I repeat please tell me that you won't do anything.

So. I would like to say that I'm not being emo or anything.

My life is fucking horrible.

1.) I have no place of my own to stay. I'm crashing with family.

2.) I'm so beyond broke.

3.) I have no dad anymore. (not that he was a good dad or that i want to see him, but still...)

4.) My kitty ran away =[

5.) And to top off this lovely cake I call my life, I'm 5,000 miles away from all of my friends.

None of this would really bother me if I could see my friends. I just feel so completely alone. My life has completely fallen apart and I just don't know how to put it back together. I hope to god that I just don't wake up tomorrow ='[

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My crappy attempt at love poems..

I am a writer

I am a poet

I honestly love you

So why don't I show it?

The fear of rejection

or the distance between us?

No, it's knowing my feelings

can't, won't and will never be returned.

The pain that my love for you brings

can only be described

as someone slowly tearing out my heart

and feeling nothing as they unknowingly do it.

THe bittersweet agony that every word you say brings me

pushed me closer to insanity

Though the care that you show,

keeps me at bay.

No one can grasp this

until they've been through it;

The agony of unreturned love.


Every word about her,

brings a tear to my eye.

Every thoughtful word,

a smile to my face.

Every compliment,

a blush to my cheeks.

Every conversation,

brings a nagging feeling to me.

I want so desperately to tell you

and have you say it back.

But, knowing that will never happen,

darkens my day greatly.

I long only to hear your voice.

I yearn only for your touch.

I wish only that you would feel the same.

I hope only for my dreams to come true.

Every day without you,

make me feel unbareably blue.

My soul aches for this pain to be lifted.

To finally be rewarded with a long wanted prize...

You're heart...

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My poem for English class..
Listening to: The Used

Alrighty, here it is... *hem hem*

"Eternally Yours, Dracula"

If I run, he will catch me

If I hide, he will find me

I squeeze my eyes shut tightly and try not to let the tears escape.

"It's okay, my love," He whispered into my ear. "It will only hurt for a second."

A wimper escapes my mouth as I feel his teeth pierce my neck.

'The longest second of my life..' I thought.

My knees get weak and I feel him smirk against me.

I feel dizzy and light-headed as he kisses the bitemarks.

"Forever you.." He whispers, the moonlight shining on his bloody lips.

I feel a small river of crimson flow down. staining my shirt.

My eyes slide shut, darkness embraces me.

I feel warm wetness press upon my lips.

And as I drink, I feel rejuvinated and new.

"Forever me.."

Pain shoots through me as I welcome this new life.

My eyes open and things are different, I see things more clearly.

I feel a hunger for something....blood.

I look at him with a desperate, wanting look in my eyes.

"Oh, the dark gift is loving you, m'dear.."

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new poem...
Listening to: you'd smack me if you knew..
Feeling: better

Warning: I am not a crazy bitch! I was just extremely pissed off when I wrote this. Enjoy.

'Satan' by Me (copyright Rina N.)

I hope they die,

I am Satan I will make them cry.

Blood will spill from there head,

As the doctors pronounce them dead.

At the morgue I will burn their skin,

I am Satan I always win.

You can't hurt me or make me brake,

As I spit on you during your wake.

I banish you, hell that's where you will go,

The power I have can only grow.

You are in my world now,

Fall to me I'm Satan, bow.

You will live a life of fear,

I give you no mercy your death is near.

Hear my warning hear it well,

'Cause soon you will be burning in hell.

Forget your family you will have not a friend,

Because the pain you caused me has to come to an end.

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my new poem
Listening to: Pushing Me Away - Linkin Park
Feeling: ashamed

Little play thing

I am just a toy for you to play with,

When you get bored just toss me aside

I have no feelings.

Lie to me

String me along

For I am your toy,

Your little play thing.

I am not your toy

you will not play with me.

I have feelings,

but you don't care.

You will not lie to me,

but you did.

You will not string me along,

but you did.

I am not your toy,

your little play thing.

I wrote that in about two minutes so, its not that good. It kinda gets my point across though.

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Listening to: Code of Energy - Papa Roach
Feeling: uncomfortable

The Last Tear

No one knows why she sits and cries

Keeping her feelings locked up inside

Tears of pain and tears of sorrow

Dreading to wake up and survive tomorrow

But today is different, she anxiously thinks

I can be happy with just one drink

“Goodbye”, she writes, “It’s not your fault”

“I just needed my misery to come to a halt”

“So please don’t be sad and please don’t cry”

“You can make it; you’re braver than I”

So with one last tear and one last breath

The pain has ended and she welcomes her death...


Drowning In this darkened pool,

Which I used to know as life:

No one else feels my pain

No one else knows my strife.

Despair ringing deep and dark

Wrenching all joy from from my thoughts.

Perhaps someday I'll laugh again...

But, in my heart I know I'll not.

For cruel people call my name

Prejudice darkening their voice.

They won't allow me in their ranks...

When you're strange you have no choice.

I want no place among them as it is,

It holds no appeal for me.

Shrouded forever in my darkness,

It is there I wish to be.

Kill Me

Put me out of my misery-

Torment me.

Cut me with your comments-

I'll feel it not.

I won't feel anything,

I refuse.

Hate me as I do...

It dosen't bother me.

Why must you pretned?

why must you feel pity?

Pity me not.

I don't deserve it.

Leave me here-




Let me rot.

I want...

I don't know what I want,

But I want it...

And I won't let myself have it.

Kill me,

So that I may be free.

'Tis all I ask of you,

Please, kill me.

In the darkness I lay

When will the pain go away?

My life is ending fast

I can't hide my past

Leaving this awful place

Puts a smile on my face

I just want to die

I hate it when I cry

But time is fading fast

These words will be my last

Now it is time to die to you I say goodbye..

© Drina N.

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