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Nibbles427: i would have come up during lunch but mike was there.. and he's kind of a jerk.

Nibbles427: :(

m3andth3m00n: hes more of kind of a jerk

m3andth3m00n: i remember once i got drunk and he tried to take advantage of me

Nibbles427: awwww what happened?

m3andth3m00n: i dont remember this but i guess my friend damian had to get him away from me cuz he was trying to like go up my shirt

m3andth3m00n: okay do you know maegan?

Nibbles427: yes

m3andth3m00n: red hair really pretty?

m3andth3m00n: okay

m3andth3m00n: well

m3andth3m00n: they've been having a think on and off since last year

m3andth3m00n: he keeps playing with her head

m3andth3m00n: he uses her for sex.

m3andth3m00n: thats all he uses girls for

m3andth3m00n: is sex.

m3andth3m00n: and every girl he dates he cheats on

Nibbles427: awwwwwwwwww that i didn't know.. i like her too. guys like that should die.

m3andth3m00n: maegan was so much cool before she had sex with him. i've kind of stopped talking to her about it. because she knows he uses her but she still has it in her mind that he cares about her. which he doesnt

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&& That realization makes my heart jump.

Or. . .[maybe it's the burrito I just ate.]

If you don't know just say so.

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It's been one year and one month since I last saw you.

{{I've been keeping count. I could tell you how many minuets it's been since I've last saw you.}}

Given the choice to go back.

Given the choice to see you again.

Given the choice to play those same; stupid 'do you like me?' games. . .

A week ago I would've said yes.

A week ago I would've jumped up && down, tears stramsing down my face.

I would've screamed 'Yes. Oh god, please, Yes.'

But now.

Given the choice.

I'd say no.

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Feeling: nothing

I wish I could believe that song.

{{I wish I could know it was true.}}

I wish I could see you again.

{{I wish I could throw my arms around you.}}

I wish I could smile for real.

{{I wish I could see your eyes.}}

I wish you said something before.

{{I wish I wasn't so stupid.}}

I wish I wasn't so blind.

{{I wish I could listen to this song without crying.}}

I wish I could write something that beautiful.

{{I wish I could touch someone with my words like he does.}}

I wish I could get these words to you.

{{I wish you loved me.}}

I wish you still think about me.

{{I wish I could stop thinking about you.}}

I wish there was something-anything there.

{{I wish I could go back in time.}}

I wish I had a rewind, and pause button.

{{I wish I could create beauty.}}

I wish there were still magic left in this world.

{{I wish I could feel your arms around me.}}

I wish I were frail && delicate && beautiful.

{{I wish you could see me this way.}}

I wish I had a better lighting.

{{I wish I could watch you try to catch snow-flakes on your tongue again.}}

I wish we were innoncent again.

{{I wish the snow wouldn't turn black with filth.}}

I wish I were yours.

{{I wish for the raining months of November and December.}}

. . .

I wish this was a beautiful time.

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My username: rainingstatic.

Current Topic: Can some one please define 'PUNK' for me? ((Posted by SP))

SP: i am confused i know what a poser is...some one trying to be punk...but what exactly is punk anyway?

roseBlack: punk- anything that Ticks off the most amount of people, anything that is NOT mainstream a punk is a person who isn't mainstream, and goes against teh grain

rainingstatic: It's a mindless stereotype people use because they're too lazy to realize a person is a person.

roseBlack:punk is dead in everything except like Greenday and some Indie rock.

rainingstatic:Punk was never alive in the first place.

roseBlack: yeah it was. The clash was punk, greenday is, but their kinda loosing it.

rainingstatic: It was a type of music.

Music does not have a heart-beat.

It does not have blood-flow through it's body.

It doesn't even have a body.

So no. Punk was never alive.

roseBlack:Raining, I was beiung metaphorical. SO shut up and stop interpreting everything as literal.

and music does have all those things anyway, well, good music does. It has soul and it definately has heart.

Rainingstatic: Don't get so damn defensive.

&& I really don't have to shut up, I can say whatever the hell I want. e_e

No_thought_control: Punk is offensive term in my neighborhood really. Older kids will call kids they think are inferior to them and keep messing things up "little punks." And cops always call me and my friends punks. Actually, just adults in general do.

Sp:my friend last year told me i was punk...i was never sure why...she said because i was very hatefull of the way they ran the school or somthing i don't even remember

roseBlack:EXACTLy cuz punk is something/someone that ticks people off.

rainingstatic: No.

Punk used to mean 'of poor quality, or worthless.'

That's where the sub-culture came from. Some kids thought they'd be rebels, stick some saftey pins through their ears, and listen to rocker music.

Naturally, older people called them punks.

It's not something that 'ticks people off.'

You're a bit slow, aren't you?

roseBlack:he raining, up yours. Im not slow, but ur basically saying what i said. When grown ups get mad at rebellious kids teh term punk was coined., YOur the slow one. Your just proving my point.

rainingstatic:It's not rebellious kids. God damn, people called hobos punk. O_o'

Well, you know what rebels dem hobos were. e_e

roseBlack:hobos are shunned by society and they make people angry. HENCE PUNKS you just keep proving my point!

no_thought_control: I'm not a rebel.

I do what it takes to fit in.

I'm a conformist loser. Throw peanuts at me or something. XD


You're pathetic.

It has nothing to do with making peopple angery. It was a name for someone of a lower class then you.

