L equipment processing power did not play out local. Microsoft Office


L can upgrade the server application is a development challenges.

L development Ajax application is a trouble, expensive and slow.

L no standard interface for accessing the browser outside of the local equipment services, such as GPS, camera, contacts, call list, a microphone or the speaker. Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


Imagine today you suddenly had inspiration, the inspiration developed application can transcend existing applications (rosen jiang note: can also be called killer mobile application), but also want to have it deployed to all over the world, would you like to choose which kind of technology?

If you still don't try so hard release you, you should take the. Here is why Android will win reason:

Location based services

Google owns a server infrastructure (server infrastructure) technology to provide location-based services.

Adnroid SDK provides two very useful bag: com. Google. Android. Maps and android. Location. You can be in Google maps establishes own cover figure. If you are in a position within the radius, LocationManager allow development "ProximityAlert" this way to awaken the phone or trigger other events.

Money and advertising resources

Google. The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.


Open source

Android is free beer, such as free as I can with Apache License open source agreement followed. Anyone can get Android components with a call to the technology. Why some companies still take several years and investment to re-invent the wheel of millions? If they reuse the Android components, these costs are unnecessary. If Google engineers always stand in the forefront of development, then those private technology branch will eventually come to Android unity.

Strong ecological system

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