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We put this kind of practice is called "internal progressive model" (from "a progressive tax"). It means, with our product earn the customer should pay for products, period. This is our source of income. But there are other users, academic user, start-ups, assessment of the trial, they should all Microsoft Office is so great!

users can be free to get our products. In addition, we have the more big moves, we open source the OpenSpaces framework, this is we are in established on the basis of flagship of the API. We will return soon start OpenSpace. Org, this is a true community website, allowing the people to contribute code. We open all the documents on the Internet, and through free and open source project cooperation community version. These examples show that how we can not send "in free family heirloom" at the same time, and become a open enterprise. So I answered this way you question: are we in the foreseeable future, not going to be free and open source, but we strive to become open, community friendly enterprise. Matt Asay said well, our philosophy is rich, and not scarce. Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

The September of 2007, I spend time with the writing "from Java EE to Java ME communication" this article. In fact this is not for two years ago were finishing projects and post out just, it's not the main purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make the reader understand completely not my intention, I get is full of "article reproduced" such comments!!!!! The article statements I wrote, "to realize the daydream and explain the above problems to the developers to work hard together, put your spare time into the db4oME such Buy Office 2007 Today.

technology in similar, if such distributed database can achieve, I think this will give mobile computing brought about a revolution, more relying on networks, database of mobile phone applications will be born, play to the advantages of Java strong!!!!!"

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