Find Stength in Pain
Listening to: Passenger - Let Her Go
Feeling: abused

Ask me to give you fire; Ill give you an inferno.  The best days are always the ones you hate at the time.  Those days of fucked up passion, the ones you wake up regretting.  "You only need the light when it's burnin low."  You cant make up for these nights, youve always been sorry youve never experienced this; now that you're here, you're lost.  Compus and gps in hand and you still cant find your way.  How tired and faded is this?  Youre dream is so out of reach that you kill yourself every night trying to reassure youself that this is're no okay dude. Grow the fuck up, man the fuck up.  You're better than this.  That fire thats been building. it means something!  Go fucking do it.  There is an inferno inside you, something unseen that only you can feel.  Harvest it, let it fuel you.  Give that dream the spark it needs to burn the world down. 

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Im not crazy
Listening to: Eric Paslay - Friday Night
Feeling: accomplished

I did it. Finally. Im sorry for everything.

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Find Stength in Pain
Im not crazy
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