Half Of Marathon
O_O A Questionaire!
Heart Of Stone
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Wishing And Hoping...
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Covered In Shadows
I Feel Pretty.. O_O!!
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See No Evil
Hear No Evil
Cool, Calm, Collected.
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My Shadow
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Mad And Tormented
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Prelude To The Storm
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Dark And Cold
Shrouded In Shadows
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Waiting Hopelessly
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