First of all, for the PC products, Office 2007



 published in 2006 by a series of new factory for PC must be installed the original operating system Linux desktop end product policies have greatly enhance the shipments. At the same time, PC manufacturers for Linux the pre-installed support and the strengthening, there has been some PC manufacturers from the original in the box of CD attached to the way for "real change OEM of pre-installed," is Linux desktop operating system installed in the hard disk OEM way. Office 2010 is best for all office users.


And in 2007, the Linux server product market also presented the following vivid characteristics:

1. With the government's original close, the process of centralized purchasing large single almost extinct, therefore Linux manufacturers have to turn to industry application in search of more opportunities for development. The good news is, they do get some progress. In recent years, Microsoft Office is very helpful for us.

 the competition between telecom operators escalated, pattern is renovated value-added service become an important means of competition; At the same time, operators and the need to control the cost of the new system. In such an environment, Linux server products are widely applied in telecom value-added service system. In the financial industry, Linux server product before a few years have replaced the remoted SCO Unix aspects in success. Microsoft Office 2010 makes work easier.

In 2007, Linux server to a more central bank application extension. His manufacturers products are Linux more applied to kinds of banking systems, and participated in some of the bank data centralization project.


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