I was late November 2007, Microsoft

learned that Android, just above the corresponding to their acceptance speech! People don't know is how think, don't do mobile application does not do mobile games have a future, or have nothing to say to my speech at only? If so, we look at the later may let you like a dream sleep... early Office 2010 is best for all office users.


For the mobile equipment, born of the Android software development set bag have released a week. As db4o object database founder of I speaking, this is our product and the company's most to get excited about one of the events. Do you know the details of Microsoft Office 2007?



Android will the scattered mobile development platform to unify, and it can be based on the development of the application to service position around the world to the user. This is why will arouse a mobile field winds cause.


(slightly, the detailed reference title.) Many people like the Office 2007 software.


The prospect of the wind

View from the globalization, a mobile phone operating system is very little. Mobile phone manufacturers and operators these key role, they all have their own a private technology. Is considered to be a global such as Microsoft and Apple, Symbian is smaller, they each year respectively for global provide 60 million, 20 million and 10 million mobile phone plan.

As there is no standard operating system, operators tend to write applications that can let ordinary browser to Ajax (Javascript) way to run. In the mobile phone run on it is not convenient: Ajax

L small screen user experience is very bad.

L application program can only be run on Internet connection condition.

L don't have any localization storage, structured data cache of plan.

L to develop the complex interaction application is almost impossible, because must be propagation delay, and the influence of the bandwidth.

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