[27] Savior of the Broken
Listening to: My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
Feeling: blah

I love my taste in music.

Anyway, it took some effort to force myself out of bed and I was glad I did because it was kind of late. I did that annoying thing where I woke up and my bed was too warm and comfy and I fell back asleep. I hate that.

Anthony and I got into a tiny argument over something stupid before he left to school. We resolved it but meh, I need to learn to control my temper better. And he with his. It's a work in progress. I'm glad we're both patient and love each other so much or else this wouldn't work.

I did some Hallow's End stuff in WoW and then Skyped with people. We played Board Game Online and a few party games. It was really fun.

I made dinner - beef stir fry and the rest of the night is dedicated to WoW, baking, and talking to friends. Not a bad way to spend the night.

I'll close this with a personal thought - I had a really good friend a few months ago. We became extremely, extremely close and he hurt me. He broke the trust I had for him because he got scared because he wasn't who he thought he was and I brought a different side out of him. And for that, I'm sorry - but he fucked up.

So this is directed to him.




You know that what you did is wrong. You know that trying to turn all my friends against me and spouting all those lies about me was wrong. You know how good of a friend I was to you. How much shit I endured for you. How I was always there for you whenever you needed me. And hope I did my best to give you everything you wanted/needed. And you hurt me.

And it's not okay. It never will be.

You need to admit it and hopefully you'll understand it one day and apologize. 



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April 18th, 2017 @ 1:26pm
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