[15] Inside This Moment
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Oh today was brilliant.

So after staying up late last night reading another novel (don't judge me) I passed out only to wake up 4 hours later because it was the time the alarm was set to get us both up -_- but it's okay I knew I had to power through it so I showered and got dressed with minimal grumbling.


So we went over to the orchard and the first thing we did was go right to the donut window. See, they have a "donut window" where you can buy freshly made Apple Cider Donuts with powder cinnamon sugar on them. We got a half dozen and devoured four of them in like a minute. They were sooooo good. Way better than Dunkin Donuts. We also bought some apple cider to drink with it (Anthony got hot cider, I got cold...even though it was freezing outside because I'm an edgelord :P)

We finished up, drove down to the orchard, grabbed a basket, and went out into the fields. OMG APPLES EVERYWHERE. No, really, there were like tons of apple trees. They were sectioned off and everything so you knew where the different kinds of apples were and could pick accordingly. I wanted to try them all but I knew exactly what I wanted. I got a couple Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and then two of a new kind of apple they just got in.

While we were picking I couldn't help but notice how many bad children were there. Like holy fuck does nobody know how to parent anymore? I'm not a parent, I know, but I've taken care of children my whole life...and the amount of fuckery I saw made me pissed off. You had kids throwing temper tantrums, kids throwing apples, running through the fields, bumping into people, picking apples off the tree taking a bite and then throwing them on the ground (even though there was a sign at the front to not do that) etc. Like...I could not believe it. There was even one doucheblast encouraging his kid to climb a tree and essentially egging him on by calling him a chicken because he was scared to. There were signs EVERYWHERE saying "DO NOT CLIMB TREES" and this fucker was doing that. I was pissed. If his kid fell and cracked his head open I bet he'd sue the orchard >.<

But I digress.

 So we took them there and got them weighed in. I managed to get almost fifteen pounds of apples. Nice. It wasn't too expensive, only like 25 dollars. We then went back to the store and purchased a gallon of apple cider and this apple cider cake which is DELICIOUS. And then left.

Later I stopped at my grandmothers house to get some supplies and figure out when we can finally clean out the storage unit which, on top of all her shit, has some of the stuff from my childhood like my snes, old games, etc. I want it. So we're doing that monday. Yay.

And I also managed to see my mother who put me on the phone with my father. It's been over a year since he's said a word to me. He claims he misses me and wants to put money in an account for me so I can have access to it. I'm just like...really? Because, you know, you went to court so you could STOP giving child support which was literally the same thing. He's a piece of shit. I don't know why suddenly now he wants a relationship with me when the past twenty-two years of my life weren't good enough for him.

On a lighter note, when I came home I got in a Skype crew with the friends and Anthony (after a debacle with Verizon and his computer power cord exploding >.>) and we played this new online board game thing and had tons of fun giving each other virtual STDs and what not.

So yeah, top tier day. <3 

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