Besides, Hobos don't make people angery. They make them giggle. They're like dirty, smelly clowns. O_o'

roseBlack:um i ve never laughed a t a hobo you cruel horrible snob. ANd you dont know me, so i dont think that you can say that im pathetic. However, if we're going by this conversation, I think that the snob who judges people before she knows them is more pathetic then the person who is simply sharing their opinion. But thats just me.

rainingstatic:Snob? What is this 1st grade?

If you saw the hobos that lived behind my friend's house you'd laugh.

Besides, I'm not a snob, I'm a btich.

Damn, Did I call you pathetic? Bad me. I meant horribly pathetic and stupid.

"you cruel horrible snob."

I'm not cruel.

Wait. Excuse me for a few seconds. I'm going to go drown some kittens. e_e


Rainingstatic:My name's not raining, idiot.

It's Seirra. Why do you think I have it written under my post?

Well, you /must/ care about what I say. Other wise you wouldn't be getting so defensive. Hell, you wouldn't even respond at all if you didn't care.

roseBlack:please!! gosh how could i have ever doubted your incredible wisdom! :: sighs :: i guess I'm just an idiot for not believing in the amazingness of you at first chat box. I mean, the way you pretend to argue while really proving oterh peoples points is just so intelligent!

raiingstatic:No, I don't think I could ever teach you to be a cool as me. :(

It's a natural-born gift.

I'm sorry you're such a loser.

roseBlack:well i do care! sierra! i really REALLY DO! because you are my idol! and im sooo sorry i messed up your name! gosh! and you call me an idiot! ill try to become more worthy!

no_thought_control:I'm going to have to side with Seirra here. Sorry, but you sound like idiots trying to argue with her. Just admit that she's right, and you're an idiot. It'll save you a lot of trouble.

rainingstatic:But, hey, maybe you could dress up as a hobo.

Then you'd be so punk. Because you said it yourself, hobos are so punk.

Then maybe you'd be cool.

roseBlack:I know im such a looser. Gosh...i stink at everything. Dang. well, i guess ill just go hang myself. ANd Sierra, darling, none of this was true, and well im sure your a lovely person, but i have to leave, so if you ever want to ring me up for a chat or just to say hi.... ...rmember, i screne my calls. Ta ta! :: gives the double finger ::

rainingstatic: ":: gives the double finger :: "

Oh wow. You're so punk.

I take it back. I wish I could be a punk as you. Because, it's just so damn hard to raise those two fingers to make a pointless gesture.

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Glance out the window. Eyes searching.

{{Can you see me? Can't anyone see me?}}

I won't look away, I'll let our eyes catch. I watch you walk away, I watch you turn. Watch you open you're door.

{{I won't turn away, I won't blush && look down this time.}}

You disappear through the door. Uncaring.

{{Why can't you fucking see me? All I ever wanted was for you to see me.}}

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Listening to: Losing His Touch
Feeling: morbid

You should really grow you're hair so it's long && flippy. 'Cause I think that's {{so__adorable.}} && that way, when I daydream about you, I can grab handfulls of you're hair && kiss you.

[[I don't know why that's what I think of. I never picture kisses being soft, sweet, nice. fuck that shit. I want Passion&&Lust, I want you to force yourself on me, make me scream]]

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Feeling: nothing

/Bleed/ out my pain. Dream out all the thoughts of you. {{Those vague memories that kept me so_warm on cold nights.}}

Even though you never touched me you always left me contently warm. Always left me wanting_more.

It was thosefuckingeyes. Those eyes that can never be {{forgotton.}}

{{You don't have to say you love me. You don't have to touch me, or kiss me. You don't even have to smile.}}

I want you to look at me; just one more time. && I want to make myself believe that there's something there for me, behind those {{prittie, prittie}} eyes.

{{{{Just one more time}}}}

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Who needs boys when you can make love to music

I want to be {SO SICK OF YOU} && you're stupid laugh && you're stupid smile.

But when I laid on that couch, I couldn't sleep. ((Because you were so close.)) Millions of thoughts of you raced through my mind. 'Is he awake? Is he at his friends house at 1am? Is he in his room, listening to his music?'

I drove 200miles just to lay on a fucking couch && wonder.

{{I just want to get you're fucking voice out of my head.))

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I woke up at 5:00am for you.

I packed my things, fed the bird, hopped in the car. {{I drove over 200miles }}

For You.

{{&& I don't care about the snow that blinds me, I paid no attention to how tired I am.}}

But, do you want to know the truth??

{{I'm not even going to see you.}}

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{I kissed you're picture.} 12.00am. New Years. Because it was the closest thing I could get to actually kissing you.

I need you're lovin' Like the Sunshine.

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Swilrs and Curls;; opaque blue inside a heart-shaped bottle. Can you even remember what we wanted to be? {{So long ago now.}}

Just a distant /memory/ of happiness; of the worst sort. Flashes of green && neon blue.

{~I always wanted to live in a forest. Now I do && all I want is to go back to my icy jungle.~)

I'm always wanting what I can never have. Always trying to remember what should be +forgotten.+

But I can't forget.

No matter how much I want to.

I know I shouldn't, but I can't help still loveing you. Can't help still missing you.

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Feeling: abused

It's just [teenangst] && [selfloathing]

I feel the passion beneath my fingertips. {{I want to grab handfulls of you're hair and kiss you roughly.}} Because I'm a slut+like+that.

Sweet, nieve boy.

I'll love you forever. Just stay in you're cage.

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