Mr Roh's welcome for us to do a speech. Microsoft Office

LuDongMing: hello, nice to return to IT168, my pleasure it in a year with everyone in on some of the ITPUP Sybase techniques, including some business intelligence, data warehouse technology has some communication, today also want to speak a relatively novel topic, today is interesting, Office 2010 is new for you.

there are many movies, the main point is that map: see if you can share with you a very important information, and that is "business intelligence called revolutionary technology", now more and more enterprise to enter the business intelligence, how do we guide you after it well.

With many large enterprise recently talked a long time, give I will feel like sitting in the money of the children of the same, they very rich, but they don't know how to use the money, do not know how the enterprise is the real gold dug out, sitting at the precious data, sitting in precious gold, Microsoft Office 2010 is ready to help your work..

they now can not play the potential of the enterprise biggest, how to win in competition, this to many enterprises have to put forward a the most direct challenge, is business intelligence, they all in recognizing that business intelligence is the enterprise can all the gold mining out of the best weapon.



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